Monday, April 21, 2014

Embrace The Eclectic 3 Vintage and Rusty

Totally love the title - it describes what so many of us do every week while out garage sale - ing,  flea - ing, thrift - ing. This month my eclectic find is rusty junk in the back yard.

Maybe I should be worried, because all of this great junk is still in my possession.

a worn and rusty two handled logging saw (?), one handle missing
a great Turquoise Rocket metal wagon, rusted
old golf clubs, vintage sewing basket and a piece of driftwood
can't remember 'what it is' but I love the metal/wood mix and the inventive construction, edge of an old egg carrying box and the worn corner of a window

a pile of great junk, nails I left out in the rain a rusty shovel and a pile of hinges and junk with rust
a great score of oil containers and relanted junk
one of several boxes of vintage dusty sealers 
rusty grater, inside of a tin box and a close up of an old typewriter complete with spider webs and stuff

I feel totally rich with this great collection of junk.

Embrace the Eclectic Series: #1 Stanley Universal,  #2 Vintage Doorknobs

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Love ASCP Primer Red

ASCP Primer Red is my new favorite color. Looks like old barn red after it is waxed. Added some vintage dollies to the small tote.
Thrifted two home made small tote/tool boxes last week. Unpainted. Also found an old wooden mug holder in plain brown. 
Painted everything with 2 coasts ASCP Primer Red. Dried them in the sunshine (yes, there was some sunshine). I feel so cheerful when it is sunny and I get so much more work finished.
First coat with a bit of vintage reader added (Friends All About reader with red barn).
With 2 coats ASCP, waxed but not yet polished.
Cup holder stand waxed.
Polished Cup Holder with jewelry plus vintage planter and crocheted doily (evening photo).

Perhaps the 2nd tote will be used for gardening tools. This week DGS and I have been pruning, sometimes a bit too enthusiastically, but with great heart.
Handy totes for small pots of plants like primula and pansies. Handy for hand tool storage. Useful as a table centre with flowers.
Before and after plus a vintage rooster.

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