Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Toys

This continues a bit from yesterday's posting. Green Depression Doll Dishes.

Today: Toys. A Singer Sewing Machine, Turquoise and white Tin Stove, City of New York Cast Iron Paddle Wheeler, folding Tin Train Tunnel and a mixed picture of Tinker Toys, Dolls, Horse accessories, Barbie and plastic 45's carrying cases, all toys for big girls and boys.

I am still in my 'collage' stage - I am experimenting with the look, sizing, details. I am continuing to study examples I find on blogs I follow, find and love.

Except for the threadbare bear and little dog these toys are in my booth (well, the Tin Train tunnel found a new home, but it was such a colorful item that I am including it here). When looking for any information about the tin stove - I found one the same look but very rusty at an etsy store, but couldn't find a maker.
I 'passed it forward' today - I learned how to make collages from a Blog Guide Book and worked through the process with a 'newbie to collages'. It always teaches me more when I teach someone else. I haven't figured out how to put my Blog Name above my Collage so I am continuing on that quest. Something else I am planning on learning is putting a bar under my header with things like: About, Tutorials, Contact, Before and After.. (not that I am quite ready with the contents).


  1. Good morning Joy,
    Looks like you are learning lots about blogging. I still haven't figured out how to do collages. I sure would like to because I've seen some stunning ones and they always inspire me! Thanks for stopping by for tea. It's always lovely hearing from you.


  2. Hi Sandi;

    If you want to check out they have a little tutorial on 'how to' upload a picture (up to 5) and then put in a 'collage'. Its free. I found I had to export my photos to my desktop (from my iPhoto where all my photos go), - and I named them picture1, picture2, picture3 etc as I exported them to a folder on the desktop so I could find them easily). Then I opened picnik (in Safari on my computer) and uploaded the pictures (they have an upload button). Then I clicked on 'Collage', picked the shape (see left hand side of their screen), dragged in my pictures, saved (I chose 35% of normal size as that fits in to the blog space best).

    Saved to my desktop (ie)picturepicnikcollage.jpg and then did my usual getting a picture on my blog sequence. The collage becomes 1 picture.
    - Joy


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