Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 2015 Thrifted Two

Many of you know that I am a reseller of thrifted and refurbished. Blogging friends Sue of Granny Sue and Ed of Renaissance Geek and Linda of Coastal Charm and Donna of Distressed Donna Down Home and so many more bloggers live similarly themed busy lives while they carry on with their everyday life. 

I enjoyed Rita of Panoply's post Sunday where she and her sister totally redid their 3 booths. Booth owners/resellers can always learn something new or useful or inspiring from others who share.

I don't know what the pretty red glass ball is called but it makes a lovely accessory. Update - red gazing ball. Thanks friends.

There have been some very pretty things to find this month. My favourite may be the roses transfer ware Chippendale Johnson Bros dishes. I kept the ones with chips and stains for my own use and the best pieces went into my booth.

I was out with my son and found two signs, the LOVE sign below is on a piece of old siding (with layers of old colour). I would love to find similar pieces of wood.

Found a LODGE sign in an arrow shape at the same place.

The brass cowboy and steer and the large Coffee Hound are great vintage collectibles. The clock is a nice mid century piece.

More brass cowboy, horse and steer closeups. I was thinking this might have been a key/change tray, there is no indication that it was an ashtray. The wooden base has worn felt on the bottom and the paint is worn away in some areas. The pieces were a bit loose and are bolted onto the base and the only way to tighten them was with a very thin needle nose plier to turn the bolts.

Blue Mountain Pottery, which closed its doors on December 31, 2004 is still popular and always nice to find. These pieces are blue and black but BMP also comes in yellow/brown and red/black. Check the web site above for more colour information.The silver coloured candle holder has an elegant shape.

I often feel like I am writing a show and tell post when I share thrifted finds. Then I remember Donna and Sue and Linda and ... how much I enjoy seeing what they have found.

Thank you for visiting.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thrifted and Stencilled

What could be better than a folding bistro table and two chairs in the garden?  Garage sale find. This set is in a somewhat longer view of my Sunday flower post here.

I have been collecting cutting boards for awhile and, after buying Donna of Funky Junk Interiors' stencils, I have been practicing and learning. 

My previous stencil posts are here and here.

I stencilled three more cutting boards. I learn something new each time I use a stencil. MUST remember to use VERY little paint on the sponge. 

I was studying Betsy's of My Salvaged Treasures stencillng here and love her creativity in adjusting the stencil lettering to make a NEW word. 

Learned that paint mistakes can be washed off a cutting board right away and if the paint is mostly dry a sharp knife and a steady hand can clean up some of the bleed through on words. 

I also used long making tape on the cutting board tight to the COFFEE word (below) and that gave me cleaner edges and coloured guidelines under the stencil.

Garden rakes? 

Found 4 this month - so many uses for these vintage rake heads.  Just check Pinterest. I typed rake ideas in the search box and WOW, hundreds of great ideas.

What else?

Rusty tool boxes. Love them. Great storage.

Here are two very small toy kitchen accessories - cutlery holders.

One little tray fits on my hand. Small lion cookie cutter, a spoon, a fork and a plastic tiny spoon were included too.

Spring has so many wonderful church and garage sales and the quest for finding great vintage stuff is a continuing incentive for getting up EARLY on Saturday mornings.

Thank you for visiting. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Just Visiting A Friend

Brenda and Debra and Sally and Claudia and Sue and Judy and Eddie and Lorraine and Linda and Judith and so many many more of my blogging friends write posts about what is happening in their lives. 

I mustn't forget DaveJildaRueDonnaAudreyCathy, Denise, Rob, LindaGail, LaVoice, Rick, Linda, Donna and many many more blogging friends that I visit whenever they post.

Blogging conversations with old friends. Making and reading comments on a friend's post about their favourite collectibles, beloved pupsters or their garden or the new colours they are trying out or what they have found while out thrifting or what they repaired and painted or how their booths look or tough stuff in their lives. 

Sharing sweet times with beloved children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews, family. 

Sometimes it is big stuff like reno of a room or making a new garden or moving or weather that makes life less comfortable.

It could be talking about dealing with taking care of very senior parents, personal health and life changes, some of the tough stuff that happens in our lives.

Today I took pictures of May blossoms in my garden; peonies, roses, oriental and iceland poppies and iris. Waiting in anticipation for the dahlia and hydrangea bounties to come.

Monday - it is my Sister's Birthday. 
Happy Birthday Gail.

It has been a year of hard work 
(sometimes not of our own choosing)
mixed and stirred into our regular lives.

Thank you for visiting.

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