Sunday, December 19, 2010

Silverplate Serving Pieces

The Silver Polish and soft cloth have been used to good effect and several forks and various serving spoons are ready for a new home. They enhance the silver overlay glass serving and condiment dishes.
vintage boxed set Viners Ltd. Sheffield small cream color handles knives
 various vintage silverplate serving spoons and forks
large vintage serving spoon, worn, silverplate  Oxford Silverplate Co, Brass
silver overlay serving dish with curved handle serving spoon

Some general care of silver deposit and silver overlay glass dishes:

1. Never cut anything on the plate, pre-slice food.
2. Never serve eggs or egg products, the high sulfur content ruins the silver.
3. Never ever use the dishwasher! Wash and rinse by hand in warm water and mild   detergent, dry with a soft cloth.
4. Always rinse off silver polish, you don't want to ingest silver polish.

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