Thursday, March 31, 2011

Knobs - Welsh Dresser

Slow on the painting. Working on taxes instead. After supper I found some black paint in the little shed. Its Tremclad Rust Paint. Very black, very shiny. I liked it. Painted. Cleaned up. 

Whoops. I was supposed to use dark brown to match the door trim. OK. Tomorrow, when dry, sand the black paint, apply the dark brown (if I can find the tin). 

When I was painting the second coat on the welsh dresser yesterday I picked up the paint can and turned it upside down to mix the paint a bit (over the cork floor and the area carpet). Lid was not on tight, just 'on' lightly. Paint on floor and carpet. Scraped up, wiped up, Goo Gone wipe, wipe, wipe. Wash. Wash again. Wash entire kitchen floor. Could have been worse, instead of about 1/2 cup it could have been whole can. Finished painting since I was messy anyway.

Just found the dark brown paint (Premium Alkyd), and looking around I can see I will touch up paint on the door and window trim while I have the paint out tomorrow morning.


  1. Are you kidding me ...paint on the floor??? I guess it wasn't oil base!
    Thanks for dropping by Joy...are you going to be in the schoolhouse market??????...

  2. It was oil based. I worked really fast. I was amazed that the goo gone (several cleans, rubbing by hand, wiping, add more etc) after the scoop and scrape and wipe worked as well as it did. Rug didn't do as well. I'm not in the Schoolhouse Market - but I am hoping to be a visitor.
    - Joy

  3. Damn! I sure can identify, especially with the "several cleans, rubbing by hand, wiping, add more etc."


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