Thursday, October 12, 2017

Waiting for ...

While on my short 'blogging break' I decided to take my computers in to Apple to get the systems backed up. The Genius staff are so good at their jobs and very kind as well.

They did a great job - and - my laptop needed the screen replaced (on its LAST day of the warranty - WOW),  my iPhone has a faulty logic board and ...

while those repairs are in progress I am figuring out how to do what I have been doing with those two great tools for blogging BUT using my iMac (which I also took in and had the drive wiped - yes I did back up everything plus double backed up the 4500+ photos on a new drive). They installed the new system  (and then I had to work on remembering the how to do stuff for adding BACK the software etc.)

Laptop is still in for repair, iPhone replacement arrived but I haven't opened the box - I am taking it in to Apple to see what they can save (7022 photos   - oh dear). 

(Friday note: I installed Google Photos on iPhone (to back up those photos) and iMac.)

Be back soon, and I am reading your posts to keep up with your lives.

Dave and Sally are blessed with a Grandson !



  1. I would also install Google Photos. You can configure it to backup your photos so you'll have redundancy.
    I also recommend that you buy a backup drive and attach it to your iMac. That way you can tell Time Machine to backup your computer every few minutes. It's a lifesaver.
    Good luck with your newly repaired equipment.

    1. Thanks Rick - took your good idea and added Google Photos to the phone and ran it - seems to have backed up all those photos. Now I have to learn more about Google Photos.

  2. Agree with having a backup drive, but don't leave it connected to your computer. Friend of mine did that and got a virus ransomware that shut down both the computer and the backup drive. I connect mine monthly and do a full backup, then disconnect it. Flickr is also a good site for photo storage and it is cloud based.

  3. wow lots of technologies going on with you. I need a new computer and help with it also

  4. Whoa! That's a BIG job you've undertaken. When my husband wants to do anything to our system computers (we each have our own), I always let him go first. My timing always has to be after year-end (taxes) are finished, so I won't self-implode in the event of issues. Glad yours is going what sounds like a smooth transition. I use Microsoft's OneDrive for document and photo storage, but being a Mac user, I doubt you will want that. ;)

  5. Technology can be terrific and frustrating all at the same time. Glad you are getting it all sorted out Joy. Take good care.


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