Thursday, December 3, 2009

Remembering the beginnings of collecting the past ...

Grandmothers' and Auntie's now long departed and the thrifty nature of parents born and raised in the 1920's, young in the 30's and adults starting their families in the 40's, along with being life rich and money poor during my childhood and young adulthood influenced my excursions into collecting bits and pieces of my remembered past. The collections started small; tiny figures and vases, red plastic 45's, bits of fabric and lace, crochet doilies, paper dolls, hand painted covers on thin volumes of poetry, old and fascinating magazines. Boxes of treasures moved with me and over the many years the search for beautiful, useful and decorative additions to my life grew. At first maybe it was pride in not buying 'new'. Certainly buying things that were 'old' was cheaper than buying 'new'. Then it always seemed that the search had to be for old, not new. Church rummage sales were then, and I find even now, amazing treasure troves (along with amazing just junk). In the young adult years thrift and bargains were essential, clothing was used, dressers where salvaged, dishes were thrift and garage sale finds. Thrifting and garage sale hunting became a hobby and then a major hobby.

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