Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Kitchen - Swans Down Cake Pan, Kitchen Bowls, Muffin/Tart/Cupcake Pans and Kitchen Enamelware

Decorating a kitchen with usable collectibles is on ongoing interest for many. The Swans Down tube cake pan was a free premium with the purchase of a bag of flour Inside this vintage pan on the bottom are the words “Swans Down Cake Flour Makes Better Cakes.” The pan was made by the Katzinger Company, an early twentieth century company, now named the Ekco Products Company. The pan is constructed of heavy gauge tinned steel, and has patented movable panels which are very useful when making a sponge cake as the sliding side panels make it simple to slip a knife inside to loosen the cake and the side panels can be slid upward after the cake has baked to help cool the cake. A search for Swans Down Cake recipes lead to many vintage variations on cooking without eggs, or without sugar ...
Vintage Kitchen Bowls, as long as they are crack and chip free can be used, and if they have some damage they make colorful and useful decoration and could be used as holders for fruit, vegetables or wooden handled vintage kitchen tools.
Vintage various Muffin/Tart/Cupcake Pans and Enamelware generally are usable when thoroughly cleaned providing they are hole and rust free. They make great backdrops on shelves, or grouped wall displays.

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