Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wire dolls bring back more memories.

Wire dolls, pincushion dolls, were collected by my MIL (among thousands of other items collected). She had a large collection of pincushion type dolls and when she was not as much herself as she liked to think she was, she gave away (or let 'someone' look at all the dolls) and all but three disappeared. The three were laying on the floor under newspaper and junk that had been dumped and I found them when I cleaned her house out after she moved into an assisted living facility. She just walked away from everything. Took me two weeks and five helpers to clean that place. The loads to the dump and to thrift store to get rid of stuff were multiples upon multiples.

Maybe my point is that collecting can be like living in a hoarding situation if it is about 'having', not enjoying and passing things on to make room for other interests. The sad thing about my MIL was that she wouldn't give, share, loan or help. She talked a good line, gave away things to non family because it made her feel important, but she just couldn't be kind or loving or even nice to her children and grandchildren. She talked and talked about how nice she was and how she couldn't understand why no one liked her or visited her. She's been dead two years and no one talks about her. That is not how I want to die.

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