Thursday, March 15, 2018

Curb Find and Remembering

Almost home and - there was a curb find! Went straight home to get the van and went right back with DGS who is the strong member of the team of Grandma and DGS.

This heavy piece of furniture was a very tight squeeze to get into the van (involved the back of the seats folding forward, DGS lifting UP from that position while I twisted the angle standing outside (and so on it went).

We used a trolley to move it to the front steps and then slid on towels and lifted one step at a time until we got it into the house where it blocked our main path to the kitchen etc.

You can tell from the collection of clamps repairs were needed. There were two pieces broken out from the upper shelf and needed to be repaired.

The solid wood structure was sound and MOST of the pieces were intact - except the missing DOOR on the left side and 2 metal shelf supports (that was the easy one to fix).

It has been identified as an IKEA Leksvik cabinet by the first person who commented today. Thank you

It took a couple of days to figure out where we could put this unit - it is now in front of the living room windows (a table was moved to the left to make room).

This curb side find has become quite a good place to store things that had no home - 4 drawers, 2 shelves in the open area and two shelves (once I find two little metal shelf supports which are SOMEWHERE in the house behind the glass door. This is a good base for holding thrifted finds until they are prepared for taking to my booths - and I have found that it also makes a good surface for photo taking.

The pots below have a story that I only know a tiny bit about and the story lead to thinking of my Mom and all the Mom's in the late 60's to late 80's who had children growing up and leaving home - and the Mom's had some TIME to do something other than raise children.

Close up view of pots crafted by Doris between 1977-1986. Doris gave these pots to her 80 year old friend who phoned me to see if I would take them. So, with love to Doris who has moved into a Care Facility, I am sharing some of her work. She was a very exact and gifted painter based on the details on her pottery.

This post started out about a curb side furniture find and it has finished as a post to celebrate a small part of Doris' talents between 1977-1986. I don't know Doris personally but she is a part of the generation from the 1920's and 30's - Mothers Who Created, as did my Mom and so many Mom's from the late 1960-80's, after their kids no longer needed such intense care. 

Brings back memories of the pottery classes my Mom joined - using mold made forms they all sanded, painted with glaze, signed (Mom signed JRH), had them fired and proudly brought home many various pieces in turquoise and orange and olive green from the 60-70's and perhaps the 80's.

Just had to include the one piece I have from my Mom's time for making mold forms beautiful - she made 4, one for each child. Memories of my Mom. This month is the month I especially remember my Mom. I have written many posts about her. This week I was behind a car with the license plate that began .... JRH. I teared right up and memories of Mom filled my head.

Thanks for visiting today.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Where Do I Put the Garden Gloves?

Small project - find somewhere to keep garden gloves. 

This is my finished solution. The 'how' is at the end of this post.

With garden and garden clean up on my mind I added two spring pictures.
Gathered a few spring bits and pieces.

Checked out the backyard and found snowdrops, a sweet bunch of purple crocus and some tiny blue flowers.

Visited Costco to pick up a new book (As You Wish by Jude Deveraux) and they had 9 Pack Garden gloves. Did not resist.

Problem - where do I keep all those garden gloves? I have 4 other pair that I used last year and they are still ok. A richness of gardening gloves.

A quick project was born - Handy Place to Keep Garden Gloves

I tried out a few baskets but they didn't fit in any spaces in the kitchen. Thought about hanging a basket outside the back door - but rain and damp happens

I moved things over on the hutch bottom by the back door to give the basket and contents a home.

So, back to the how.

Took an egg basket I had painted red outside and white inside. It has seen better times.

Used 'stick on' word stencils and dabbed them with CeCe Caldwell Beckley Black using a sponge from Martha Stewart.

Added gloves along with an ornamental teapot.

Added picture from the other end of the basket (with frog).

 Works for me.  

I had my mammogram on Monday - year 5 since cancer was found in one breast (and all that goes with that diagnosis and treatment) and it was very relieving to hear 'see you next year, clear'.

So glad you visited today.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Stencils, Snow and Spring Flowers

Spring Break starts on March 12 so Spring must be just around the corner.

The snow is melting (well, the rain is making the piles get smaller quickly). Daytime temperatures are becoming more comfortable (it was 8 degrees C Wednesday). Snow is in the forecast for Friday.

Time to make new signs.

First March Project - used a new stencil from Muddaritaville - a cow - which I stenciled on an small piece of masonite already painted with black chalkboard paint. 

The black chalkboard masonite was cut to fit into the gold slightly fancy frame that had some missing bits

I painted the frame with 2 coats of CeCe Caldwell Antique White chalk paint, sanded just a bit and clear waxed and then, using my finger tip, added Aging Cream. Buffed a bit and did tidy-ups with clear wax.

For the cow stencil I used CeCe Caldwell's Daffodil chalk like paint and when dry, Clear Wax and buffed.


Next - the rest of the stencil.

Second March Project
A lovely rusty saw was handy. FARM FRESH MILK DAIRY FARM on the cow stencil fit into the space so with some measuring and blue tape the sign was ready to stencil.

Used Daffodil by CeCe Caldwell - a hint of spring. The letter size on the stencil worked well on the saw.

 It has been awhile since I added a stencil to a saw.

Nice mix.

Another reminder that winter is not quite finished here. This was last Saturday - by Sunday late afternoon snow was piled along road and sidewalk edges, covered the lawns and the snowmen and forts the kids across the street built were beginning to shrink. 

View from back porch.

Primula do fairly well outside even in cold weather (not frost though).  No spring flowers trying to bloom this week, the leaves that were showing where the crocus, tulips, daffodils, snowdrops and hyacyanths are planted are still buried under the snow.

To find some blooms I went to the grocery store, took pictures and made a collage ( and PicMonkey (

March tiptoed in - sunshine, blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

So I added an 'outside in the sunshine' end to this post.


I am planning what to plant in my small vegetable garden and in my front flower boxes. The Rosemary plants lasted through the winter.

Guessing March will also be a 'flying past too fast' month as did February.

Thank you for visiting today.

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