Monday, February 7, 2011

A Vintage 'Piano Tuners' Adapted Black Suitcase

This vintage black suitcase was adapted as a piano tuner's case sometime in the 1940/50's. All the keys and felts and pins and various other supplies came with the case. It didn't seem right to separate the contents from the case, but the hundreds of small parts would not enrich a new owner's use of the case so I took photos and then recycled those small items.
Suitcase, flat

Exterior, standing on end

Modified Interior of suitcase

Interior -  dividers and 'doors'
Detail of recycled packing case used to make interior dividers, brackets added for strength

Interior modification detail
Handle and lock detail

Corner detail

Yesterday's McBrine small suitcase and today's Piano Tuner's Suitcase

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