Thursday, September 22, 2016

Painting A Pumpkin

Halloween celebrations are getting closer. 

Dahlia continue to share their beauty, the turkey salts join in, a new to me canvas makes a good backdrop, the wooden crow is making another fall visit, and a vintage yellow and orange crocheted doily (picked up from one of my favourite thrift stores this week) are displayed on a wooden tray which corral this grouping of pumpkins (and a watermelon). 

Pumpkins and various squash were available on Wednesday at Hilltop Gardens Farm near Ashcroft. I picked out my first two pumpkins - a pale green/white and a small orange as well as some field tomatoes and small watermelons.

Stores have stocked big boxes of candy. The Pumpkin Patches are gearing up for the bus loads of school children and crowds of after school and weekend pumpkin seekers. Costumes crowd the aisles in some stores. Bloggers are sharing their creativity.

With a sweet little baby with pumpkin graphic from the Graphics Fairy and an small old frame found on the 'free table' at my favourite thrift shop I added a small halloween themed addition to my Halloween collection.

The crow is styrofoam with black feathers with beak/eyes, a dollar store buy.

The green frog, made of plaster, had lots of missing paint, he was repainted with Gypsy Green DIY paint and given a clear wax/polish and is doing much better now.

The pumpkin? During my tent and shed clean-outs in August I noticed we had several pieces of well weathered plywood, just what I needed to make a pumpkin sign. 

I made pumpkin patterns on brown paper (remember making Valentine hearts? - same idea). Next I traced 4 pumpkin shapes on the edge of the plywood (fewer cuts needed that way) and DH used the jigsaw to cut out one shape. 

Dry and weathered plywood is fussy to cut, it splinters, the dried out glue binding the layers together separates, repairs with fresh glue and clamps have to be made and so, only 1 pumpkin was ready to paint. Maybe the other 3 will get some orange and black, we will see.

CeCe Caldwell Kissimmee Orange and Beckley Coal were on hand.

I masked off the stem/sort of centre of the pumpkin shape and painted the black and orange areas.

Next I dry brushed black on the orange side before stencilling "gather friends" (didn't take a picture before adding the white outlining).

The stencil was 2" in height and I remembered to put pieces of paper around each letter as I stencilled so I wouldn't get paint outside of the letter shape.

I used my small outlining brush and CeCe Simply White to outline all the letters. Waxed when dried, polished the next day.

Very versatile wooden pumpkin - tried on several different settings - I think the one below is my favourite. I used a watercolour painting of fall leaves as the background.

The wire wreath has been getting a few changes with each sign I paint. I painted a bread board and didn't take before/during or after pictures so I am including it in this post too. Company was coming and I wanted to have something pretty to welcome them. When they left I took it over to my booths.

I added my two new signs and the small Graphics Fairy framed print to my Halloween bits and pieces in front of my showcase at Village Antiques Mall.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Small Wall Mount Hutch Updated

Added this Small Hutch to my booth at Village Antiques Mall

Garage sale find - small hutch before

This sweet little wall hanging or table top display piece sat on the table in the living room for weeks. September and cooler weather = time to paint.

I used CeCe Caldwell Vintage White, 2 coats plus some touch ups and added a lightly stencil the using CeCe Caldwell Pittsberg Gray, how-to here

There were 2 small turquoise and a pink stain bleed throughs that appeared after painting, used Zinsser Cover Stain, 3 coats and then repainted those areas with the Vintage White. Added a Chantecleer stencil in pale grey.

Finished project with CeCe Caldwell clear wax, polished.

Took an evening picture inside.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Plant Support Frame to Linen Display

Blogger seems to have something new happening. Every time I update my post when I add a link to a party I am joining it reposts this post as if was just submitted. Strange. - 

Sunday it was FIXED ! The dates on the blogs that I followed also returned and were sorted by date - WHEW

On to my post.

This post is about one of the wooden things in the tent clean-out that was waiting for an upgrade. 

It looked like a ladder and was made with hinged 2x4 and 1inch dowel rungs, unpainted (maybe for) garden plant support. Stretched out it was about 10 feet long and in an inverted V it was about 5 feet tall.

DH added short chains (recycled) to the sides so the ladder-like stand would stay in an inverted V shape.

I painted it with Fusion Mineral Paint, one coat.

Yes I did have a plan.

It is now in my booth holding vintage hangers, table cloths and crochet pieces.

One more piece of something that was interesting made useful and out of that tent.

Thanks for dropping by.

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