Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Ashtray Heads

Today I am posting Ash tray heads. They are odd, exaggerated, and certainly not typically pretty. If I was displaying them in a side table vignette with the sheet music Sweet Adeline (picture from Duke University), maybe an vintage photo of a quartet, and a boater hat they would have a quieter impact, and likely elicit a few smiles.
mark on bottom "Wales, Japan", Man with open mouth ash tray

Sweet Adeline Sheet Music
Boater Hat


  1. hello

    I have never seen such an ash tray how funny

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my pyrex collection post about the glass tea pot. I put loose tea in where the coffee would go and let perk a few times.
    It is so delicate I am afraid to use it like you said it's the insert that is thin the pot itself is really heavy


  2. I too have never seen these before. They are quite unique looking.


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