Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Treen - Wooden Wallpaper Print Blocks part 2

I've been very fortunate to be the current custodian of 7 wooden and 2 metal wall paper print blocks. Tomorrow I will post the metal print blocks. Today's post completes the wooden blocks. They have the same delightful rough carving on their sides as this posting. Now that I've collected them into one place I am tempted to display them for awhile. Maybe some day I will try printing a block onto painter's canvas for a chair back or a cushion.

I've been thinking, after reading several blogs about painting china cupboards and china hutches to change my maple, brownish colored hutch into a smooth and wonderful pale gray, but the thought of washing (lots of wax), sanding, priming, sanding,and a couple of coats of paint  is a bit intimidating. If I do make the 'jump' I think I will post the before, during and after. Maybe this is my next project, ok a future project.

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  1. How beautiful they are. I have heard of treenware but had not seen anything like this before.


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