Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vintage Stoneware and Copper Bed Warmers

Watching the winter weather news coverage reminded me of vintage bed warmers.

This description is taken from Old and Interesting Bed Warmers "The pig was a Scottish stoneware hot water bottle. Even though children could see its nice little snout, the name pig has no animal origins at all. It's a Scottish/northern English word for a round pot. (The snout - see right - is a handle that stays cool. The other knob is the stopper."
Copper Hot Water containers with a stopper on the top were also used.

The bed warmers with the long handles were for hot coals although I did read a suggestion that hot sand was recommended by a Doctor because the fumes from the coal would harm persons with illnesses. More discussion here Old and Interesting Bed Warmers
small copper bed warmer pan with long handle, decorator
Full Sized, long handled decorator bed warmer

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