Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter

Easter vignettes, new to the mantel this year,

and a visit to Easter Vignettes Past

I was reading about 100 smiles. Today is a smile.

Thanks for visiting. See you on Thursday.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Project - Painting Chairs ASCP Primer Red

Once there were 14, now (after today) there are 8 left in the chair queue.
Two thrifted barn red vintage chairs that need a bit of TLC, some gluing/clamping and a wipe down.
Pair before painting
Sanded the shiny finish a bit, scraped off the chunks of white paint drips and then
started the first coat of ASCP Primer Red, almost the exact same shade currently on the chairs.
Second coat in progress.
Dried in the sunshine. Debated - clear wax or MinWax Polycrylic.
Chose ASCP Clear Soft Wax, polished.
Before and After
Hugs Judy (North Ora).
Something pretty on the walk to school when picking up DGS. Neighbours (grandparents) decorated their yard, I think for the pleasure they give to the families who walk by.

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