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Blogs That Focus on How to and Identification of:

'Daily Read' Blogs

Cozy Little House         

A Life With Repurpose
Canadian Bloggers

Six Balloons (Vanc. area)
Pondside (Vanc. Island Victoria area, Wittys Beach)

Bloggers Who Have Booths In Antique Malls:

Scavenger Hunt (Antique Space)

Mid Century Modern

AtomicUncle (Mid Century Modern)

Pre 20's Blog Writers:

The Legends of Aeternus (by a 16 year old girl writer 2013 - Natalie)

Henrietta and Clementine (Daisy Sue, 14 in 2013)

This site had malware and it is a favorite so a non active link: to domestically speaking power of paint party

Aug4/14 also My Repurposed Life (malware)

not Active:
Brambleberry Cottage (Sept 2014
Freckled Laundry (Aug 2013 last post)
Homemaker On a Dime (Oct 2103 last post)
Alderberry Hill (Dec 1, 2013)
Homestead on the Hill (Dec 2013)
Living Simply Free (Feb 25/14)
Living My High Heeled Life (July 29/14)
Young House Love (Oct 9/14)

Off the Grid Bloggers and Farm Type Blogs

American Family Now 
Rural Living Today 
The Homesteader Kitchen
Green Eggs and Ham

Supply Web Sites for mailing, lables, tags, shrinkwrap etc

Uline Canada Catalogue

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