Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Dog Ran Through My Tulips

When DS and his little friend A. were 3 they beheaded all my tulips with their "I have the PowerHe-Man" swords. Wish I would have taken pictures on that day.

This week D Dog ran through and over the tulips in his never ending quest for being somewhere else. Delicate stems. At least I could rescue and enjoy them in the house.

Not much difference I think, except it doesn't bother me the way it did when I was younger.

Its almost May, where is the time going?

I did work on a painting project this week. I painted four ordinary frames with CeCe Caldwell Chalk Clay paint in Santa Fe Turquoise and finished with clear wax.

I collect frames from thrifts and garage sales, remove any contents, sand and repair if necessary and then occasionally do a 'group of frames' project. They are handy for grouping 3-D collections.

I am in love with pretty right now. Love the spring greening and flowers, the sunshine, green mossy grass, softer rains. First back yard mow on Sunday.

Happy Birthday DH.

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See you again on Monday.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Embrace The Eclectic 3 Vintage and Rusty

Totally love the title - it describes what so many of us do every week while out garage sale - ing,  flea - ing, thrift - ing. This month my eclectic find is rusty junk in the back yard.

Maybe I should be worried, because all of this great junk is still in my possession.

a worn and rusty two handled logging saw (?), one handle missing
a great Turquoise Rocket metal wagon, rusted
old golf clubs, vintage sewing basket and a piece of driftwood
can't remember 'what it is' but I love the metal/wood mix and the inventive construction, edge of an old egg carrying box and the worn corner of a window

a pile of great junk, nails I left out in the rain a rusty shovel and a pile of hinges and junk with rust
a great score of oil containers and relanted junk
one of several boxes of vintage dusty sealers 
rusty grater, inside of a tin box and a close up of an old typewriter complete with spider webs and stuff

I feel totally rich with this great collection of junk.

Embrace the Eclectic Series: #1 Stanley Universal,  #2 Vintage Doorknobs

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