Thursday, December 30, 2010

China Lady Figurines, Granny Ann Teapot & Ye Daintee Laydee Sadler Teapot

Granny Ann
Today the ladies on the shelves are getting some attention. Granny Ann figural teapot is the first Lady. The 1930's era Sadler teapot in Aqua, Ye Daintee Laydee, and the Doulton Ladies are today's photos. Rose Chintz, Royal Winton
These charming Sadler teapots can be found in aqua, pink, white, green, blue, and mottled with chintz.
Fenton Iridescent Dark Blue Vase, Royal Winton Lustre Egg Cup, Doulton ladies group
Doulton, Carlton Ware, Royal Winton green lustre Rose Chintz and butter pats, Societe Ceramique Maastricht

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