Thursday, March 3, 2011

A few SHELF changes

I need to have a 'name' for this shelf, because I know I am going to post the changes frequently. I could call in Vintage Green 2. I'll think about it. I added more mirror tile today on the backs of the individual shelves. I also added a a small framed print of The Peace Tower 1971, a Mason Vista red transferware dinner plate, and two blue transferware pieces; a plate and a large platter. Small adds were wooden spools, enamel ladles, Star Wars bank, neat driftwood with eyelet screws in place for making a mobile, a small mirror in a vintage tilt frame on base, a silverplate coffee pot, a shamrock, a small pair of cast metal cowboy boots, and a vintage enamel soap dish.
Top Shelf - Star Wars bank and platter added today
Second shelf - added Mason Vista Transferware plate and wooden spools
Third Shelf - very pastel, Easter, Lambs, Rabbits, Royal Winton
Fourth Shelf - Silverplate, brass, blue transferware, Wolf figures, Shamrock
Fifth shelf - copper, brass, butter pat cutter, Fenton dish
and the bottom shelf - added enamelware and a bit of brass

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