Monday, February 28, 2011

Treen - Wallpaper Print Blocks

Wallpaper print blocks work well as decorative wall art and are useful for printing gift wrap paper. I've read many blogs about printed fabric and I was wondering if centre  designs for burlap or canvas pillows could be printed from these blocks. The blocks pictured here are vintage and have all been used. I have seen sheets of paper printed from the smallest block and didn't appreciate the effort of the artist at the time. I love the chunky carving and the coarseness of the sides and backs of each block. Great texture.

Mitzi's Collectibles Blog: Vintage Wallpaper 101 has wonderful examples of Victorian wallpaper along with great descriptions. India Piedaterre has written about and provided many examples of block printing.


  1. Hello Joy..just found your comment on Savvycityfarmer's blog...Are the wallpaper print blocks for sale? If so,can you describe?
    size? where they came from? any story to tell on them? thanks and blessings..deb

  2. I always loved these print blocks! Wander if you could stamp them directly on the wall?

  3. My mother-in-law was an artist and she did print these blocks on paper, on the wall and on canvas. A treasure.


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