Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thrifted and Stencilled 2

Today I did not add any photos showing the sequence for each project. I added links to show 'how' I made similar projects if you want to see the process. 

I made another GROCERY sign, 
stencilled on a piece of vintage fence board (see here for how).

Recently found a rusty old Stanley saw at a garage sale, 
stencilled COFFEE (see Saw blade coffee post for how).

Thrifted a small well used little cutting board. 
Stencilled (see stencilled bread boards).

I love the contrasting wood colours in the background of the little cutting board. The BREW sign is shown on a vintage woven tray.

Instead of taking pictures as I did each step in the projects above I added a link to the 'how to' when I made similar projects. Made these three projects in about 2 hours (including finding the supplies).

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Really Neat Junk

Sometimes posts are a collection of favourite things in photos. 
This is my post for today, really neat junk.

Vintage shoe forms and an Antiques sign painted by Liss.

Rusty and wonderful gardening tools

Another vintage Underwood typewriter showing ends and  insides.

Some of the great graphic details on the Underwood. I used one in University to type all our papers - and the keys were 'blank' since it had been a high school typing class typewriter. I am sorry to say that I destroyed that typewriter once computers were invented - bless computers.

Today my blue is borrowed, my pink is the beginning of a rhodo blossom and my collage contains copper and brass.

A mixture to things I found while junking. The only thing I 'made' was to clean off spider webs and rust and take photos.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

April Summer Heat, Flowers and More Finds

34 decrees Celsius on Monday ! That is 93.2 F. Not at all usual for April, apparently not since 1930. Tuesday was 32 C, 89.6 F and Wednesday's highest was 30 C, 86 F. and Thursday temps dropped to 24 C, 75.2 F.

Flowers are happy, grass has grown tall, dandelions are doing very well, laundry dries quickly on the clothesline. Fans were running, seriously was contemplating turning on the AC and did when the inside temperature was 26 C, 78.8 F.

These are the last of the tulips, whites. The rhodo has been wonderful this year, garden treasures.

Dogs went 'home' a few days this week so I am going over 4 times a day to take them outside, check their water, feed and pet them. When they come over in the morning with DGS I take them home after lunch most days. They stayed all day/overnight Wednesday and have been very polite with just a bit of barking. Big behaviour improvement.

A sweet 2 cup Sadler teapot was a last weekend find.

What else? No projects finished (or even started this week). Two trips to add stock to my booths, daily cleaning and writing up stock then packing ready for the next stocking trip.

An unexpected treat on Wednesday was a long trip to our favourite Thrift Store and some good finds.

Working on taxes, can't find a couple of necessary pieces of paper. Not quite panicking but getting close.

Its just one of 'those' weeks. Went for massage on Tuesday for my right arm thumb/wrist to shoulder - tendonitis. Chiro 3 times last week and it helped with the shoulder and back and at least I had a name for the really mean wrist pain. 5 weeks of wearing a hand/wrist brace hadn't fixed the pain. Chiro, massage and a name for the pain is helping.

P.S. Found the missing paperwork and finished the tax prep work and handed it in to my accountant. Whew.

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