Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thrifted to Displayed

Thrifted. Repurposed. Painted. Stencilled. Displayed.

Quick project (except I had to go to Michaels for the stencil) plus search (in the back yard shed) for a piece of wood. The carol singers and kitten (both thrifted) joined in for the vignette.

The 'board' was part of my thrifted finds LAST November. Took awhile to decide what to do with that board. Painted it with two coats of CeCe Caldwell Simply White. When dry I lightly sanded some of the edges. Stencilled with CeCe Caldwell Beckley Coal plus a stencilling brush. 

Less paint is better when stencilling. Have a cloth handy to dab off any extra paint. The brush will be 'almost' dry when it is ready to use.

I held this stencil in place for each line I used for my 'new sign'. Eyes on the work, hand steady. Lift the stencil carefully, no dragging. Let the paint dry before adding the next line (I was choosing some of the words, not all). 

One thing I learned this time when stencilling is to MASK out the areas where you do NOT want your black paint to show (this includes the edges).  A quick fix is to use a damp Q-Tip to remove paint that is in the wrong area, this has to be done right away.

DH added a eyelet hook to the back. 

I used Photo Collage to edit the above photo and PicMonkey for all the other photos.

I waxed the sign (back and front) when finished with Annie Sloan Soft Wax/waxing brush and polished the sign with a clean soft cloth.

Before and After

If you are a frequent reader 

you know I have a great deal of FUN stencilling. 

Materials List:

piece of board
sanding sponge
eyelet hook/screw
CeCe Caldwell Simply White Clay-Chalk paint and a brush
Annie Sloan Soft Wax/waxing brush
stencil from Michaels
blue masking tape
CeCe Caldwell Beckley Coal
stencilling brush
clean soft cloth

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Repurposing a Crate

Finished  signs on cedar wall (sunshine, thank you)

Loved this Stanley Park Rope Handled Beer Crate.

LOVED it.  

It had and I didn't notice a CRACK on one end.

Got DH to take the crate apart and repair the crack.

Thank you.

He pulled out a great many very long staples. 

Made a pile of very nice boards

Three sign boards to play with.

On one board I tried a bit of CeCe Vintage White as a wash followed by clear wax and then CeCe Antique Wax. 

The next two had CeCe Antique Wax only. 

DH added Eyelet Hangers on the back of each sign (wire added by me) and the towel holders.

Rope handles on the end pieces?

DH immediately said - "Towel Holders for Guys" and made it happen.

One board was repaired (cracked). 
Boards were waxed and a D Hook  was screwed into the back. 
Weighted the ropes to change their direction. When I was waxing them I noticed DH used screws to hold the ropes 'down'. Good idea.

Signs. Towel Holders.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holly Bouquet

Yesterday was the Como Lake Presbyterian Church Annual Christmas Bazaar. I look forward to going each year. Baked treats, thrifted finds, holly branches and plants, home crafted Christmas decorations and knitted/crocheted/sewn items. Time to talk to the ladies and gentlemen who host, a precious glimpse of past traditions that contrast sharply with the the reality of the world today.

I put my holly in my Mom's old vase.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Blogging Friends.

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