Monday, December 13, 2010

Bed Coverings, Quilt, Crochetted Covers, Memories

The following are not duvets, not easy to clean (more like soaking in the bathtub with pure soap and lots of squishing up and down, draining, refilling, repeat until water has no color or suds etc). I learned this the the tough way after machine washing a really pretty cover of my own and discovering that the tassels could not be revived and that the pulling and twisting action in the washer had seperated strands that should never be seperated. I hung on to that sad learning example way too long. Things that cause pain or bad memories need to be let go.

These single bed quilt and crocheted bed covers (or table covers) are relics from the past, about 30 years or more past, some way past 30 years old. The openwork white would work well with under colors. I found the colorful quilt at a Church sale and I have spent a great many hours repairing the stitching of the round circles of cloth to the next (4 colors, four joins for each circle). The crochet covers were found by my late mother-in-law many years ago. When she died I took all of the covers to her wake, along with hundreds of her drawings and prints (she was an artist) and spread them out so the children and grandchildren and friends could take any they wanted. Many of the grandchildren have framed and hung prints and drawings and a few took covers, but I still have reluctant custody of the rest.

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