Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just a few more vintage salt and peppers

Corn Salt and Peppers
Welcome Carol from The Design Pages.

Tomorrow I am switching topics, just a few more links. Ezine has an article on Tips For Starting a Vintage Salt and Pepper Shaker Collection. Article Alley has a posting Collectible Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers.Most of the sites I looked at were 'for sale' and I didn't want to include those on this page.

Howard Holt Tomato Salt and Peppers
Pyrex and Hot Dog Salt and Peppers
Coffee Pot Salt and Peppers


  1. Those are some great s & P shakers! I love the tomatoes. So cute!

  2. Wow, those are very similar to my corn cob S&P that I mentioned yesterday except mine have faces. I'll have to take a better look at mine but they're almost identical.


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