Thursday, March 10, 2011

A few more booth thoughts

American Beauty Roses, Royal Albert

A few more observations (and a bit of repeating) about being a dealer in an antiques and collectibles Mall.

1. be true to yourself (sell what you know, but increase your knowledge)
2. don't copy other booth styles (especially not in the same mall)
3. be nice to customers, browsers, other sellers, mall staff
4. be a good buyer when shopping for stock, make yourself a good reputation
5. work at the job (clean, re-stock frequently, reorganize, remove, keep paperwork up to date)
6. learn about your stock (research)
7. good clear tags (honest information, fair pricing)
8. its a big job, take care of yourself and your family, don't let the 'job' rule your life
9. don't take on more space than you have time and stock to fill
10. know when to give up space (several bloggers have written about this)

Spring thoughts ...


  1. your booth looks great and your advice is all very true!

  2. As someone who has never owned or rented a booth this is great adivce. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


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