Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vintage Very Much Loved Stuffied Toys

From what I've read and seen I think these toys are from the 1940's. The love bestowed on these little animals shows up in the fur-less fabric bodies, especially on Teddy Bears. They all seem very happy to sit on shelves near each other. The little bodies have a 'crunchie' sound when gently squeezed - sawdust. Lots of little 'repair stitches'. I think the Bull Dog is stuffed with straw.
Turn the ring to start the lullaby
This little dog has plays Lullaby and Goodnight
This teddy has no remaining facial features
Maybe I will add a few stitches to this little one
One arm is missing
Wear on the legs
The Teddy Bear's Nose suggests that this may be a Chad Valley Bear
Bottom of Teddy Bear

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