Thursday, October 10, 2019

Autumn Flowers, Branches and Moss

I am always thrilled when a gardener shares their garden flowers stories when I am walking by. This lovely lady took the time to visit as I took pictures (with permission).

The gardener's daughter wanted dahlia at her JULY wedding - and Mom made it happen but it was not easy forcing the blooms. 

These group groupings are from the late September visit.

More autumn blossoms, treasures.

Update on the roof

the Gutter Guy (husband and wife team) came by on Tuesday afternoon and power washed the now yellow moss off the roof. The very yellow mossy picture is the chimney top BEFORE washing.

I had a rather steep learning curve - the 'after washing picture' was actually on the video taken by the Guttering Guy after he finished cleaning the moss remnants off the roof and... I had to take a clip from the video .... and it has been years since I have done any video editing.

On my walk ...

It is branch cleanup month in our city... Homeowners trimming their branches leave them heaped on the curb. The city (using taxes collected from the homeowners) pay chipper companies to chip and haul the chips away (which are resold to homeowners). Nice cycle - employment plus a useful product for raising funds. The mosaic below shows some of the beautiful colours of the branches the before chipping plus ... mushrooms growing on lawns - along my walk while waiting for school to be out.

Piles of branches

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

October 3 - Gutters

The past week I have been working on ...

refreshing an old grape vine wreath and ...

and taking maybe the last photos of the pink roses...

and back to work - clearing off most of the stuff from my back and front decks because... 

Taking Care of the Gutters:

the Gutter Guy was booked for Monday. We have not cleaned out our gutters properly for YEARS.

Here is one BEFORE and AFTER - The gutter was packed with composted leaves and was home to a section of plants (before/after).

The Gutter Guy ALSO screwed the soffit pieces that had slipped out of place back in place and he also unscrewed and removed the pieces of wood we had used to close the space a few years ago ... two birds thought this was a great nesting spot and we had to wait until they and their fledglings all LEFT)before propping the soffits in place.

I am so grateful to have the gutters both cleaned inside and outside (scrubbed clean with Dawn blue dish soap, a green scrubby, water to rinse and a lot of 'elbow grease' by the Gutter Guy and his partner who manned the hose to rinse as well as point to any missed spots, she also kept things very clean as they did their job. 

One of the corner gutter pieces (picture above) has been leaking buckets of rain water directly to one area of the deck floor and this has caused cracks and heaves in a small area of the deck ... the Gutter Guy removed the corner piece, cleaned, screwed back on again and caulked inside and outside, leaking problem solved.

I will be patching and sealing that spot asap, already have the supplies handy and I have done patching before (thank goodness).

Finally the Gutter Guy sprayed moss remover all over the roof, he will be back later in the fall after the leaves are finished to remove the blackened moss and give the roof a good rinse/sweep/rinse to clean off any debris. 

I didn't climb the Gutter Guy's VERY long ladder to look at the moss but I could see thick clumps near the corners of the house and along the top of the chimney.

Very relieved to have the gutters in working order (and CLEAN)and not dripping at that one corner plus the moss problem almost over.

Something I did for fun this week:

I put together a 'fresh' wreath for my front door...

a bit of black wire, 3 cheerful seasonal TY stuffies and a well used grapevine wreath.

On my walk: 

waiting for school to let out - what could be prettier than orange with yellow tipped dahlias in the sunshine - and saying HI to fellow walkers.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

September Thrifts plus On My Walk


Crisp fresh air mixed with  ...


vintage bits and pieces - eggs cups are from England (Brama Reg.)

view-master with Disney $1,000,000 Duck, Peanuts and Flipper reels

ornate faux high heels filled with coffee spoons

all together.

I found this watercolour on Monday - maybe it is a bridge over water and there seems to be a foot bridge too ... it is signed HUNDANE.

On my walk ... 

leaves on a ground plant - I was thinking, maybe an ivy? Such sharp colours.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Follow-up on September Work - Dishwasher

Picked up a few ceramic and plastic pumpkins at the thrift store - and one real pumpkin from the grocery store. Highlight of my week. You just have to smile at that silly witch hatted pumpkin.

The appliances were delivered and hooked up as promised.

The dishwasher sat in the kitchen until yesterday (that was the install date) so it was a week of hand washing everything. My fingernails were very clean.

The team that did the install was terrific - and OH NO - LOOK at the mess we had to deal with !!!!!!!! when they removed the old dishwasher. This was the only place in the kitchen we could NOT get to when looking for the rat invasion.

A rat hiding place behind the built-in dishwasher - turns out the rat ate most of the hose connecting the hot water to the machine. Machine would not work. We are lucky we didn't have a flood - fortunately for us the washer wouldn't start because the hose was damaged.

Since the old dishwasher was about 10 years old I bought another dishwasher before I found out the nasty mess/hose issue.

Yes I cleaned that mess up as fast as I could and the two installers screwed plywood pieces over the open area in the back to cover the hole. Didn't take any more pictures as they were working and I didn't want to interrupt anymore than I had already.

I disinfected and repeated and will do a lot more disinfecting until I feel everything is clean again. UGG.

Sometimes stuff happens and this was stuff.

P.S. Last night the rat was scratching against the wall. It isn't over yet.

New dishwasher works beautifully.

On my walk ...

Rain almost every day. Light rain mostly in the daytime and some thunder and heavy rain at night. The yellow rose bush is sharing again.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

September Work

Garden clean up, shed clean up, carport clean up .... not this past week.

Instead I was moving furniture away from the front door - crowding the living room, out of the kitchen entry area - crowding the rest of the kitchen, out of the hallway to clear the way to the laundry area(a closet).


The dishwasher broke down - I bought another. It is being delivered today - and installed next Wednesday. That means it will sit in the kitchen all week.

Kitchen before making space for the dishwasher to 'sit' all week. (for those who don't know I am a reseller of vintage items and my kitchen is the put/clean/price and box to take to my booths area.

Entry, kitchen and hallway after shifting everything to clear space to take out appliances and bring in replacements.

The washer and dryer are on their very last legs so I am replacing them as well - and this included trying to paint out the peach frames on the closet - painted about 20 years ago with oil paint. Latex paint does not like oil paint.

The thin coat of latex paint covered nothing - and it peeled off, all of it. I then used a primer - 3 coats - over the peach frame and the wall around and it covered.

I will be painting one more coat of primer and then painting the area with white latex. Ran out of time so this will happen after the removal and install. It is rather difficult to paint the inside of a frame that is 1 inch from side of the washer and dryer.

Since I was making changes I removed a couple of pieces of furniture from the room and in their place set up a wooden table and a shelf - now I have a dedicated work area. The printer looks like it is smiling.

There will be many small and large tweaking moments as things settle in place.

On my walk ...

It has cooled in the evening and it is so pleasant to walk and think and listen to Celtic music and say hello to other walkers and - if owner says its ok - pet their dogs.

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

September - Autumn Colours

Cooling temperatures. So much work to do in the next two months before the weather is too cold to work outside. 

I went out to the shed to see what work I have in waiting. List making was on my mind.

While there I re-found my wire 'wreath'. I wanted something Autumn and  ...

... made an Autumn sign for the wreath. Added hydrangea blossoms and hung it on the front door.

I painted an 
old board orange, stencilled leaves and fruit, used individual stencil letters for 'Autumn'. Added the sign to the wire wreath.

Always fun making something from thrifted and found items.

On Labour Day I found a few things in the shed to bring in and clean up.

I had forgotten the small Franklin vases, a clean with a damp cloth, tagging and they are ready to go to my booths.

On my walk ... (new addition to my posts), this post - echinacea blossoms.

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