Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vintage Egg Beaters

A small footprint for Kitchen Collectibles is the Egg Beater. Most are good for use, great for wall decoration or display on shelves and in jars. I've taken photos of several types I've found over the years. The 'heaviest' egg beater, the one shown just below, would have been very hard on the user. One 'beater wire' is missing but the cast metal takes two hands to operate, in a squeeze closed and open, repeat. The gears are beautiful and the handles show years of shine from use, but I am very grateful for electric mixers as compared to this tool.

Some web collected information about egg beaters:
 eHow from The History of Kitchen Tools: "At least 1,000 patents have been issued for egg beaters since 1856. Early versions of the hand-cranked egg beaters were made of cast iron. In the 1920s and 1930s, egg beaters were fashioned with wooden handles. But as early as 1911, electric egg beaters or mixers have been in use. The motor to these early mixers was adjustable and stood separate from the beaters on an iron stand".
Willis Johnson - Egg Beater
wiseGEEK What is a Rotary Beater?

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