Friday, June 25, 2021

Grade 12 Grad Today

Special Day - Grade 12 Graduation for Grandson

Dad and Brody - pictures at home, grad was students only and was filmed for home TV live

Each grad was given a red rose to share with someone they love

On top of the grad presents not yet opened - the hat, the diploma and the white scarf

Our dear grad in the living room, sewing machine on the table and a blanket on the floor hiding the gifts.

Something to look back and remember.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Celebrating 2nd Vaccine !

Picked yesterday evening.

Today is my birthday.

I took stock over to my booths early this morning, did some tidying and was grateful that I could do that just before ....

getting my 2nd vaccine shot at noon today. That is a very good birthday present. It is 2 months earlier than originally expected and only 7 weeks after my first vaccine shot. 

Son brought my DGS to visit after school today - with a big bouquet of pink flowers. We sat and visited for two hours. Wonderful treat. They also brought milk shakes.

DGS texted Happy Birthday with Love too.

DH phoned from the hospital at 9 am to say I Love You. He discovered that his second vaccine can be given in the hospital so that was good news. 

Love Joy

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Flower Power

Flowers that survive and bloom every year. Roses, Peonies, Poppies, Blue Bells. All pushing their colours from their tightly closed little buds. Garden time, starting with flowers.

Buds and flowers.

Friday morning I plant shopped at the Laity Farm which is about 5 minutes from my home. I added 4 geraniums, 3 larger sized Marigolds and 4 small Dahlia plants. I was looking for Zinnia starts but didn't find any.  Planted Friday evening.

I looked back to my posts for May 2020. 
I am somewhat amazed that I wrote about each week about what I did and how things were. 

It felt good to be outside and follow my flower dreams.

Happy Birthday Dear Sister.

Hugs and Keep Well.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Happy Birthday Husband

Another year and another birthday has arrived, 
Happy Birthday today DH with hugs.

Today was also a time for figuring out what a collection of vintage/antique treen were -  the cheese cutter was my favourite. It takes TWO to decide what pieces were and what time they may have been used.

Happy Birthday !


Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring Has Begun

Crocus and Daffodils sharing spring colours.


I went to add to/tidy my booths this week. I found several lovely items there which belonged to other dealers so I moved them all to a 'gathering place' for others to reclaim.

The back doors were open and the bright sunlight reflected on the addition of the vintage framed Copper Relief hand tinted Last Supper.

Played around with framing a photo using PicMonkey. Frame - shape cutouts. I added more My Little Ponies and several early reader paper backs when I dropped in on Wednesday as well as little cars and trucks.

Grouped several collectibles together. My favourite this week was the Northern Electric Company Fire Alarm plus Easter decorations, gardening books, a mixture of small toys and a brass Rooster letter holder.

There was some tidying needed, fresh stock was added and as the first shoppers entered front door of the Village Antiques Mall I exited through the back doors and closed them behind me. Safety first.

Keep safe


Thursday, March 4, 2021

A bit of cleaning and organizing in my booths

Started in mid-February making a few changes in my booth as weeks progressed. A piece of furniture sold, there was space ... so I moved a table to that space and added a few old wooden boxes into new empty space, used various baskets to hold the many cardboard mounted plastic sleeved early magazine advertising, pages from books, postcards, maps ... from the 1940-70's.

 and ... March arrived with more vintage additions, vintage homemade treasures - kitchen aprons,

moved the 'guy' shelves and added some great rusty pieces - a very old butter churn, a clamp I had forgotten about, an oak floor vent ....

... two old seats from farm equipment - well rusted - they brought back childhood memories.

(first try with overlay using PicMonkey) - the mugs and toy figures picture overlays the Dalmatians picture

2 books here (from the very large and wonderful collection of books for early readers, elementary students, history buffs, relaxation reading, cook books, how-to books ... filling many shelves).

Gardening books, a lovely dense yellow teapot and a soft lamb, green glass (thinking of St. Patrick's Day), a few Occupied Japan girl and boy figurines.

I continue to work one hour (before mall opens) each trip to my booths - continue to work safely (distance, mask, sanitize hands).  

A treat this week - I had four individual distance visits with friends this week (we used 12 feet and masks) to catch up on each other's current lives plus a lovely phone call catch up visit from another dear friend. 


Dear Friends

Keep safe



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