Thursday, November 26, 2015

Repurposing a Crate

Finished  signs on cedar wall (sunshine, thank you)

Loved this Stanley Park Rope Handled Beer Crate.

LOVED it.  

It had and I didn't notice a CRACK on one end.

Got DH to take the crate apart and repair the crack.

Thank you.

He pulled out a great many very long staples. 

Made a pile of very nice boards

Three sign boards to play with.

On one board I tried a bit of CeCe Vintage White as a wash followed by clear wax and then CeCe Antique Wax. 

The next two had CeCe Antique Wax only. 

DH added Eyelet Hangers on the back of each sign (wire added by me) and the towel holders.

Rope handles on the end pieces?

DH immediately said - "Towel Holders for Guys" and made it happen.

One board was repaired (cracked). 
Boards were waxed and a D Hook  was screwed into the back. 
Weighted the ropes to change their direction. When I was waxing them I noticed DH used screws to hold the ropes 'down'. Good idea.

Signs. Towel Holders.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holly Bouquet

Yesterday was the Como Lake Presbyterian Church Annual Christmas Bazaar. I look forward to going each year. Baked treats, thrifted finds, holly branches and plants, home crafted Christmas decorations and knitted/crocheted/sewn items. Time to talk to the ladies and gentlemen who host, a precious glimpse of past traditions that contrast sharply with the the reality of the world today.

I put my holly in my Mom's old vase.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Blogging Friends.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thrifted and Memories

I think my love of thrifting and repurposing
came from my Mom and Dad. 

Their lives began in 1920 and they lived through the Great Depression, WWII, and many more years with little money and a lot of hard work. I remember the church Rummage Sales as treasure troves for the red plastic records which I could play for hours on my small portable turntable and fancy covered old books, pieces of fabric, small vases. Good beginning for a life long quest for thrifted finds to be collected, repurposed, shared.

Many of the pieces below are collections given to me from an old friend, mixed in with my own thrifted collections.

The silver plated teapot was a wonderful shiny grey and it took some time to bring back the silver shine. I used Silvo because I could not find a large and deep enough glass container to use the tin foil/baking soda bath method for shining silver. Thrifted finds.

The pieces below did get the tin foil/baking soda bath to bring back their shine. See: Woman in Real Life.  The little salt shaker went from the grey silver to bright silver in about a minute. Thrifted finds.

Pinwheel candle sticks, a Wolves sculpture, a bowl and a red/clear vase are bright reminders of the season ahead, my friend's collection.

I love the gold and white buttons in a salt shaker nestled in an infinity scarf. 
Thrifted finds.

Eddie introduced finding Christmas elves last Christmas. My friends collection.

The boots are thrifted finds and the phone/Mickey/candle holders, tea-light and John Deere Cookie jar belonged to my friend.

The boots are thrifted finds and the phone/Mickey/candle holders, tea-light and John Deere Cookie jar belonged to my friend.

The Foley small sifter, marbles in a vintage sealer and the old pan are mine. I am very fond of old metal. Thrifted finds.

And finally, a collage of this group of collectibles. Need to start Christmas card. Last year care of Dad and packing and finding new homes for his possessions as well as helping with getting his condo ready for sale took all my spare time.

This year Dad is gone and I am going to write his last Christmas letter to his friends telling them how his last year was.

I have great empathy for so many blogging friends this season as they have gone through the addest of times as their spouses or children or elderly parents passed on.

Veterans Day (Canada) was a time for remembering. Dad's funeral was held November 6th and Taps was played. He was in the Air Force WWII. It has been a season for remembering. I am so very grateful that Dad was in my life until his 95th year (d. 2015 October 5). For 68 years I could talk to him, love him, hug him, and for the last 15 plus years help him live as he wanted. Remembering Mom (d. March 27, 2015) too, such a hard working and gently soul, dearly loved.

I know that life will fill in the time with other caring but right now there seems to be open spaces where tears fall and memories surface. 

Grieving and celebrating life.

Thank you for visiting.

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