Thursday, January 16, 2020

Snow Days

I was thinking of writing about - fun - laughing - making - creating.

Well, I did make, in an Instant Pot, a Pot Roast that just 'falls apart' with vegetables, recipe at Sustainable Cooks.

Mostly though I continue 'getting over' a several weeks long head cold with lots of coughing, sore throat, runny nose, Halls, Buckley's, Vitamin C chewables, kleenex and cold water, hot lemon-ginger tea, extra naps and light reading. 

Weeks of rainy, not too cold, some sunshine and blue skies showing up gave way to minus degrees of - C cold and very snow Sunday night. 

By Wednesday the tall piles and annoying shovelled removal of snow from behind and on the vehicles, sidewalk, drains ... revived memories of past winters snow clearing jobs. I shovelled snow Monday and Tuesday (and most likely clearing the sidewalks Thursday afternoon since it started snowing heavily at noon, stopped for a few hours and started again in the evening). Snow is again forecast for Friday.

A much appreciated relief from shovelling happened Wednesday morning - a neighbour across the street whom I have not yet met - shovelled the public sidewalk in front of our home (municipal law says 'all sidewalks must be cleared by 11 am or something like that) AND he cleared the two short sidewalks to our front steps and cleaned the lower steps. We thanked him, shared names and are very grateful.

My car and the van are the large bumps under the fresh snow on the left (above). We've been using the truck to get around in this weather so that was Tuesday nights snow since I had cleared the first snow off the truck Tuesday morning.

My rather worn down Christmas Cactus has set two blooms.

The backyard snow is untouched (except for various animal tracks).

Coastal BC (Canada) sometimes has problems with heavy snow and strong winds. Plows, sanding or salting roads keep the municipal workers working long hours - they clear the main roads before side streets. 

Our local schools were closed Wednesday for a Snow Day (and I am guessing perhaps Friday as well  as the weather map shows continued cold and snow).

I did replace my worn out snow shovels last fall  - tried out the curvy handled one. Bit easier for me to use. Picked up two heavy sacks of salt crystals 'just in case' Tuesday afternoon.

After removing as much snow as I could from the sidewalks on Tuesday I sprinkled salt crystals on the ice footsteps left behind and it was easier to remove most of the ice footprints the next morning. Shook out more salt on Wednesday afternoon when I cleared a path to the large drain at the foot of our driveway.

Take care.



Thursday, January 9, 2020

January 9th

Winter colds and aches and stuff - lots of sipping cold water, hot tea, napping, resting, getting the minimum stuff done- groceries, meals, washing dishes and laundry.

Picked an old and cheerful picture that brings a smile and early spring thoughts.

Thank you for visiting today.



Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy 2020 New Year

Years ago I said I would have a white office. Years passed and I carried my thoughts about having a quiet, organized space to do my work forward. This year, with hard work, planning, co-operation and tenacity I have my small white office. 

I looked back in time. I think my favourite January post was Donna of Funky Junks 'pick a project and complete it'. I loved creating a peaceful place.

2019's project that I loved the most was adding a small office area to my bedroom.

Space Before and After

Looking forward in 2020?

My small white office space with everything I need at hand has been life changing.

I am getting my work caught up. I am not in the centre of the house surrounded by sound and jobs that need to be done.

I have quiet and time to concentrate.

Thank you for visiting today

Happy 2020 New Year



Thursday, December 26, 2019

December Thrifts and ... Happy New Year 2020

Thrifting in December - a quieter time of the year.

The brass letters 'do it now' are on a letter holder. The Copper 'Mule' coffee mug has lovely weight and the wooden painted cow wall decoration looks quite contented. 

A mix of Christmas and humour - Dog/Cat facts

The Premium Biscuit tin reflected in the small framed (stencil by Donna of Funky Junk Interiorsmirror was fun to play around with and make a reflection dance. The pewter angel tea light holders are by Seagull.

A wooden stamp and envelope wooden box

Happy New Year
as 2020 draws near



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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Its Starting to Look a Lot Like ...

Christmas  and ...

stockings (some made decades ago) are hanging from the dresser knobs.

Poinsettia and Nativity Scene

I wanted a table top Christmas tree with branches that have lots of space for pretty decorations. I will be cutting about a foot off the one we did pick up this week.

... and no I haven't decorated it yet.

The ceramic Christmas Village my sister gifted many years ago joins in.

Front door wreath and outside lights added. DGS helped with the front and I did the one bush on the far right. Glad he was here to help.

Christmas memories

Hugs Dear Ones


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