Friday, December 4, 2009

Memories of Mom

I had forgotten some of those early years that influenced my desire for old and treasured objects. I have my mom's old watering can and found a vintage green plant stand at a garage sale a couple of years ago. Holding that watering can brought back so many memories and the images for my early years living on a cattle ranch in central Alberta. Mom built a goldfish pond when she was a young bride in the late 1940's, and when I visited that ranch last summer with Mom and Dad for a family reunion I was able to add adult eyes to the childhood eyes of the past. Mom was a wonderful gardener and the ranch house yard was a great treasure back then. Some remnants of that time still exist. I think I can see her hand and smoothing prints in the walls of the fish pond over 60 years later. The large rocks and the cement contour are hidden in the trees and overgrowth but still visited by children of the very extended family. A great hiding place, a fresh memory that adds to the old memories of laying on the flat rocks and watching the fish when I was very young.

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  1. Memories are the best treasures.

  2. I have that same watering can and it was also my Moms'. Visiting from Little Red House, Home

  3. Your mom sounds ahead of her time creating a little pond so long ago. I love that you can still find traces of it there. Good thing that memories can be so much more clear and present things as they were and not as they now are.

  4. How wonderful to be able to return to where your mother created so much beauty. Home, indeed.

  5. Oh, your mom sounds like she was an amazing woman! It's so wonderful that you have her watering can. Thank you so much for sharing your memories at Little Red House. xoxo

  6. It's hard to think about home without memories of our moms.

  7. That was lovely. It's so sweet to think of our mums in the days when they were busy creating homes.
    I'll look for your booth the next time I'm through Fort Langley!

  8. What a love reminisce of "home" when you were young.
    Lovely that you could still see the lovely pond you dear mother created - it looks so special and all the more lovely that the 'new' children use it has a hidey-hole!
    Shane ♥


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