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Blogs That Focus on How to and Identification of:

'Daily Read' Blogs

Cozy Little House         
Canadian Bloggers

Six Balloons (Vanc. area)
Pondside (Vanc. Island Victoria area, Wittys Beach)

Bloggers Who Have Booths In Antique Malls:

Scavenger Hunt (Antique Space)

Mid Century Modern

AtomicUncle (Mid Century Modern)

Pre 20's Blog Writers:

The Legends of Aeternus (by a 16 year old girl writer 2013 - Natalie)

Henrietta and Clementine (Daisy Sue, 14 in 2013)

This site had malware and it is a favorite so a non active link: to domestically speaking power of paint party

not Active:
Freckled Laundry (Aug 2013 last post)
Homemaker On a Dime (Oct 2103 last post)
Alderberry Hill (Dec 1, 2013)
Homestead on the Hill (Dec 2013)
Living Simply Free (Feb 25/14)

Off the Grid Bloggers and Farm Type Blogs

American Family Now 
Rural Living Today 
The Homesteader Kitchen
Green Eggs and Ham

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