Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Vignettes

I looked back through my posts to see how I had decorated for Halloween over the five years I have been blogging. I have learned a great deal from other bloggers and enjoy making seasonal vignettes. 

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. We celebrated Saturday so DS and DGS could join us. Low key, great meal, time to visit. DGS brought home a cold from school on Wednesday and gave it to me Friday. Sunday I felt not so very fine so it was turkey Soup Sunday and Turkey sandwiches Monday.

Below are 5 years of my Halloween Vignettes. I tell myself I make them for DGS but I suspect I make them for myself too.

2014 - Pumpkins from Laity Pumpkin Patch. Cast Iron Crows from years ago, wooden crows and pumpkins thrifted last year, cutting board from my Mom years ago and banner from two years ago. A mixture to make something fresh.

2013 This was my favourite, I used great junk finds (thrifted) and felt just like a junk blogger. This was the year I needed a lift in October and this did it for me.

2012 The year I bought a great and very different pumpkin. The painted buffet was finished and still in the carport so I had great junk to add to the vignette.

2011 First try at finding burlap (this is landscape/plant wrapping burlap). This was before close weave burlap became easier to find (not including real burlap potato sacks). Gourds, waxed leaves, burlap and a great bowl.

2010 A mixture of gourds and pumpkins, a folk carved and tin finned fish, peeks at special paintings. This was my 'beginning' in deliberately making vignettes. Before I just called it decorating.

I love using PicMonkey to make collages, frame pictures and add watermarks. Their team continues to add exciting additions to the program.


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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I am feeling rather retrospective this month, looking back over the past five years. Parents aging, passing, changes in lifestyle, health issues, relationship changes, getting older. 

I love blogging about DIY's, gardening, sewing, vignettes, thrifting, computers, family occasions, whatever seems to be reasonable and non invasive of family privacy topics for posting. I love joining in with Linky Parties. I love reading blogs and commenting. I have found many good online blogging friends.

As many of you do when writing your posts I see my posts as a journal of a moment in time for myself.

2013 was life changing for me.

In January 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two operations, chemotherapy and radiation followed. A year ago October my hair was starting to return, it was a 1/4 inch long. I wore a scarf (from May to November) and when I no longer needed them I returned all the scarves to the Cancer Clinic (washed/pressed) grateful for their loan and very grateful to no longer need them. Being bald felt quite different from having hair. I was very sensitive to breezes, sun and cold. When I finally had hair that could move in the breezes I was thrilled.

October 27, 2013, first day without a scarf in public, Fort Langley Fraser River Park. First day of feeling brave.

September 5, 2013 I was finished with chemo (last one July 15) and radiation (finished Sept. 5). Over the next months energy returned slowly with a few set backs. Right arm was numb from elbow up, sort of like a frozen jaw before a filling. I concentrated on eating nutritionally, putting my life back together in a different way, working on reclaiming myself. I haven't returned to taking my long walks, lack of confidence in making it back home. I'm ok when I have a walking buddy but that is seldom.

This October 2014 my hair is around 6 inches long, somewhat wispy, curly at first and then reverting to my normal straight. I clip it back and have a mini curly ponytail. I know I need a hair cut but feel very reluctant to based on memories of having no hair. 

Selfie September 25/14

Most of the feeling has returned to my right arm. I have had several mammograms over the past year+ and a few ultrasounds for double checking (that causes some scary stress especially the first time when one has no idea why or what for). Medication continues (4 years to go) with weight gain one of the many not so pleasant side effects. 

I do somewhat obsess about hair but that is just the way it was for me. I became jealous of people with hair, eyebrows, eyelashes for many many months, not rational I know but that is how I felt. Perhaps it was something to focus on rather than obsessing about chemotherapy and radiation treatments (yes I did obsess about them) but once I knew what was happening and how my body reacted I switched my efforts to eating, drinking enough water, keeping the body system working, getting up and around and regaining independence. 

2013 was a year of being self centred, self focused. I put supports in place in advance of chemo to cover my mall work, my yard and house work and caring for my DGS. I did what I could and carried on. I kept my health problems very private from most of my family and friends (likely not the best idea).

I have reclaimed some of my past activities and I have noticed that I have drawn back from many of my old responsibilities since my diagnosis. I had to learn to say no. I had to learn to stop and rest. I was always the boss, fixer, do'er, caregiver. I now conserve my energy for what I must do and celebrate what I can do.

Cancer does change one's life. Ladies, please have a mammogram once a year. Be aware. Self check monthly. Have your Doctor check during your yearly checkup. Gents pay attention to changes to yourself too. Go to your Doctor if you think you have a problem starting. Go for a yearly checkup too.

Prayers for John and Judy as John continues his battle with his caner. Prayers for Ken's family as they learn to continue on without him.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Celebrating A Wedding

Very vintage and refurbished Clayburn School, now repurposed into a hall to community events was the venue for D and G's wedding celebrations.

A peek at the original building.

and then.... wedding details.

Bridal Bouquets

Brides choice was none of the guests were to be identified (so I used iphoto feature to blur any faces that did show). 

This shows half of the room. Rest of tables and buffet are out of sight. Wonderful windows and original blackboards and flooring.

Memory book with turquoise Buddy L (groom searched and found the truck) and dahlias. The turquoise binder has pages, each with a photo of each guest (sent to bride earlier) and space to write a message.

Photo frames and polaroid pictures of guests. The photo frame had handles attached to the back on each side so guests could choose their pose. By the end of the evening the wired frame was full of photos. Bride will be hanging the photo frame on their wall at home.

Dahlias from private gardens and Ferncliff Gardens.

Waiting for bride and groom

Didn't add the buffet tables because too many guests were in line. Each table had 'game/puzzle/notepads and chocolates as well as either Cranberry and Alfalfa honey with the bride and groom names and the date of their wedding as favours. Scrabble tiles for each guest as place cards.

What I didn't show was the wedding, the photo ops with bride and groom and guests, two sweet and charming tiny children twirling and dancing, the guests enjoying their dinner, the family groupings for photos, the guests visiting. A lovely late afternoon and evening wedding celebration.

What you couldn't hear was the music the bride chose for each part of the afternoon and evening. She matched the music to each portion of their wedding day (the dancing children happened after the meal). Great selections and very personalized.

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