Thursday, January 11, 2018

Shrinking Bookshelf

It has been a good week for making a place to put 'things' as well as re-using pieces of a shelf that was too large.

No magic involved, just having an idea for re-using a too large shelf, planning, doing and finishing the project.

This is the finished project that is now a TV stand plus book/ornament shelf.


Great shelf garage sale find for $10.00 - 48"x48"x10" with 3 shelves (no before picture), 2 removable shelves, tongue and grove boards on the back, a pediment and trim plus sides, top and bottom was taken apart (had no useful place in the house, tried everywhere but there was no space to put the shelf)

Nails were pulled and saved, shelf metal support inserts saved, long screws saved, glue scraped off edges. There were several vacuum cleanups involved too.

Space was measured for building a TV Stand using the re-purposed wood. 

Genuine 1967 built fireplace - we haven't used it in 30+ years. Spider webs do well in that space.


One side piece from the original bookcase was cut for 2 sides. Bottom piece was cut to size as was the top piece and one shelf piece was cut to size. Left over - one shelf piece and 3 ends from the re-sized boards.


Pre-drilled before using screws. Put the TV stand/shelf together with screws, nailed on the back individual tongue and grove boards.  

Used clamps and sometimes extra hands to hold pieces in place for measuring, drilling, gluing, adding screws and nailing). DGS measured the tongue and grove pieces.


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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Free Thrifted Drawer Made Useful Plus

Welcome 2018

3 projects (one by DGS, 2 by DH)

Project # 1 - Making a useful rolling supplies shelf

Picked up a clean single drawer from the free table at the thrift store last year. It went in the 'what to do with this' stack for several months. Sturdy, nice wood.

Needed a convenient storage solution for the small office tools I use. Tags, scissors, tape, punches, string, stapler, current pieces of paper ...  ALWAYS on my kitchen table (and this is a tidy view). 

When we need to use the table for meals or projects the office tools have to be boxed, moved then returned again etc.

DH had some short scrap boards, 4 ball casters, nails, glue, clamps, hammer, drill, battery saw, the drawer and an idea.

Made a narrow shelf with 3 added shelf pieces (an old cutting board was cut up for 2 shelves) and ball casters.

Cost: zero

My contribution was to be making 5 inches of space between two freestanding cupboards in the kitchen so that the rolling shelf could be put away when not in use.

Top of the tall cabinet is where I store piles of wood I use for making signs.

Guess what - too heavy for me to move right now and I just didn't feel like emptying out everything that includes the piles of wood on the top and the contents of the large cupboard.

So, another small storage problem resolved. I've tried it out for a week now and it works for me. Here is the 'long view' of the end of the kitchen - and you can see the several storage solutions for paint, stencils, boards, brushes, files and 'stuff' (blogged about here and here).

If you type organization in my search box on my blog you can see other posts on organizing  supplies and equipment for stenciling, storing paint and related tools.

Project # 2 - building and painting a small shelf to fit under the roll top desk

Cost: zero

DH built the shelf with scrap wood, I painted it with left over paint

Fresh space to organize (yes it will have clear bins to hold 'stuff') but they are currently out in the shed and I am not going to slip and slide anywhere near there until the slippery deck and 12 steps surfaces are bone dry. 

Project # 3 - made by DGS

Grade 9, taking the woodwork elective, has a great teacher. This project is a 2 piece 'chair' sometimes called a camp chair. He brought it home from school and before he wrapped it for his Mom he let me (with Peaches in attendance) take a few photos.

The woodwork shop is well equipped. After the teacher taught 'how to use the various tools' and had the students practice using the tools, each student made their own choice of project.
More information on the 2 piece style chair:

Steve Ramsey has a page showing many different versions as well as a short video on the basic cutting and sanding and finishing and here a two piece 'X" chair.

Jessie Hensel has very clear instructions on making his  Plank Chair.

It has been a good week for building more storage, time was the only cost and since it is winter and cold outside it was time well used.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Review

Stencils, Signs, Painting

The shutters Dream, Hope, Believe June 1/17

January: Tutorial: Cricut 2 Learning Curve

February: Drywall Compound + Stencil

March: Furniture Fix # 1

 Furniture Fix # 2: Low Dresser Made Useful 

 April: More Stencils More Signs

May: Saw + Boards Repurposed

June: Small Projects Caught Up

July: Trays Repurposed

August: Thrifted Finds and Signs

September: Thrifted Wooden and Stenciled Signs

October: What Did I Do For The Last 21 Days

November: Updating Dining Chairs

December:  Stencil/Sign in Wreath

Looking forward to 2018 and all that it brings.

Happy New Year All

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