Thursday, July 18, 2019

Keeping Busy Life Stuff

The week has been very busy, sometimes too much work to finish, appointments, regular home jobs to keep up.

It has rained nicely, mostly at night and early mornings. Weeding goes faster when the ground has had a soaking.

The first tomatoes have appeared and the blueberries are ripening - I picked a vegetable bowl full to bring in earlier this week.

Pulled a brown gardening bag of vine weeds after supper last night and moved it to join the other bags waiting for the next trip to the plant recycling dump. Covered all the bags with a big plastic sheet - the bags are 'bottom wet' from last night's rain and I think they will dry out before they need to be moved.

The sweet peas showed their first bloom yesterday. The 30 year old original rose bush is blooming but the younger rose bushes have slowed down.

The breezes have been lovely after the rain.

Thank you for dropping by for a quick visit today.



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Monday, July 15, 2019

Grandpa Norm

The last of our parent-generation has passed.

This morning Norman is no longer in pain. 

Norm with his wife Liz in younger years.

picture shared by Alex

Rebecca shared this photo:

Over the past month or so the families have visited with Norm. Sally and Alex shared recent photos from their visits with Norm. Instagram and FB have posts from Rebecca, Sally, Alex and Graham. 


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Front Garden July 11

Front Garden July 11th

Wondering about writing a post for today while sitting outside  on the front small deck, reading A Stitch in Time by Monica Ferris (murder mystery around a small-town needlework group and a missing religious tapestry plus an ex-husband who was chasing a several million dollar ex-wife's inheritance) - just right for a summer evening.

Enjoying the fruit of my dear friend Val's labours because she had spent two mornings this week weeding and edging and clipping and bagging the weeds and clippings from the front yard. She does this every summer for my Birthday Present - wow - and so very much appreciated. (Val is a wonderful gardener).

Brown paper bagged the weeds and clippings - including some that had 'wintered over'. DH drove the truck with those many paper bags to our local transfer station's green recycling area.

Back to the front yard...

Close up of planters beside the 'cement girl'.

Favourite summer blossoms - blue hydrangea.

Close up of the blue hydrangea

and roses

then the orange lily (a lovely large grouping each year) and the potted begonia and a rose bush.

Gravel and sidewalks all tidied.

Love summer gardens.

Love having a good friend 

who makes the front yard tidy and inviting.

Thank you friends for visiting today.


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Thursday, June 27, 2019

June 2019 Thrifts

Thrifts June
(no stencilled sign this month)

Nice finds. A mixture of older and newer items.

Some copper, a carved wall plaque, Wolf and soapstone carvings.

Kitchenware - vintage, mid-century

Silverplate, barware, cigarette container with 'ashtray' lid

Still on my 'break from blogging', too many other commitments filling up each day. Looking forward to having time soon.

Hugs Friends.


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Front Porch Clean-up

Front Porch

Time to wash off the dust of winter and spring from the front porch. 

Small but big enough for a chair and a small table for coffee and a book. Great place for tying shoes before going out.

Didn't change much.  Cleared off bits and pieces that needed to find a new home or be released.

Swept then washed the floor boards, hauled stuff to the carport for now, brought out the white metal table from the back deck.

Checked to make sure the tea mug was a convenient reach and the chair was comfortable. Lunch in the sunshine.

Read another chapter, enjoyed my lunch. Rested.

Almost ready for the annual sand and prep 
and repaint the deck and steps and touch up trim and the front door.

Thank you for visiting today.



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