Saturday, February 27, 2021

Happy Birthday Son

February had rain, snow, rain, sort of snow, a bit of hail and sunshine. Snowdrops. The first crocus. Coastal green grass and the poking tips of the spring the flowers to come.

February 27th.  Remembering back to birth of Dear Son. Remembering second hand maternity clothes and working until the day before he was born. Remembering all the years that have passed.

So, February 27th - and Son's 42nd birthday has arrived. A gift was chosen by him and kept out of sight when it arrived (as per his request).  Menu picked, dessert ordered. Bubble family gathering.

A year ago on his birthday he was in ICU and recovering.

and then ... Covid -19 became a word and worry and by March 17th non essential stores closed down and the store shelves were becoming bare. So many changes in the past year. Different ways to shop, businesses figuring out how to make things work. On line doctor appointments.  

This year, January was a month we will not forget.  

We can go forward keeping the guidelines to be safe, be kind, isolate as much as possible, wear a mask when out of our homes and do not gather at this time.  

Orange tulips and yellow daffodils from my favourite grocery store, went well with the birthday cake.

I find that people who return my hello or hi or wave as they walk by bring quick tears. We all keep our distance and wear our masks. After getting permission I pet their dogs that are out leash-walking with their owners.  Quick visits outside, keeping careful distance is becoming almost normal.

Hugs Friends


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Another Visit to My Booths

I enjoyed visiting Granny Sue's mall posts on her updates this month and decided to share another booth update too. 

Front area of my booths

 ... mixture of collectibles cupboards

collage from various shelves

a peek on the left side, upper booth

a collage of four other areas

I am grateful that blogger friends share how they have been getting through each day during the pandemic. It helps.

Hugs and Keep Safe


Saturday, January 9, 2021

A Visit to My Booths

Today - Sunshine after the fog lifted. When I left for the mall the fog was thick and visibility was about 2 car lengths. As I drove over the bridge I could see a panorama of the tops of evergreen trees resting on an immense soft dense pillow of fog. I would have loved to have taken a picture.

Memories of ...

Books changed ...

Adding ...

Vintage hen on a basket and a corked jug

Still more to learn about using the replacement for PicMonkey (old) for the new PicMonkey. Keeping practicing.

My thoughts are with you.


Friday, January 1, 2021

Welcome 2021

Welcome 2021

2020 was ...

A year we could not have imagined

A year that will not be forgotten

Changes for all

Finding ways to change our way of doing, of thinking, of cooperating, of keeping safe, following rules that keep others safe.

Keep Safe

Thank you to the many, many, many thousands of workers who helped us get through 2020

2021 begins with HOPE

Vaccines have begun, those who care and listen DO wear masks, DO wash their hands and sanitize frequently, DO stay home and NOT gather in groups, DO keep in their bubble, DO their part to keep others SAFE to help curb the pandemic,

Hugs and Love

Thursday, December 31, 2020

December 31st Visit to My Booths

I have enjoyed my 'short' visits to stock, clean, re-arrange at my booths. Today was the 'last' day for December and I used my time to add a few nice pieces and remove Christmas stock.

First were two large plaster wall plaques of Heron.

Next - a large jar of vintage motel/hotel keys.

A lovely box of silverware - Nobility in original case

(before I took it to my booth)

Next, a red tool box added to the various tools, books, bits and pieces.

Finally, an antique dresser that took many hours of repairing and I was so happy that DH and DGS worked on it - all I did was wax the top. I didn't take it over today - we brought it over last week when it wasn't raining. Takes two to haul and install.

Happy New Year


Sunday, December 6, 2020

Christmas Lights Close To Home

Early Christmas Lights - uplifting.

Walked down the slippery street last night and enjoyed the sparkle of the frozen sidewalks and the cheerful lights on our street.

Watched a dad decorating and adding more decorations during this past week.

Moon and lights. 

Lots of giant decorations too.

Peaceful lights

This December sharing Christmas lights on our street seems just right.

Hugs Friends.


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