Thursday, September 20, 2018

New Old - Can You Identify?

My SISTER came to visit for tea yesterday and brought 3 pieces of furniture that she had be storing for many years and now wanted them to have a new home.

The first one is the vintage wooden 'storage stand' or ? holder or  - we just don't know. I love it.

Showing back and side views in case you can name or share clues about what this piece of furniture was used for.

Two small pieces came with the piece of furniture - DH will be working on attaching them to their 'original home'. I did try a record in the stand and it fit (very low).

Updated Friday evening: After reading comments I think it was a magazine holder in perhaps a Doctor's or Insurance etc. office. I added 3 vintage magazines and they fit comfortably. Added vintage books too but the titles were hard to see.

Added some Fall themed decoration to the china cabinet top. The ceramic pumpkins joined the Wade Turtle, the Church Sale green footed glass cake plate, a Squash with a great stem (from the Hilltops Garden Farm near Ashcroft) and some thrifted faux autumn leaves.

When I took DS to the dentist which was right beside the Dollar Store I had time to look around for Halloween bits and pieces. That was when the ceramic pumpkins joined the above grouping.

The front porch is now very 'simply decorated' although I do admit I bought the smiling pumpkin so I can borrow that smile for a project I want to finish.

I know that the decorations will be 'changed/expanded' when DGS adds the collection from several years to the windows and door.

This morning when checking out the roses ...

Still a few buds. The several days of rain was hard on the blooms but they are part of the plant's cycle and their beauty is enjoyed and then anticipated again as they fade.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Coffee on the Deck

Almost Fall - all set for sipping coffee and reading in the cool of the day on the front deck. Peaches had a 'walk-about' and then stood for awhile on the porch watching people walk by.

Stencil alert - project included.

You know there was a 'before' to go with that idea - the pile of garbage bags waiting for the next dump run (no food in these bags) and metal shelf without the shelves.

Boxes are either full of stuff or stacked for temporary storage. Not the best way to make the front porch inviting.

This week is the planned dump run and the bags are now in the back of the van, empty boxes are collapsed and ready for next Tuesday's recycling day. Empty office boxes were moved inside.

Swept the deck, moved the metal shelf frame to the carport (project in waiting). 

Left on the deck: thrifted brown wooden chair and orange stool (for that coffee cup and a book) and large dragon plant pot holding the newly added chrysanthemum.

Too soon for the pumpkins.

Tidy, ready for a bit of relaxing.

Today's Project: Wooden Duck Changed


Duck Sign: before, painted and stenciled: open/closed

The unpainted duck was going to have open/closed stenciled but the marks on the duck just didn't look right. It was useful to try out the stencils on the awkward shape of the wooden duck.

Painted the duck white. Added black stenciled Open/Closed. Used CeCe Beckely Coal.

After 2 coats Ce Ce Caldwell Vintage White the duck had OPEN and CLOSED stenciled in CeCe Caldwell Vintage White.

Back to the deck - fresh, waiting for company.

 There was a big thunder/rain/hail/winds storm Friday evening and the downtown area looked like it had snowed - piles along the roads, covering the grassy areas, covering planted areas. Cars were lined up way back on the various routes east and not moving much.

So I decided to share the last of the roses (before the storm) and (for family far away I included my replacement car) in case the roses are over for the year.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Buffalo Check Love

Finished: Stenciled 'Buffalo Check' tabletop 

Here is a photo [below] of the table (bought at a Church Garage Sale in 2012)

It was claimed by DGS for his room and there it had many uses over the past 6 years.

He is growing up and didn't want this table so it was moved out and 'updated'. You might be guessing that there will be a post in the future showing the updated room - and you would be right.


Starting by removing stains, sanding Added a green wash to the table. 1 tsp. of chalk paint with 2-3 tsp. water (mixed well). Brushed on and wiped off any areas that were too green and applied the wash again until it 'looked right'.

When the green wash was finished and dried the tabletop got a wash of CeCe Caldwell Antique White, again wiping lightly as needed to get a similar finish over all. Dried overnight.

The Buffalo Check Stencil by Donna of Funky Junk Interiors is a current favorite.  I haven't been washing the paint off the stencil because it has those thin lines and I do not want to cause a break.

ASCP White was used to add the Buffalo Check pattern to the tabletop. I put 2 tbs. of ASCP white in a dish, used a newspaper for my poncing (testing dryness) and then stenciled with a stencil brush. Added more white to the bowl as needed. Let paint dry before adding next section on the table.

The weather was just cool enough to work outside. 

Finished tabletop - the green and white washes under the stencil.

When very dry I brushed on Fusion Tough Coat Sealer, drying for 24 hours before a second coat.

Time to decorate - brass frog on buffalo check table top.

Added the turquoise Buffalo Check tote from a previous post on the stenciled table top.

A bit of fun playing with PicMonkey and a pumpkin and black cat tealight on the table.

Stenciling a table was something I had been looking forward to and I was happy with the results.

A look back at the  vintage cake tin stenciled in July.


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(if you were perhaps wondering where the handwritten look of 'Joy' went - the changes in blogger were not compatible with the html [I now use https:] that was used to make the 'Joy')

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

August Thrift Polish Share

Bit of a strange, different month. Less thrifting, less polishing and less sharing. I was happy to do a bit of painting and stenciling. 

August was a month of skies that were grey with smoke from the hundreds of fires in western Canada and USA with very hot weather. 

The first rain in over six weeks was Sunday and Monday this week - not heavy rain but enough to clean the skies of the smoke/smog and show the blue sky and clouds and sunshine.

What did I find in August?

Bringing thoughts of fall closer - the wooden cat was my favorite find this month - although the washboard was a close second.

Delicate, Romantic - hydrangea blue is always a late summer treat.

Old dutch motif cookie jars with long ago lost lids, vintage children's books, a butter mold and a 1953 (date when an entry was make)  brown autograph book. This group below is part of the 'letting go'.

The well worn wooden box was hiding away in the basement storage room - and while we were/are on a re-arrange everything and making a huge mess it appeared again.

DGS bedroom is having a total revamp and with the huge help of DGS' other loving Grandma we moved all books and the sewing supplies stored in the cupboards in that room. Boxes and bags are stacked high, some furniture has left the house while more has moved in. Other dear Grandma did all the lifting and hauling and I made the find and decides for where things had to be moved. DGS also got roped into hauling things around too.

I posted about Evolution of a Space in July 2012 when we first changed a little boy's bedroom into a 9 year old boy's bedroom.


The room has evolved over the years to suit the interests of a growing boy and I rarely took any photos. DGS's (now too short for him) Captains bed (that my Dad made for my DS about 37 years ago) with its amazingly heavy built in drawers/frame had to be partially taken apart so it could move into my storage room which meant that .... (you know how that goes).

I should have taken pictures during the re-vamp (but really, who wants to look at serious moving stuff around messes) and I will at least take pictures of the finished room and share soon.

Every day bags of donations get moved on, decisions are made about where 'to keep' items that are kept.

Some old but no longer cherished favourite things are  being priced, packed and taken to my booths

If a visitor admires something they often get to take it away (please!).

A peek ahead...

at next week's post (see the table in the photo above) - the narrow one with the green chair?


I am enjoying 'finding' things that I haven't seen for years and getting better at letting things go to new homes.

Better now than later.

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