Monday, September 15, 2014

A Delightful Shower

High tea
Quiet Shower games
Time to meet new friends

Left my camera in the car. Borrowed my dear friend D's (the bride) iphone and took pictures for her.

Vintage themed decorations based on British Royal Weddings and memorabilia, from D's collection. From vintage collectors the bride received a divided red casserole with original lid, a mint in box clear glass coffee carafe with stand, a vintage apron, a Fire King mug, vintage books on fly fishing and paperweights along with bee hive ceramics and an aluminum fish themed tray plus a great bird house with authentic worn paint finish.

D also received a treasure trove of towels and linen and kitchen themed gifts, fridge storage containers, and a complete set of repro vintage canisters. When I see the photos from the shower I know I will 'remember' what I have forgotten to add here.

Teapots. Tiered cake stands. Delicious sandwiches without crusts. Tasty sweets. Tea in vintage bone china.

Added a collage of teapots collected in August and early September.

High tea served on Royal Albert china. White linen and fresh flowers, lovely. Met D's Aunties and Mom, cousins and nieces, putting faces to her family stories.

The Cottage Market
Natasha in Oz

Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Heading Toward Fall

A bit of rain and cooler days = outdoor jobs. Finished cleaning the driveway after the fence boards were taken to the local transfer station. Whew! Swept the sawdust and small bits of wood and a lot of thin flakes of old grey paint. Pulled some weeds that were hiding under the pile of wood. Cut down the tall grasses that hold the soil in place (clay with mud on top) along the edge of the driveway. The roots keep things draining over the fall and winter (and the winter wet long grass makes in difficult to get into the car passenger seat).

Carried on with cleaning and writing up stock for my booths. GrandDogs went to their home for the long weekend so I vacuumed and washed the floors and then sprayed some carpet Febreze to cut down on the dog smells.

The peas, blueberries and raspberries (and carrot) are from earlier in the summer. Delicious. Raspberries are finished but the carrots, beans, tomatoes, kale and blueberries carry on.

Picked a few tomatoes and carrots for supper. Cleaned up the sweet peas vines that were finished and trimmed the growing ends of the squash plant which is growing in all directions over the garden and on across the grass. Snacked on blueberries right from the plants. Cut the 6" long grass on the right side of my yard Sunday late afternoon. Poor lawnmower smoked and I had to let it cool (me too).

Last weekend went to a lovely wedding (niece's) that overlooked the ocean (just above the beach on a slope). Wonderful weather, happy occasion. Reception held in a very vintage summer lodge (camp). Candle (battery) flames in sealers decorated with burlap, ribbons, buttons, flowers and twine, wedding was turquoise themed. Borrowed a few pictures from the brides album.

August was quite the month. I enjoyed all the travelling, visiting and routine changes and yes I am looking forward to the cooler September weather.

Thank you for visiting today.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Thrifted Finds

It was lovely to take a blog writing break while on holiday. I did read posts to keep up with my blogging friends.

Found a few thrifted treasures this month.

A lovely Price-Kensington teapot

Melmac jug, green handled kitchen tools and vintage bottles.

A bit of collector humour.

Only painting I did was CeCe Caldwell Simply White on a pair of brown curtain rods and touch ups on an ornate frame. Not photo worthy but the paint helped the rods disappear into the background.

When not travelling it was garden watering, clean up, hauling old fence boards to the transfer station, more watering. Visited friends and family, got some small 'in the house' jobs caught up.

Thanks for visiting.

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