Friday, December 10, 2010

Butter Churn from Back East and Washboard from the West

More than 30 years ago we travelled back east to 'see Canada' and look for antiques. We found several pieces in an old barn (and they may have seen us coming) and we had those shipped to us. We were in love with pine. We also found a butter churn and brought that back in the VW Bug that was already full of camping gear etc. My dad made a replacement top for the churn and it serves as a low coffee cup rest beside an easy chair now. It is also very interesting to small boys because the handle moves the paddles and toys can get caught up inside.

Butter Churn, McClary's Wash Board, Androck Canada Cream and Green Sifter and one piece rolling pin
 Inside view of the churn

The wood on one side of the washboard was chewed away and we've had to use glue and putty to strengthen the front and will be applying thin molding strips to the back to ensure that the frame will stay together.

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