Thursday, August 22, 2019

Stencilling Bees on ...

BEE Stencilled Additions 

Containers were found at a Garage Sale just down the street. One of the GS signs said 'I follow Marie Kondo'.

The round blank wooden circle was from the Thrift Store.

Added a hook on the back of the round wooden blank, gave it a 'wash' of CeCeCaldwell Vintage White plus three additional thinned coats.

Used the Muddaritaville Bee stencil and CeCeCaldwell Beckley Coal chalk-like paint for the plaque.

Martha Steward (Michaels) Bee themed sticky backed stencils were used on the handled containers with CeCeCaldwell Beckley Coal chalk-like paint.

Waxed the finished items using ASCP Clear Wax and polished.

Picked five roses and choose the backyard trees for background.

Honey season - my blogging friend Linda has been blogging about learning to be a bee-keeper. 

Bee's have been busy collecting the fixings to make honey - in my side yard one let me take a picture.

Bee season

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Summer Walks

On my daily walks

Bee's don't often sit still while at work.

The tree looks a bit like owl eyes.



Evening whites.


Morning walk



Most clicked on Beverly's How Sweet The Sound August 23/19

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Adding Paint and Stencils

This week I continued to add paint and stencils to a 3 pieces - the planter tin, a large side table and a faux window frame with mirror.

The plant holder was stencilled with "HERBS". The stencil was one cut by my sister Gail while teaching me how to use her Silhouette Cameo in July 2015 and the process used is described there.

The dark brown side table had the top removed, frame joints re-glued and top sanded by DH. He pencilled in the 'where to place the top when it was to be reattached'. I didn't know that so I painted the back right over the pencil marks.

3 coats of Fusion Picket Fence white Mineral paint applied.

Added a stencil - Bee and wreath in CeCeCaldwell Beckley Coal. 

Top was finished with Fusion Clear Coat. 

Finally - the faux window with mirror wall decoration.

Removed mirror and all the hot glued dried out flowers and leaves decoration. Painted (2 coats) of CeCe Caldwell Antique White.

Used a Martha Stewart stencil to add words and two bees. Waxed with ASCP Clear  Wax and polished.

Replaced the mirror, backing and brown paper on back.

Updated, fresh and finished.

(Taking a photo of the mirror took awhile, had to find a reflection that was plain)

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Paint, Stencil + Small Table

It has been some time since I painted a piece of furniture and added a stencil.

Top after painting and adding a stencil to the top of the table (fresh roses from my front garden).

Started with a small table (for a lamp or beside a chair for a book or coffee or ...

Table before

The tin plant holder is on my list for adding a stencil.

Here are the supplies I used:

Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint - Vintage Linen. (Debi is the creator of CeCe Caldwell Paint). She sold the company last fall. I am trying out her new paint. Very thick but goes on well.

My stencilling supplies - (stencil from Michaels), brush, CeCe Caldwell Seattle Mist and Fusion Tough Coat for the top once everything was dry.

Waxed the underside of the top, the stem and legs with ASCP Clear Wax and when that dried for awhile I polished with a clean soft cloth.

The top was clear coated with Fusion Tough Coat.

It was a pleasure to plan and change the old small table to something pretty.

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

July 2019 Thrifts and Thoughts of Past, Now, Future

July Thrifts

July began with two church sales one ran by youth and one by a few gate-keeper elderly fellows who must live by the clock face.

Sweet vintage fawn ornament mixed with vintage Frances Parkinson Keys "The Chess Players", a depression glass pink lidded candy dish and a plant holder with a 'cage' cover.

Mid month we found a few pieces - the zinc stars can have candles or perhaps white lights added - would be great deck decorations.

"Life musts" took over for two weeks and no new finds happened. DH and I have been putting in time helping with the emptying of the apartment and distributing to other family members what they had requested or asked for from DH's Dad's apartment. Things have piled up in our home until we pack again to take  furniture and boxes on to the next family member.

This season of life brought back the memories of downsizing for my parents and helping Mom and Dad and then Dad and finally the last of his possessions were shared with the family members. Always this time brings back life memories and sometimes thoughts of the past which cannot be changed, the present which we live in now and then the future that we can prepare for to simplify our time of leaving. 

I think often (and write in my journal) of what I can do now so that my future self will thank me for concentrating on being healthy and happy and I carry on with my promise to myself to exercise, eat mindfully, pay attention to what is happening.

Included - working on sharing things that I no longer need.

Hugs dear friends.


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Monday, July 22, 2019

On My Walk - Painted Rocks

On my walk last evening

I glanced down

and saw

a painted rock -

You are enough.

and another -

Just Breathe

Hello Rabbit.

Share with Others - and I am now.

Have a good day.

Love others.

Such a lovely treat.

Have a lovely day.



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