Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Mom Memories

My nephew Brendan took this picture of Mom while they were travelling on the ferry to Nanaimo in 2007.

More Mom influences. She re-used and made-do for everything for a great part of her life. She re-made, turned, patched, refurbished. Today she would have been 'green', in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's (and even into the 80's and 90's) she was 'a person raised in the great depression'. Her example and teachings were about thrift because we had very little money, but great access to Mom's huge garden, with preseration by canning, root house and in later years, freezing, of produce. Dad butchered our meat, we had chickens, beef, pork and nasty mean turkeys. A working ranch until 1956 and then we all moved to Saskatoon for 2 years while Dad was at University. Dad dug up the back yard (a back breaking job as it was compacted dirt that had been used for parking) and again we had a large vegetable garden. We lived the student life when Dad and Mom were 36 and 37. Thrift was the only way. Church barrels were actually where we got our clothing. I remember a striped boys tshirt that Mom 'transformed' into an elastic waist shirt for me. She sewed all our clothes or remodelled another garment into a child's garment. I know I didn't appreciate her unending labors in my childhood and youth. Now that Mom has Alzheimers I spend a lot of time remembering. I tell her who she was and how much she had done. She is happy now, its always the present and she remembers all the hymns and songs of her youth and sings along with choirs and groups presenting at her care home. She loses her shoes and has lost all the pairs of glasses. Dad visits her and holds her hand and kisses her and says he loves her and she smiles and lets him. She says to others - this is my husband.

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