Friday, February 25, 2011

Treen - Cookie Press

Treen - Cookie Presses. I found the first one about 25 years ago and fell in love. Anything carved into wood was great. They don't seem very popular any more but 'way back then' hanging them on the wall was exciting and made me feel like I could 'decorate'. Boy, how things have changed. Today they live with the wooden planes and tell lies about how great they were in the 'old days'.

This blueberryforest link is commercial but the repro examples are great. Aboutcom has a recipe for German Spice cookies - Recipe for Spekulatius - Spice cookies from Wooden Molds, written by Jennifer McGavin.


My favorite

First Cookie Press - thought it was a wall decoration


  1. Your collection of cookie presses is fabulous, and I would hang them on my wall in a heartbeat. So much nicer than hanging "fake old stuff" from Pottery Barn! I say get out the hammer and nails and go for it :)

  2. Thanks for your comments Sue and Amanda. The old wood and the wreak and wear make treen collecting so facinating.


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