Thursday, October 12, 2017

Waiting for ...

While on my short 'blogging break' I decided to take my computers in to Apple to get the systems backed up. The Genius staff are so good at their jobs and very kind as well.

They did a great job - and - my laptop needed the screen replaced (on its LAST day of the warranty - WOW),  my iPhone has a faulty logic board and ...

while those repairs are in progress I am figuring out how to do what I have been doing with those two great tools for blogging BUT using my iMac (which I also took in and had the drive wiped - yes I did back up everything plus double backed up the 4500+ photos on a new drive). They installed the new system  (and then I had to work on remembering the how to do stuff for adding BACK the software etc.)

Laptop is still in for repair, iPhone replacement arrived but I haven't opened the box - I am taking it in to Apple to see what they can save (7022 photos   - oh dear). 

(Friday note: I installed Google Photos on iPhone (to back up those photos) and iMac.)

Be back soon, and I am reading your posts to keep up with your lives.

Dave and Sally are blessed with a Grandson !


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Canadian Thanksgiving October 9th


Sending love and hope and kindness.

Taking a short break from blogging.


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Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Thrift, Polish, Share

Who can resist fresh pumpkins from a favorite Vegetable Stand

We made a day trip up the Fraser Canyon highway for pumpkins, tomatoes that tasted the way we dream they should taste, wonderful peaches and plums and some fresh garlic and honey. 

The brass tealight lantern and brass stand (holding the Fall poem) were from a Church Sale out of town. 

 Here is the poem:

Longin' For You Pal

When the shadows get t' creepin'
Out across the close o' day,
An' the stars begin t' twinkle
In a lonely sort o' way, Then
there always comes a longin'
For the friends we know
are true, Though there may
be miles between us Good
ol'-fashioned friends like YOU

Copyright 1928 Ca, Mple, USA
From the writings of
Lawrence Hawthorne

I love finding a 'real' vintage cutting board.

A little bit of Thanksgiving decoration.

Two collectible tins, a 78 record and a cast iron faux rusty candle holder.

The dessert server (works like a Lazy Susan), a pie carrier, enamel pot and a avacado green craft made shaggy dog cookie jar.

Cast iron, vintage tools and wood stove accessories.

Vintage tin mechanical sparkler Black Cat spinner circa 1950

DGS brought a head/cough type of cold home from high school 3 weeks ago - shared it with his Dad, then his Grandpa and finally it was my turn to share in the coughing and sneezing and headaches this past week (and I had worked at hand washing and wiping down surfaces etc. so I could avoid the cold.)

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