Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Touch of Pink

I changed the tablescape yesterday. Pink and flowers and small animals seem to be today's theme. Crocus and Snowdrops are in the garden and Tulip and Daffodil stems and a few heads have prevailed through the snow, cold, rain, cold. The blue jays are bug hunting the the huge cherry tree, crows are yelling about their rights, and a pair of woodpeckers are drilling holes in the tree across the street. Sometimes a heron glides over the sheds and checks out the neighbour's fish pond. The raccoons took a care of the fish a long time ago and this morning when I look out the back door the raccoons had checked through my box of kitchen scraps which I hadn't yet taken out to the composter in the back yard. In the summer the raccoon brings her kits to climb the pear and cherry trees to teach them survival skills. Squirrels abound and when Peaches the Dog is here (I am Peaches 'Grandmother') she is kept busy making sure the other animals keep out of 'her space'. Cats like to sleep on the shed deck and I suspect there are rats under the shed (a very safe place for them as we can't dig them out). 
Peaches the Dog

My posts don't usually involve the animals around the neighbourhood. Its time to go garage sale hunting. Its been very quiet in that area since November. The cold and rain  and snow slowed garage sale's down to non-existant. It is spring break week and usually there has been more action in this area. Hope I find something worthy of re-selling this weekend.

Val brought the tulips when she visited on Sunday
Close up from Tablescape
This tablecloth is from Sandy's booth


  1. I am ready to bring out my Spring colors and rabbits also.

  2. It's fun to change things around. Is that your deck painted? I am interested in doing something to mind... but just not sure what. That's pretty,

  3. Wow - Spring has truly arrived where you live, Joy! If I lift last Fall's dried leaves up, I can see tiny bits of green starting to emerge. :)
    Wishing you a very Happy Spring,

  4. I love pink! I saw the Holly Hobbie eggs in your header vignette. Gosh do those bring back memories.

    Have a great rest of the weekend Joy!


  5. The tulips are gorgeous and do this spring starved heart good!


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