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I have 3 Booths at Village Antiques Mall, Fort Langley, BC. 

Second Blog is: Village Antiques Mall Blog.

An ever expanding collection of unusual and vintage items 
started my small business in a beautiful space in an antiques and collectibles mall in 1994 at 
Village Antiques Mall in Fort Langley, BC. 
My booth spaces are called "A Vintage Green". 

I lean towards vintage kitchen, china, treen and tin, mid century modern
and lately, making stencilling signs and vignettes from my own vintage collections.

I am a cancer survivor, 3 years to (March 1st 2016) Learned a lot about cutting back, focusing on what needs to be done, taking care of business, taking care of self.

I had no idea when a person says they have reached one year (or many many years) as a cancer survivor so I picked the date of my first operation. I checked with my oncologist in June 2014 and he said that was the correct way to date the year(s).

Its now June 2016 and I can say (on March 1st) that I was a 3 year cancer survivor. I began to notice an energy gain in September of 2014. Also, I noticed in October that I was growing more hair on the top of my head and as of January 31/15 I had several areas with 2 1/2" of hair to mix in with the 7-8 " lengths. That cheered me up because it is tough to have a lot of head skin showing through the hair. I am just very grateful to have hair and I am treasuring it.

By August 2015 I decided to get my hair styled. Would have liked some eyebrows to grow again but ... really glad to have hair back. Learned that the radiation had something to do as well with non returning eyebrows.

Contact Info:
ecmcollectibles  at  yahoo dot com

A Vintage Green
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