Thursday, September 12, 2019

September Work

Garden clean up, shed clean up, carport clean up .... not this past week.

Instead I was moving furniture away from the front door - crowding the living room, out of the kitchen entry area - crowding the rest of the kitchen, out of the hallway to clear the way to the laundry area(a closet).


The dishwasher broke down - I bought another. It is being delivered today - and installed next Wednesday. That means it will sit in the kitchen all week.

Kitchen before making space for the dishwasher to 'sit' all week. (for those who don't know I am a reseller of vintage items and my kitchen is the put/clean/price and box to take to my booths area.

Entry, kitchen and hallway after shifting everything to clear space to take out appliances and bring in replacements.

The washer and dryer are on their very last legs so I am replacing them as well - and this included trying to paint out the peach frames on the closet - painted about 20 years ago with oil paint. Latex paint does not like oil paint.

The thin coat of latex paint covered nothing - and it peeled off, all of it. I then used a primer - 3 coats - over the peach frame and the wall around and it covered.

I will be painting one more coat of primer and then painting the area with white latex. Ran out of time so this will happen after the removal and install. It is rather difficult to paint the inside of a frame that is 1 inch from side of the washer and dryer.

Since I was making changes I removed a couple of pieces of furniture from the room and in their place set up a wooden table and a shelf - now I have a dedicated work area. The printer looks like it is smiling.

There will be many small and large tweaking moments as things settle in place.

On my walk ...

It has cooled in the evening and it is so pleasant to walk and think and listen to Celtic music and say hello to other walkers and - if owner says its ok - pet their dogs.

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

September - Autumn Colours

Cooling temperatures. So much work to do in the next two months before the weather is too cold to work outside. 

I went out to the shed to see what work I have in waiting. List making was on my mind.

While there I re-found my wire 'wreath'. I wanted something Autumn and  ...

... made an Autumn sign for the wreath. Added hydrangea blossoms and hung it on the front door.

I painted an 
old board orange, stencilled leaves and fruit, used individual stencil letters for 'Autumn'. Added the sign to the wire wreath.

Always fun making something from thrifted and found items.

On Labour Day I found a few things in the shed to bring in and clean up.

I had forgotten the small Franklin vases, a clean with a damp cloth, tagging and they are ready to go to my booths.

On my walk ... (new addition to my posts), this post - echinacea blossoms.

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

August 29 Thrifts and Thoughts

August thrifted finds

I seem to have collected items that are reminders that fall is almost here.

Amber footed vase, an old and well loved fawn ornament from my childhood, an inlay wooden box and a vintage orange/white condiment set.

Orange leaf pattern chip and dip set, orange purse, orange pumpkin carving knife and plus my vintage green plant holder.

Vintage Johnson Brothers Cotswold teapot, creamer, sugar and a vintage silverplate over brass tea caddy. Yellow rose from my front garden (in a silver overlay vase).

Green goblets, golfer/bag salt and pepper, cow with tin head, a beaver shaped mirror (the coil of wire was just for contrasting background).

August was a 'mixed reviews' month. I finished the Bee stencil projects.

We had a mouse/rat? that settled in under the sink cupboard unit (based on the strange scurry/scratch/ gnawing sounds from that area during the night) and we moved the stove and counter section forward - but couldn't get to that irritant. I was very close to cutting out a section of the inside flooring under the sink unit frame - glad I didn't have to go that far.

Quite a bit of door-edges chewing occurred in the kitchen and pantry. Tried traps and 'enticing smells' rodent attractant commercial sticky stuff and the walk-in traps - nada. 

Bought a silent sound device that apparently repels rodents and it seems to have worked - the 'scratchy sounds' under the sink unit stopped - I kept the kitchen door open to ensure an easy escape route 'outside'. The rodent smell also faded (my ears ring when a rodent is near and that finally stopped too).

I washed/disinfected the walls behind the stove/counter, the floors, inside the cupboards. 

The one thing I did for myself this month was have a 1 hour walk every evening and for that I am very grateful. Evening got a bit earlier every day and often the street lights were on before I arrived home.

Every day this week on my walk I passed 3 large wooden crates for the taking - I loved them BUT they were too big for me to move and I had no place to use them so I just enjoyed them. So tempting.

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Stencilling Bees on ...

BEE Stencilled Additions 

Containers were found at a Garage Sale just down the street. One of the GS signs said 'I follow Marie Kondo'.

The round blank wooden circle was from the Thrift Store.

Added a hook on the back of the round wooden blank, gave it a 'wash' of CeCeCaldwell Vintage White plus three additional thinned coats.

Used the Muddaritaville Bee stencil and CeCeCaldwell Beckley Coal chalk-like paint for the plaque.

Martha Steward (Michaels) Bee themed sticky backed stencils were used on the handled containers with CeCeCaldwell Beckley Coal chalk-like paint.

Waxed the finished items using ASCP Clear Wax and polished.

Picked five roses and choose the backyard trees for background.

Honey season - my blogging friend Linda has been blogging about learning to be a bee-keeper. 

Bee's have been busy collecting the fixings to make honey - in my side yard one let me take a picture.

Bee season

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Summer Walks

On my daily walks

Bee's don't often sit still while at work.

The tree looks a bit like owl eyes.



Evening whites.


Morning walk



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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Adding Paint and Stencils

This week I continued to add paint and stencils to a 3 pieces - the planter tin, a large side table and a faux window frame with mirror.

The plant holder was stencilled with "HERBS". The stencil was one cut by my sister Gail while teaching me how to use her Silhouette Cameo in July 2015 and the process used is described there.

The dark brown side table had the top removed, frame joints re-glued and top sanded by DH. He pencilled in the 'where to place the top when it was to be reattached'. I didn't know that so I painted the back right over the pencil marks.

3 coats of Fusion Picket Fence white Mineral paint applied.

Added a stencil - Bee and wreath in CeCeCaldwell Beckley Coal. 

Top was finished with Fusion Clear Coat. 

Finally - the faux window with mirror wall decoration.

Removed mirror and all the hot glued dried out flowers and leaves decoration. Painted (2 coats) of CeCe Caldwell Antique White.

Used a Martha Stewart stencil to add words and two bees. Waxed with ASCP Clear  Wax and polished.

Replaced the mirror, backing and brown paper on back.

Updated, fresh and finished.

(Taking a photo of the mirror took awhile, had to find a reflection that was plain)

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