Thursday, January 13, 2011

Transferware Jug, Blue leaf pattern, flowers, branches on white

I have not yet identified this large jug. It is about 12 inches tall (forgot to measure after I took the photo's). It doesn't have a pouring lip. Vintage, likely antique. Lots of age wear and an ancient looking chip in the rim (see second photo) and ding on the bottom (third photo). While searching for information I found this site on Collecting Transferware: A Brief History, Tips and Patterns. Perhaps this jug is from the Aesthetic Movement which would place it in the 1880 time period.

Something very strange happened while I was doing searches for information about this jug. Pictures from A Vintage Green blog are showing up on the Google searches. This is a first for me.

So far I haven't identified the shape, date, maker or pattern. More to come as I learn.


and ... a final photo of the Christmas Amaryllis

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