Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rainbows and Spring Thinking

After a gray day and low light a rainbow appeared. Sort of like life, stuff isn't going well and then things get lighter and repeat, repeat. I'm starting to think about mall displays after Christmas and what would be cheerful and upbeat while using the same stock arranged differently. I went over to the mall this afternoon to add some stock and tidy. A few things had sold and I helped a lady find fireking stacking white mugs - I had five and the price was right for her. Its difficult to 'lighten up' the area I have my stock in, dark walls, red shelves. I painted most of the shelving a pale green but the area is still dark. Maybe I need to paint the display cases a pale green as well, its not a bad idea. I've been read a huge number of blogs on vintage, re-purposing, selling as a dealer in a collectibles mall and a lot of renovation blogs. I know I don't have an image that says 'buy me', but I do sell a lot of kitchen ware. Good quality continues to sell. Finding upscale stock is no easy, actually finding stock is a constant job.

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