Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Watched "The Secret Millionaire' (a British show) twice today, both different episodes. Its the kind of show that brings tears of empathy. S made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for B's supper. Went to P's open house this afternoon and I got to hold a little baby for quite awhile and visit with the baby's dad, R, an old young friend who is now an accounts manager in a big electrical firm. (just got the job), and he and his wife and two wee boys are moving to the Island tomorrow, and will be living 20 minutes from his new job, 1 block from the ocean in a 15 year old well kept house and 1/2 acre (fenced). This small family had researched where they wanted to live in Canada and once they found the area they focused on it until they found the house they were looking for. They sold their Coquitlam house. Good moves in the just post recession. Great job, great house, great family.

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