Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is almost here.

Bedpans make great flower pot holders - so I added a flower after wiping the winter's dust away - spring starts officially next week but the crocus and daffodils and cherry blossoms and magnolias think it has already arrived. Vintage garden hand tools are here and gone.

Dad gave me the piano stool last week. It had been used for so many years to house mitts and slippers and scarves. Sort of one of those sad moments when something familiar leaves its home. Just one of those pieces that I can't fit in with my own home.

Some great little cast irons stoves, a seal, some neat brass and copper items.

and this great Electohome fan - one speed, doesn't rotate, and cools the air just fine. Bought it from an old gentleman down the road, he's moving into assisted living - his son says he remembers it from the 60's. To me that's just awhile ago - but that is really 50 + years ago. Ouch.

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