Monday, July 28, 2014

July Thrifted Finds

Lots of finds. Some pretty, some useful and some unique.

The Motorists' Kit was the most unique find this month.

July = more gs = lots of photos.
July rushed by.

DGS's 11th Birthday

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Dahlia

Of the five dahlia I planted for D's wedding table flowers three have produced flowers.

Rain most of the day. 

Dahlia view earlier garden.

 I planted one extra and it looks like it will bloom soon. Didn't take a picture.

Lots of rain. Grey days. Cooler.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Embrace the Eclectic 6 - Metal, Wood a and Painting

Saturday, a day to myself. No meal preps, time to go the the Farmer's Market. Time to read, to try out different settings on my camera. Time.

DH picked up some metal/wood great junk this weekend.

Cloudy day. Lots of great texture for backgrounds. 

Setting on camera: 50 mm lens, Manual, cloud, ISO changing between 100 to 400, F5.6. What a treat to play around with settings and see different results.

The drill handle screws off - a place to store the bits.

Used a rusted galvanized oval bucket and a worn out table top as display bases. Slaw cutters and a green tin box for background plus house siding. 

Cornbread moulds - corn and perch.

Learning more all the time. 

Vintage cast metal well rusted iron rest.

A few weeks ago DH brought home this very large painting, a view from Queen Elizabeth Gardens towards the North Shore (Vancouver BC). 
Shot indoors, ISO 6400, F5.6, Manual.

Jon Giesbrecht Photopgraphy has a photo view somewhat similar to this painting, from Queen Elizabeth Park toward the North Shore (row 6, last picture).

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