Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Projects

Looking back at 2014

As 2014 began I had great plans of finishing one or two painted or crafted projects each month. Sometime during 2014 I realized projects weren't always about repurposing or creating. Projects change and grow in variety and size. My biggest project was my Dad. 

Dad moved from his condo (actually, from the hospital) into an independent living complex with considerable support. He broke his hip in mid October (10 days in a ward while he recovered from surgery, 45 days in rehab). Closing down his home has been a huge job, not finished yet. I did not do all the work alone but I felt responsible for the care, packing, moving, unpacking, setting up and sharing of what he would no longer use.

30 years of accumulations (and this is after downsizing when our parents retired) were compressed into only what Dad needed in his new home. There have been small subtractions and new needed additions and things are looking good. He is settling in and is beginning to pick up the pieces of his new life with some independence in his new reality. He is happy.

I looked back at my favourite posts of 2014 to give myself some perspective on this year of blogging and of projects. Last year at this time I was celebrating a very gradual return of energy. In September this year I finally began to feel  more like my old self. This year I am grateful that I have the energy I need to do the work that has to be done and to do the junking and repurposing, keeping my collectibles business up and blogging about what I love. I need to remind myself slow down and rest and take care of my own wellbeing too.

Painted Stripes

My absolute favourite project was painting faux grain sack stripes.

My favourite Vintage Junk Christmas vignette (below) from 2013.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Building a Tall Shelf Continued

It is almost Christmas and the tall white shelf DH has been working on is mostly finished. Base shelf needs to be added but that is a job for a quieter time. First post on the shelves here.

Building anything on the main floor where the kitchen and living room become the workshop is sometimes frustrating, messy and wears a bit on the patience.

Getting the pieces painted (3 coats) and hauled to the mall were sequential jobs.

Because of the weight of the lumber the shelf needed to be put together in the mall.

Adding the first shelf to the sides was the usual 'will it work' worry and adding the first back piece brought a sigh of relief.

I know I missed painting the front edges of the shelf. You will be pleased to know I gave the back edges 3 coats (because I thought they were the front of course).

The shelves are attached. The back is in place. I will paint the front edges early in the day (at the mall before it is open to customers). A job for after Christmas.

First stock on the shelves.

Whew !

And for those who read the first post on building this shelf, it will be moved to replace a shelf in my other space after Christmas (more depth).

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Decorating

Found a small box of vintage lights and reflectors.
The punched tin group are my favourite pieces.

Plastic yellow, green, red, blue and clear with inset pieces. Couldn't plug them in (plug was damaged). Woodwards. Loved that store.

Started to decorate at home, holly plus bulbs. The amaryllis (red striped this year) and hyacinth signal the beginning of the Christmas season to me.

A peek at the snow that stayed for over a week, pumpkins before they leave. Today was 11 degrees C, almost long sleeve weather.

First time pumpkins have appeared in my Christmas decorations post. Loved the white contrasting with the orange.

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