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Tea Time: Teapots

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Tea Time: Teapots

I've been looking around to find "tea time" blogs. This one looked interesting: Tea Time with A.C. Cargill  and was linked from The English Tea Store Blog . There are several links to other tea specific sites from these two blogs.

At times I do make tea in a teapot, but usually find myself with my favorite mug and either a Stash Earl Grey teabag or or Tetley Strawberry teabag (both with skim milk), and in the evening a Stash Peach or Ginger Green tea. When I use loose tea I like to make the tea in a tea press, and when I have a friend over I use a Brown Betty teapot. On special occasions I use Royal Albert Brigadoon or  Royal Crown Derby Mikado (my paternal Grandmother left me a Mikado tea set and that was a positive influence in my early collecting years). These large teapots along with their matching cups and saucers and tea plates see a small amount of use as I have to be very motivated to used the 'good china' because of the specter of 'mishaps' while washing up (yes, broken china).

My teapot collecting along with my teacup collecting was the beginning of becoming a dealer in an antiques and collectibles mall. Looking back (way back) I can hardly believe how naive I was when I started out as a reseller. Perhaps that was good, because I have learned an amazing amount about what a collectible is, how to recognize good over mediocre, where to find the information I need (books, online, hands on, talking). I have mostly been able to see possibilities in a very broad range of 40's to 70's household items as they relate to 'now', the now of course changing like a wave.

I post photos quite frequently of the many teapots I have found and put in my booth at Village Antiques Mall. Sometimes I include teapots in my home collection.Today's photo's began as personal collectibles and when the shelves became too crowded at home they got to go to the mall. I also seem to have added Miniature Wade Teapots (ornaments), Figural Teapots (like stoves, sewing machines, china cupboards), a few Character Teapots (Jack Be Nimble, Old Lady, Camel) as well as restaurant teapots, various sizes of Brown Betty, Woods, many various Sadler and just a few truly excellent china ones (harder to find).

a small Royal Worcester Roanoke

Royal Winton Athena

Brown Betty, England

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