Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 2015 Thrifted Finds

January did not have any garage sales. Went to  one flea market, went to the thrift stores several times. A friend brought over the 7-Up signs and the  two MUKMUK.

A special January double rainbow to share.

Fenton, Bunnikins and Vintage Japan Pink Ashtray

ECD Edmonton Cream Bottle, painted ducks, metal bird garden ornament

Vintage 7-up Store signs - door push and thermometer

and 2 cute little MUKMUK

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Heap of Change Week 2

Moving on to the kitchen... which is also my office and my workshop. 

Found this primitive embroidery picture awhile ago, I'm thinking about what plants I want in the garden this year so it is a sweet reminder.

Heap of Change Week 2

Donna of Funky Junk Interiors created a new Thursday link up for bloggers and blog readers who don't blog who wanted to participate in Heap of Change. This involves decluttering, making spaces work for you, finding homes for the things we use and keep, getting rid of things we don't use or need. My first Heap of Change was a very big job. 

This week the job is a big time hog too. I picked the next most visible, irritating and always messed up space in my home - the kitchen.

In March 2012 I posted my finished kitchen. I loved it.

Then life took over, time passed and the kitchen became VERY lived in. Below is a mostly current look of the wall I am working on this week (the paper that needed sorting and storing or shredding) pile was higher when I started to sort/file/discard before the decluttering started. 

There was so much work to do in the kitchen that I decided to start at one end wall and work my way around the room and yes I picked the easiest job first, decluttering the shelf and the cupboard over the shelf 

First job was clearing out-of-date over-the-counter and RX containers from the cupboard. Two grocery bags to take to the pharmacy (Canada) for disposal. While there I learned that they prefer just the contents and not the containers. Next time I will know. I set up my 2015 calendar and cleaned the bulletin board when January was brand new. Nice to see clean and tidy for awhile.

The shelf above is the replacement for the sweet desk that was in its place. 

Finding easy to see and use storage for pyrex and cooking pots lead to adding an open shelf to the kitchen. Not elegant but very handy, saves time.

The 'mantle' top of the shelf needed a seasonal change too. 

Next up is the 'before' of the welsh dresser.

Below is the 'after' picture of the welsh dresser, pot and pyrex shelf, faux mantle and wall cupboard. It was very sunny this morning so the pots have a wonderful glow.

I have my Mom's Royal Albert American Beauty Tea Set. For now this is where I am keeping it. Next shelf has a vintage chintz partial tea set from an antiques store bought this past summer. I'm ok with it living here for now. I moved the many pieces of china and glass from the flat surface of the dresser into the base cupboard.

The base of the welsh dresser will be getting further repurposing.

For now tea towels are in the drawer, big pots, serving dishes and pieces I use for decorating are on the shelves inside the cupboard, vases on the top shelf. This was the easier part of the heap of change I am working on.

Back to the piles and boxes that need to find new homes.

The constantly recurring problem for me as reseller of collectibles is the boxes of 'stock' and 'stuff' that block access to the tea towel drawer, the cupboard and the open area in the kitchen. Trip hazard. Constant messy look. 

Significant sorting needed here. The boxes need to be GONE so the kitchen can be a kitchen not a store room.

Wrote up 2 boxes as stock and put them in my booths Wednesday morning. Put 5 boxes of books on shelves in the basement. 

Moved small office supplies into a wooden carry box with a file holder for current paper. I can move these out of the kitchen when we need the table.

Gave up on 2 full boxes and hauled them downstairs. This doesn't solve the problem. Decision making and storage is the problem. Yes I am continuing to work on that.

Collected all the pens, pencils, felts, pencils and small office supplies together (2 office boxes full). DH sorted by type, tested for working/not working. Ditched a big bunch, bagged some for donating, put best in tins and cups. Its a relief to see this volume significantly reduced.

Sorting household and business paper kept me busy this week. Lots of stuff to touch and decide 'where' to put things (recycling, family stuff to file, Rx receipts to send in, business paperwork to file...). Hope it works this time. Can you tell I have done this task before?

Beginning to feel a bit better about the kitchen.

This week has been about finding places for what was kept and removing what could be discarded. Shredded and recycled a blue bag of paper, put two grocery store sized bags in the trunk for donating and filled one bag for the garbage. 4 office sized boxes are empty and 5 liquor store boxes are empty. 2 full boxes are waiting further decisions, 1 bin is full of frames that are still waiting for work/decisions. 1/2 box of paper still needs to be sorted.

To celebrate, friends are coming over for dinner. That means the table is CLEARED and turned back into the dinner table, the office supplies are temporarily tucked away, extra supplies are stored in a box elsewhere. Table is set, chess game is just around the corner.

Next week my Heap of Change Week 3 will most likely be finishing the rest of the kitchen organization (yes there is more 'stuff' that needs a home).

Heap of Change Week 1

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Primula plus ASCP Primer Red

almost had a tiny holiday from blogging break

see below primula for ....

a bit more of the story.

Van broke down so we got a long tow (one from midway down the I5 in WA and one from border to dealership) 

with a taxi home 

after I got home added a quick project I did on Tuesday.

Thrifted small white board.
Taped with blue masking tape.
Painted it with ASCP Primer Red (2 coats)
Waxed frame (ASCP clear wax)
Removed blue tape and took the frame to...

my dad AND forgot to take a picture.

Did put a hook on the back.
Dad wanted to keep it on his table.
Added lots of white board markers in a cup.
It looks just fine.

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