Thursday, February 20, 2020

Feb 20 Hints of Spring in my Front Yard

Early morning leaves waiting for sunshine.

Morning sunshine

Snow drops have been showing off for more than a week and daffodils are waiting their turn.

The crocus are sharing.

More Daffodils waiting to bloom.

Large orange Poppy leaves early morning and then in afternoon sunshine.

Roses developing leaves

Spring signs.

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thursday, January 30, 2020

January 2020 Thrifts

January, a month of early dark becoming later a few minutes each day, a great deal of rain, sometimes blue skies and sunshine and a week of snow, shovelling. 

Quiet on the 'finding vintage' front.  Turned out hidden treasures from the backs of cupboards, checked out boxes with layers of dust.

Looking forward to spring colours.

Noritake cake plate, Royal Winton candle holder and an antique etched butterfly and leaves on a cruet. 

Evening grouping - brass letter holder with sword letter opener, Elegance candle holders and a bit of humour - CWTCH (in Welsh) means to cuddle.

Syroco openwork tray with pine cones and branches. The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Mrs. Gaskell closed with a ribbon and wax.


Valentines Day is just a couple of weeks away - ping pong paddles wooden heart and vintage framed foil rose bouquet, romance and sports.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Melting Snow and Painted Frames

Some months are... just those kind of months. 

January doesn't fit tidily into usual routines - snow, cold weather, a cold that doesn't go away, closures, cancelled stuff and exhaustion all mixed in.

Finally after several months I picked up a brush and painted - it was on the 'free' table at the Thrift store, a 'blue poster painted' frame (no,  didn't take a before) and painted it Fusion Champagne (almost white - 3 coats). I noticed... I was humming and smiling while working. 

The frame behind (also free) was 'touched up' with some gold/bronze paint just to cover any worn spots.

I posted a few melting snow pictures on Instagram this week. I decided to write a post reference so here they are, plus a few more.

Snow pictures  ... On my walk Tuesday


Crocus - first sighting this year 
- On my walk Thursday -

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Snow Days

I was thinking of writing about - fun - laughing - making - creating.

Well, I did make, in an Instant Pot, a Pot Roast that just 'falls apart' with vegetables, recipe at Sustainable Cooks.

Mostly though I continue 'getting over' a several weeks long head cold with lots of coughing, sore throat, runny nose, Halls, Buckley's, Vitamin C chewables, kleenex and cold water, hot lemon-ginger tea, extra naps and light reading. 

Weeks of rainy, not too cold, some sunshine and blue skies showing up gave way to minus degrees of - C cold and very snow Sunday night. 

By Wednesday the tall piles and annoying shovelled removal of snow from behind and on the vehicles, sidewalk, drains ... revived memories of past winters snow clearing jobs. I shovelled snow Monday and Tuesday (and most likely clearing the sidewalks Thursday afternoon since it started snowing heavily at noon, stopped for a few hours and started again in the evening). Snow is again forecast for Friday.

A much appreciated relief from shovelling happened Wednesday morning - a neighbour across the street whom I have not yet met - shovelled the public sidewalk in front of our home (municipal law says 'all sidewalks must be cleared by 11 am or something like that) AND he cleared the two short sidewalks to our front steps and cleaned the lower steps. We thanked him, shared names and are very grateful.

My car and the van are the large bumps under the fresh snow on the left (above). We've been using the truck to get around in this weather so that was Tuesday nights snow since I had cleared the first snow off the truck Tuesday morning.

My rather worn down Christmas Cactus has set two blooms.

The backyard snow is untouched (except for various animal tracks).

Coastal BC (Canada) sometimes has problems with heavy snow and strong winds. Plows, sanding or salting roads keep the municipal workers working long hours - they clear the main roads before side streets. 

Our local schools were closed Wednesday for a Snow Day (and I am guessing perhaps Friday as well  as the weather map shows continued cold and snow).

I did replace my worn out snow shovels last fall  - tried out the curvy handled one. Bit easier for me to use. Picked up two heavy sacks of salt crystals 'just in case' Tuesday afternoon.

After removing as much snow as I could from the sidewalks on Tuesday I sprinkled salt crystals on the ice footsteps left behind and it was easier to remove most of the ice footprints the next morning. Shook out more salt on Wednesday afternoon when I cleared a path to the large drain at the foot of our driveway.

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