Thursday, June 21, 2018

June Thrift Polish Share

Treasure hunting for thrifted finds - June was rich with vintage kitchenware (always my favorites).

The games decorated heavy tin tray was nice extra addition to the kitchenware as was the pottery vase with the raised bird and poinsettia.

A teapot that had served tea to the owner for decades came to me via a downsizing into a care facility. Hardwood carved salmon and duck, a brass squirrel and a lustre plate complete this group.

I wanted to share the inside of the teapot, no cracks or chips, just lots of wear, a treasure.

Below a Kimberly Poloson design Grand Salon tin sign, small faux Paris dress form, a framed print Paris and a small white fairy ornament.

Next a pretty collection of little resin fairy figures.

Can not leave out the metal cash box and vintage tool box, a heavy dart board, a cast iron bird finial on a napkin/letter holder and dear Diesel who loves attention and likes to hang around the action.


One week early with my thrifted finds - my blogging friend Linda suggested having a month long birthday celebration - so I am visiting my sister for a few days!

And ... we went to several thrift venues. More brass candle sticks, two well worn lanterns plus a metal, rusted teapot that would be a great flower holder.

A few more finds - rolling pins, a 3 light brass candle holder, pastry blender, thumb scoop and a vintage English Brown Betty teapot with mottled turquoise and tan bands that went well with the turquoise candle holder.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Birthday 2018

June Birthday - a time to reflect, to have a few treats, to think ahead
  Posting a few days late

Family dinner and cake on my birthday earlier this month

Card and parcel in the mail from my dear Sister Gail (vintage wooden spools)and a great phone visit too

Catch-up and birthday greetings email from my Brother Rob 

A lovely bouquet from my friend Val this week

Lunch out with my friend Judy - yes we had cake too

Taking a 'week off' for my birthday (thus this short post)

Wishing my Brother Rob Happy Birthday June 17th


Hugs Friends


I looked back in time and found I had written birthday posts since 2011: June 2/11 post, June 1/12 post, June 2/13 post, June 2/14 post, June 2/15 post, June 2/16 post

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Garden - Small Space Hard Work

Garden 2018

Finally getting started! 

Project: Step 1

"clean out all the grass and weeds from the two raised garden beds".

The perennials in bed 2 were removed and potted for 'further consideration'.

Not a fun job, often sat on a stool and used a weed puller to get the weeds out and a garden fork to loosen them first. Paper bagged weeds (dandelion, buttercups, long !! grass roots etc.) Later took the bags to the green garbage depot.

I am not a 'fast garden clean out the weeds' person at this time of life so it took a few days of short work times.

Project: Step 2

I picked up my plants from the Laity Farm Plant sale on their last day (20% off) so the poor plants not only had to wait while I cleaned out the garden beds but had been waiting to be sold for a whole month.

Once the beds were cleaned out I divided the following bags of 'soil' to top up the beds.

16 bags of garden soil (6 lbs each)
4 bags of organic soil
4 (35 lb each) of 'sea soil

Bed # 1 (with Peaches helping) had soil mixed and planted.

Planted 16 kale and 8 yellow pole beans in the first bed. Still have carrots and runner beans to plant in bed # 1.

Bed # 2 was not quite as tidy. Two (side/end) board were mostly 'rotted' and they needed replacement sides.

Since nothing is simple I decided to plant the tomatoes after adding/mixing the additional soil but not go close to the edges of the raised bed area so that the repairs won't affect the plants.

I added fertilizer and individually hand watered the plants.

Phase 1 mostly finished.

Here is an updated picture of the front planter boxes.

Thanks for visiting. Gardening is not getting easier but since my average daily steps (walking) have increased each year I find I have better tolerance 'getting work done' - slower perhaps, but it is getting done. I pace the jobs, rest when I should and drink enough water most of the time.

When this area is tidy I need to put up the 'keep the dogs out of the garden' fence again.

p.s. - the 'grand'dogs both came over last night and had a VERY good look at the planted vegetables. So far they haven't added their own dug up dirt holes but I am very suspicious of their nighttime activities.

Thank you for visiting today. Always a pleasure to visit your blogs too. 


Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Thrift Polish Share

Thrifting Roundup for May
(Before and After Project at bottom of this post)

Pinks and Red and very retro kitchen finds.


Rarely do I find a knob end well aged rolling pin - this one was in the 'vintage' section of the the thrift store and so was priced 'up'. Couldn't resist. The ironstone jug has no mark but it does have wear on the bottom. Pyrex fridge dishes, wooden spoons and small copper molds against the background of old plywood from a carpenters shop.

A 'not a stencil' sign - love the slant on the letters (no I didn't make it). The gauge and flash attachment along with a 'what is this?' brass stem and another evening picture of that old clock.


A snapshot of working on the some of the work sequence as a re-seller of vintage collectibles -  research after cleaning then pricing, tagging and packing ready for putting into my booths.

The rose chintz teapot and matching cup/saucer and teaplate are by Sadler. The basket is from Italy and the tin sign is advertising hot chocolate.

1980's red grid on white with red lid Flour and Sugar canisters joined in with the kitchenware in my booths.

More great old kitchen ware.

A large seafood serving dish with its own lidded sauce container in lovely mid-century turquoise as well as a tree light candle holder, a metal wire letter/napkin holder on a well worn and vintage table runner.

Another sign I didn't make - well done. Chintz platter, a Nabob 2 cup teapot, two silver plated salad servers and an English mug.

Project this week

Hemp Oil on Old Cutting Board (and a not so old wooden spoon)


Hemp Oil
small jar to hold a small amount of hemp oil
polishing cloth


Brush Hemp on on the wooden spoon and cutting board (all edges/sides)

Let it dry 

Wipe well with tight weave clean cloth to give a bit of sheen 

Finished project: 

Thank you for visiting today.


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