Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Oak Rocking Chair, circa 1920

I am quoting from my Dad's blog as he wrote about the family rocking chair.

In the 1920's: "Furnishing a home in those days was a matter of making what you could out of what was available and ordering the rest from Eaton’s Mail order Catalogue, shipped from Winnipeg. We picked up the parcels  in Halkirk on the CPR . One of the items was a sturdy oak Rocking chair with an upholstered seat. I have been the custodian of that lovely old rocking chair for some time, sharing the honor with our daughter Joy. We no longer rock children in it and in our downsizing we have got to the point in life where we are learning to travel more lightly. This morning, in a visit with Joy and her brother Rob it was decided that he would be the next custodian of the Chair."

My mom nursed and rocked all of her children in this chair - although it had a leatherette seat during those years. I have been the chair's owner for over 30 years now and recently took it back to Dad's when I could no longer fit it in the living room. Today my brother came to stay with Dad for a couple of days and I asked Dad if the chair could now go to Rob. We three mutually agreed.

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