Friday, March 25, 2011

Museum of Anthropology - 18th Century China

Today, as a special "Spring Break" trip DS, DGS joined me on a visit to the UBC Museum of Anthropology. The MOA has an extensive on line web site that lets one search over 37,000 catalogued items.

For the past 30+ years I've visited the Museum every few years, especially to study the incredible collection of Totems. When I studied art at UBC in the 1970's a group of the Totems (now in the Museum) were in "Totem Park" and I was able to study and sketch/paint them. Looking back I was very fortunate to be part of the University in the 70's.

Rooms hold Weaving, Costumes, Household artifacts, Ceremonial, Musical, Jewelry, and so much more, from around the world. The collections are also to be found in long flat drawers that can be pulled out and studied at leisure. There are touch screen computer monitors available in the many rooms and alcoves that hold the collections, and these are available for further exploration. The museum is well staffed, with many volunteers as well staff and is well guarded but there is no time limit on the browsing and exploring and 'sitting and thinking'.

The highlight for me today was a visit to the Koerner European Ceramics Gallery which has "over 600 pieces collection of 15th to 19th century European ceramics". I've posted four photos I took here.

The first photo is a Romanitc Tableau 18th Century Porcelain. The plates are French Faience 18th Century, Niderviller near Sarrebourg in Lorraine (1770-1780). The containers are Italian Maiolica 1250-1800, Tin Glazed Earthenware, faience, delftware and the tile is a stove tile, a 'historical record of the times'.


  1. I really like the way you put the pictures together its so important to take the time and look at life history is important I love Anthropology r

  2. Thanks Rob. I'll show you how to collage pictures using Picnik.
    - Joy

  3. Wo great stuff it has been years since I have been to MOA..obviously i need to g back
    Thanks for sharing!. Are these always there?

  4. From the incredible organization, size of the room (huge) and history noted on the display cards I think it must be permanent. A couple of the pieces are bigger than a china hutch (size comparison).
    - Joy


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