Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Round Up - June 2020

Gave myself the gift of time this month. I read my friends' posts, check out Instagram to see how family and friends are and then get to work. 

Village Antiques Mall opened up June 1st after 2 1/2 months of being closed (Covid) and I have worked many hours to get stock ready and into my booths there. 

The Mall followed the spacing, number, hand cleaning and masks rules, the direction to walk and the divided space for coming in and checking out.  30 people were allowed at any one time to shop. I haven't cleaned or dusted this month at my booth but I have added some great stock.

Gardening at home? Well, since it has rained a few days each week I didn't have to water. I also did not weed. DGS mowed the lawn two (or was it three times) this month and did a bit of weed-eating. I can see what needs to be done but I have not had the energy/time to take care of more than the basics.

Mostly I kept up the laundry, dishwasher and tidying, did meals, grocery shopping twice a week - with a list, quickly, wearing a mask and washing hands/cleaning hands before and after shopping and as soon as I got home. Washed fruit and vegetables.

Taxes were filed on time (with the extension thank goodness in place).

I have been writing up stock daily, packing and taking it over to my booths, arriving 9 am each morning and leaving for home at 9:55 before customers come into the Village Antiques Mall. I wear a mask when anyone is within sight. 

I tie all necessary shopping to after the stocking, Some days I am exhausted. Hand sanitize or wash multiple times each day, especially when leaving one place to head for another and repeat. Keep hand sanitizer in the car and use it frequently - when getting in, leaving, getting back in and repeat.

I suspect I am like many who have so much work that must be done, work that should be done and little energy/time left for much else. I notice I rest more in the afternoon, stay awake too late at night, wake up several times each night and feel tired most of the time.

I have been re-reading favourite books, sometimes listen to music, sometimes tell my brain that I will NOT think about what CAN happen if COVID starts the 2nd go round. 

My job is to follow the safety rules - keep distance, wear a mask, wash my hands and stay home if not feeling well. I also will not gather in small groups period. Keeping my family safe. Keep safe. 

Thanks, always, for visiting.

Keep safe.



Saturday, May 30, 2020

Week 11 Staying at Home Journal

May 23 - 29

My favourite roses

The 11th week of staying-at- home in BC. We are a very fortunate province - Dr. Bonnie Henry has kept us up with every statistic plus how people are doing, in a kind and factual way every day and she and Minister of Health Dix have been clear and concise in sharing the daily current information and answering the phone-in questions right after their updates regarding the Covid -19  pandemic as it has moved through our province. Distancing has been so essential. Staying at home has been so essential. Washing hands has been so essential. Do not touch your face. Wearing a non-medical mask when in public is strongly suggested, knowing that some cannot. The Federal updates are constantly shared, updated, current.

May 23 - Saturday

Slow start to the day - and finally I decided to weed and put the strawberry plants out.  There is a lot of tiding up needed around the raised beds but I decided it was not a priority for me.

I suspect they were very grateful to spread their roots.

May 24 - Sunday

A day like so many others, taking care of household business. Feeling tired. Stayed home. 

May 25 - Monday

Paper work and writing up stock took most of the day - it had to be done. Regular household jobs

May 26 - Tuesday

Seriously, more paperwork and finished it except for the final check which I will do in the morning.

May 27 - Wednesday

Today I took that paperwork to the person who does our filing. I thought I would feel relieved but I just felt tired and somewhat teary. 

I did pick up some groceries and a tart - very tart lemon, very old style. Nice. Also bought 2 more masks. The white one is easiest to wear for an extended time - it has no inside folded seam to rub the bridge of my nose, just a fold over and serger edge and then top stitching.

Wrote up stock off and on the rest of the day. Everything is packed and ready to go to VAM in the morning.

Did meals, laundry, dishwasher, the usual jobs.

May 28 - Thursday

Headed over to Village Antiques Mall with the bags and boxes of stock I am putting in today. The mall is opening to customers on June 1st. I have my hand cleaner, white mask, planned for a quick stocking and then leave short morning. Did talk to the mall owner to get caught up on what the changes will be (yes, from a distance). 

One picture to share after adding stock

The front of the store, changes:

A long framed plexiglass is attached in place in front of the cashier counter, a table that provides correct distance from the counter is set up for purchases to be placed, it is clearly set up where customers will wait on the specified distance while their choices are written up and wrapped. Staff have masks, face protection if they choose, hand cleaner and will be wiping down surfaces between customers. There is hand cleaner on the table for the customers (as well as an area outside the store for hand cleaning). Washrooms are closed (I noticed this in the grocery store across the street as well, so I am guessing this is a safety measure).

Back home:

Planted the rest of my vegetables this afternoon, hand watered twice. I think they are very relieved to be in the soil. The peas are blooming and a few peas have begun. The carrots are showing their orange so I covered them with more soil. I suspect I put the lettuce in too late.

May 29 - Friday

I had planned to go over to the mall and add more stock today but I could NOT find my florist wire (needed to attach an A to a B type idea).

Watered the small garden, did household stuff. The cherry tree is attracting racoons in the dark - last night after midnight I heard their 'cheeping' sound for quite some time.

Other than that, I did the usual home care work, meals, dishwasher, laundry and read a few chapters.

I also made myself a 'whatever is left in the fridge' supper - delicious. Added crushed tostitos, salsa, sour cream and stirred a few more times before serving (yes there were leftovers for tomorrow).

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep safe



Thursday, May 28, 2020

May Thrifted Finds From Many Years Ago

The Peonies have starting sharing their perfume and wide open beauty this week.

Still in the stay-at-home time of life with thrift stores closed, no garage sales and collectibles stores closed (since mid-March) till now (or later). 

To reopen each store has to prepare their business according to the rules for safety and many businesses are opening with care and only a few customers allowed at a time in the store. 

There is a modified 'opening' at Village Antiques Mall planned for June 1st. The number of people including staff that will be in the building will be no more than 40 at a time and the rules for all stores will be followed (direction, spacing, plexiglass between cashier and customers, hand sanitizing, with masks suggested). 

I moved stock up from my big storeroom and have been writing up stock and getting things ready to take in today (many of the dealers at Village Antiques Mall have been there, working this past week, adding stock, cleaning their spaces etc.).

When I go to Village Antiques Mall I will wear a mask, stay away from others who are in the store, use my hand cleaner and work quickly putting in stock then leave, clean my hands again. No visiting. No checking other booths in the mall. It will feel very different.

So, what do I have to share for May 2020's Thrifted Finds?

Some sorting of my collectibles upstairs happened and a few pieces of metal, a book and a ceramic cat decided to drop in and show off. No dust removal, just as they were. They have been living together for a very long time on a shelf that is backed by a vintage linen table cloth curtain.

What is not to love about the cast iron bulldog.

New from Hudson Bay in early 1975, 
a ceramic bookends cat.

Book : Radio for the Millions

Touring car with a few missing parts.

Cast iron clamp

Stanley No. 12

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Stay Safe



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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Week 10 Staying at Home Journal

May 16 - 22

Victoria Day Long Weekend 16th - 18th

May 16 - Saturday

Rain, not heavy just light and ongoing. Planted more flowers in the front planters. Working outside in the light rain was soothing.

Added another red geranium and a dark pink petunia in the back row.

I cleaned out the square planter beside the driveway and added a white daisy plant and seven zinnia.

Cleaned a great deal of green moss and weeds around this area - wet weeds are so much easier to remove.

May 17 - Sunday

Didn't do much, had to pick up a RX and a few groceries. Did laundry, dishwasher, meals, made coffee, planted a couple of vegetables, put the bedding plants out on the deck, watered them, brought them in at dusk. Just the normal sort of a very quiet day. 

The Iris have started to bloom.

May 18 - Monday

Happy Birthday Gail

First blossoms on the lilac DGS planted last June. 

Basically, same routines as yesterday minus going out.

The weather forecast sunshine but we have clouds, a bit of sun now and then, 22 degree C. I have rested quite a bit today. I know I have to get the next paperwork done and today has to be the day to begin.

May 19 - Tuesday

After the long weekend the Doctor's answering machine remained full and no messages could be left so decided to drive over to Emergency  and was seen by the Doctor and a great Nurse. Got the help needed.

May 20 - Wednesday

Peony buds are currently supporting some hungry ants.

Went to Bruce's Market for groceries and bought a locally made flowered fabric face mask. Why not! The sliders for fitting to ears are great. Inspiration to use fabric on hand to learn more from this mask. Face Masks are now 'recommended' in Canada when out in public areas. Wearing one with glasses sure does fog the lenses. I wear one when outside of our home.

May 21 - Thursday

Heavy rain, some hail. Got wet changing drivers plus the distance from the van to the front door.

First Peony has started to open.

New post out today After the 3rd (this week) hospital trip (not for me) I drove DS to Mission so he could pick up the truck (repairs finished) and drive it home. I do not enjoy driving in heavy traffic. I did a lot of driving today and it was wearing. Groceries, regular jobs around the house.

May 22 - Friday

The week had the 'where did all the time go' feel. I was exhausted and read one book, started another, made meals, did laundry, dishwasher, bedding plants out and back in. Turn the heat on. Rested, didn't finish any paperwork. Last day for hospital trip.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep safe



Thursday, May 21, 2020

Cleaning Tops of Kitchen Cabinets

A great idea from Living Rich on the Cheap last week - after cleaning her cupboard tops, she covered her the tops with newspaper before returning her collections. 

So, my before's . . .

Lots of great collectibles on my flat surfaces.

May be a good time for me to think about thinning out some collectibles.

Shelf # 1

First - the dust and webs

Then the (pictures bottom to top) dried out bugs in Medalta bowl, everything washed and then, returned to top of cupboard.

At least next time I clean I will have the date of the last cleaning on the newspapers.

Ran out of time/energy this week to finish all the cupboard tops, didn't get any further with the cleaning, but you get the idea. 

The garden flowers are continuing their sharing - spring flowers have such a lovely progression. Dessert was delicious too.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Stay Safe



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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Week 9 Staying Home Journal

May 9 - 15th

May 9th - Saturday

Front yard has been tidied, the grass is short, edges are clean, dead branches on the tallest rose bush have been removed, everything looks wonderful - this was my early birthday present from our dear friend Val.

Bluebells and Cornflowers are abundant, the pink geranium has begun its job of sharing blossoms.

Roses are announcing their treasures, one bud on Saturday and now...

May 10th - Sunday - Mother's Day

5 dark reds to white buds, such delicious smelling roses are almost ready to share their glory.

The roses below were from my Mom's funeral in 2013 - I was in the hospital and couldn't be there but my Sister brought over the bouquet and I made it part of a memory vignette. Today, remembering the best memories of my Mom. Yes, a few tears too.

DGS shopped online and wrapped his Mother's Day gift way more than a week ago and and made sure he took it home to his Mom's last Sunday. Sugar was involved as was something foamy for a relaxing bath. 

May 11th - Monday  

Grocery day. I seemed to let the morning float past today. It was late evening when I moved my recycling bags from the house to the curb.

May 12th - Tuesday

Another day floated past. Small necessary jobs were done and I made a late evening pleated mask.

May 13th - Wednesday

I had my first on-line visual doctor's appointment today. I now have a small list that takes a great deal of time - stuff I need to do/make happen before my next (maybe in person) in 3 months. 

DH walked past my kitchen work station this evening and said "this is one of your favourite vignettes" and it was! 

Computer - writing this post, Sewing Machine  - from sewing a pleated mask on Tuesday, Iron - ditto. 2 phones (holding my cell to take the photo). Piles of paper I am working on, a few collectibles in a tray and under the table plus a cup of coffee.

May 14th - Thursday

Paperwork all afternoon and then I couldn't find the file holding the balance of the work I needed to finish. Decided that I would try to finish tomorrow.

May 15th - Friday

and ...I found the folder this morning in 'another pile of folders' in the living room.

Friday at 3:48 pm (the office closes at 4 pm) I was outside the entry to the office building with my thick file of work in an envelope addressed to the person who works in another town. 

Phoned the office (following directions on the door), was told the procedure to follow which was stay where I was outside and the very helpful lady opened the front door. We kept our distance.  As I handed her the thick envelope with the paperwork, she put a receipt on the envelope, I picked it up, she took the envelope, I thanked her and left. So very glad I finished that job. 

First oriental poppy bloom this year.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Stay Safe



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