Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Welcome Garage Sale Gal, Granny SueSunnysimplelife, Rob@Island Rustic, TheShabbyHome, VintageHome, NancysDailyDish, Sharon@corgisinmygarden and Linda@alacartea . You are all my first followers and I am thrilled to know that A Vintage Green has been found. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and following your blogger lists as well, traveling many interesting pathways.

The photos I have included today generally are kitchen related (except Yogi). I have an amazing selection of salt and pepper shakers in my booth, and they have been very popular, perhaps because of they are vintage.
Saskatchewan Grain Elevators and Baked Potatoes Salt and Peppers
Huggy Bears Salt and Peppers
Yogi figurine
Dachshund with Salt and Pepper Puppies


  1. I love salt and pepper shakers. You do have some really fun one's. The Dachshund is too cute!!

  2. Grain Elevators Dachsund & Baked Potatoes!.They are adorable!

  3. The baked potato ones remind me of this bowl I spotted at a thrift store:


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