Thursday, July 19, 2018

A Duck and Summer Maintenance

I don't have any chickens so I thought I would paint a wooden duck this week. It is another OPEN - CLOSED sign.

After trying the Open/Closed on the natural finished duck I tried again - this time painting the duck in white and adding Open/Closed in black.

Wooden deck

Prep done for back wooden deck. Washed, squished cherries cleaned up. Dry rot. Wait. Dry rot.

Well, here is the before and after (so you know that one board has been removed and replaced with a new, painted board). DH did this job. The nails were 4 inches long and rusted right in. Used various saws, pry bars, and a lot of muscle to get that board OUT. The replacement board was cut to size, painted, screw placement holes pre-drilled (measured where the rafters were from the board that was removed).

Fortunately the rafters are ok. Checked.

Couldn't resist making a collage (but you can skip it if you don't like sequence of repair pictures.

The deck boards have been painted once and will get another coat AFTER I remove the rest of the 'stuff' from the rest of the deck.

Here is the deck LAST YEAR after it was cleaned, repaired and painted. (this year  another coat of deck paint needs be added and the white rails will also be painted.


Pink and pinkish flowers that are sharing blossoms right now ...

I weed-eated the rather overgrown weeds and vines and grass in my small garden area on Tuesday. 

Cut back the grape vines. Cut back the rose with the HUGE thorns considerably since the flowers were over (plus it jagged me several times every time I went out to pick Kale for my morning smoothie). More work to be done (always). Trimmed apple tree, ornamental cheery tree, the bush the dogs have their 'dens' dug under and anything else I could find that needed to be tidied.

Filled 4 large brown paper garden waste bags.

Tripped over a vine covered wire plant wire support so pulled them all to one area to clean and put away safely, a job on my 'to do' list.

I was watching Peaches Thursday afternoon (she hurt her leg and needed to wear a 'cone' unless she was in sight and NOT touching her leg). 

I followed her around, with my plastic chair and clippers and small tree saw for two hours and trimmed branches, pulled weeds, picked up sticks and branches, raked grass I had weed-eated earlier, just kept very busy while Peaches had a peaceful time in the backyard checking out every spot twice, every pile of dirt that the moles made, as well as rested in her favorite spots, all without touching her sore leg.

Another garden picture below.

So far 10 brown bags (6 from front yard work) are ready to go to the plant/recycle into soil area at the Municipal Dump.

Kale is tender. Beans have flowered and are forming beans. Tomatoes are green (I planted them too close together). Grapes are getting bigger.

Other back yard work

We had a 15 foot long, dead branch, removed from the giant cherry tree - dented the ground when it landed. Guy who did the work was great - he had a heavy 30 foot pole with a battery operated motor at one end and a small chain saw at the other end - he had that branch down and ground to chips and was gone less than half an hour. No pictures since I wasn't home to watch.

Front Yard

Roses are 'mostly' blooming, June was really 'their' month.

Hydrangea is wonderful. Fern is thriving. Planters are doing well.

Sidewalk and driveway widening finished.

Back Yard

Much more to do, but I am out there weeding and clipping and raking and weed-eating (instead of mowing) because the grass got SO long !!!

Duck signs - a bit of fun. 

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Short Paver Sidewalk Part 1

July this week, on the B.C West Coast, has included rain, sunshine, cloudy days and rain. We are fortunate.

What am I doing? Well, with the significant help of my friend Val, plants and grass are being removed and the extra plants (with a Free Help Yourself sign by the sidewalk edge) will hopefully find them new homes.  

(p.s. Wednesday evening as I was bagging the pile of weeds and grass a couple walked by, wanted to know what the plants were, I told them and together they hauled away about 15 pounds of plants that were in a clump).

Monday Morning

Val is making new path to join the curved sidewalk to the driveway on this short piece of grass, 3 hours of hard work Monday.

24" square cement pavers with rough pebble tops were purchased. Grass and some flowering plants were removed.

On Tuesday the rain was just too 'wet', and after an hour the digging was stopped for the day. I put a rubber mat down on the exposed dirt (which became a bit muddy) in case anyone needed to walk through to the curved sidewalk area.

Wednesday morning - back to work.

Instead of walking across the small amount of lawn to get to the sidewalk from the car the pavers will be the path between the vehicle door and the curved sidewalk.

This is just the beginning of the new  walkway work, so many more hours to go before the project is finished.

View from driveway side.


Wednesday evening:
My share of the work? Picking up supplies (ok I had total help with those very heavy pavers). Another job is 'find and bring'.

I do clean up - sitting down on a chair while bagging weeds, grass and clumps of flowering plants while separating soil from grass clods and weeds. I raked over the cleared pile of plant/soil. DGS hauled the filled garden recyclable paper bags out of the way.

Thursday Morning

A view from the driveway toward the newly laid 12x12" pavers and yesterday's 24x24" pavers with sand added.

Here is Friday morning's work on this small area of our small front yard. Every day the area becomes more useful and will also take less future care.

Gravel with gardening cloth barrier underneath was placed to surround the Peony plant - and will also keep the weeds at bay.

Saturday (photo after the sun went down) morning work.Already parking on the newly added pavers beside the driveway - and the new sidewalk that meets the curved sidewalk is flat, even, and very convenient for unloading. The gravel now expands around the orange lilies.


More to come another day

Hydrangea in all its glory this week.

Changed my plan for posting more about the sidewalk next Thursday as Val finished the wider parking and walking path today (Monday July 16th. Happy dance!!!


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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Vintage Laundry Decorations

It has been some time since I made a new sign (April).

Really ?

It is now July.

Today my theme is Laundry.

This large paper label was on the underside of a vintage folding ironing board that has been languishing in my shed.

Two vintage wooden LAUNDRY related pieces on the deck today (in the morning sunshine) - vintage folding drying rack and ironing board.

Underside of the wooden ironing board.


The vintage wooden laundry tools are the lead-in to making a stenciled Laundry Sign.


Ordered the Laundry stencil in April from Mudderitaville and hung it up with all the other stencils.
Base painted several boards in April and then tax season and catching up on paperwork for 2018 became BIG and my creative time was usurped. 

This week - time !

I started by laying the stencil on painted board, measuring so that it was centered on both sides and top and bottom. Taped the corners and began.

Here is a previous post on 'how to stencil'.


It is a good idea to clean up right after finishing - wash the brushes/dry, put supplies away.

Cleaning stencils after use:

This paragraph is from an earlier post:

Clean the used stencil with warm water, spray cleaner, gentle fingers, soft scrubber if necessary, rinse very well and many times. Gentle is good. Some of the stencil letter joins are very thin and care must be taken not to bend or break these joins. I recommend keeping your eyes on your fingers when cleaning.

Sort  Wash  Dry



and Repeat

Wooden drying rack beside the ironing board, sad irons and tea towels.

You can check my previous Tutorial Making a Stencil for a Laundry Sign.

I visited my sister in June -  she made a bouquet of her garden flowers to share with a neighbour - and I wanted to share their beauty with you too.


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