Thursday, August 25, 2016

Finds and Signs

Finding a new use for two thrifted boards

These are the 'finished' projects.

bought two fine tipped artist brushes for better line control when painting shadows on the edges of stencilled letters and made myself a text picture for left shadows to use as my shadow guide.

Making the Fresh Eggs Sign

Plywood framed board before:

This framed piece of plywood was a July thrift store 1/2 price day sale, it sat around waiting for something extra

I thought about a chalkboard but this week decided to make a (another) Fresh Eggs sign. 

Here are my previous Fresh Egg signs herehereherehere. You can see my practice shadow lining below on the paper behind the sign.

The basic sign turned out the way I planned. 

Worked carefully and slowly adding shadow lines on the left of each letter, using the text picture as a guide. It is much easier to make shadows on paper than it is on plywood.

Next step was sanding the letters - a good way to correct any over painting mistakes. I sanded a few edges of the sign as well. Clear waxed and polished.

Changing the Keyholder Sign

The key shaped key holder was found at the same thrift sale and was freshened with some CeCe Caldwell Simply White, a bit of sanding, stencil of 3 keys, used CeCe Caldwell Pittsberg Gray and finished with clear wax, polished and replaced the 4 cup hooks.

Key shaped board before:

Finished keyholder

Two pieces of wood are now ready for new homes.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

August Thrifted Finds

The large teapot made by Arthur Wood England might have been a designed as a cookie jar, I tried it out as a vase for dahlia. I have been so happy with the profusion of blossoms from 7 bulbs, best year for dahlia for a long time.

You can see we are still working on deck repairs from the bit scraped wood showing in this photo. 

Wooden spindles rot over time and so do the 2x4's framing the spindles. Huge job. Week 3 of DH working every morning before the sun is too hot. Removing, scraping, repainting 3 coats or cutting a new spindle or support and painting 3 times, then reattaching each piece. A few 2 x 4's that are the base for the spindles had to be replaced in several places too. 

Please note: DH is doing this work, not me. I work on finding stuff and know that I will be working on the final clean up when that happens. I wonder if I can use the shop vac to suck up all the thousands and thousand scraped off bits and pieces of paint? I am also wondering if my leaf blower would be of any use. I will let you know some time in September.

The teapot with two Val d'or mugs and a Brown Betty 4-6 cup teapot shows the size contrast.

The beaded, lace and organza decorated shade may be handmade based on the details inside with each wire cloth wrapped. The white jug is vintage Japan and the pink glass salt and peppers are vintage Anchor Hocking.

This group has a white Sylvac oval sandwich platter with open tab handles and flower leaf raised pattern (had to be soaked in Polident to remove most of the yellowing in the centre of the plate), a large green glass reamer  and Old Country Roses Royal Albert Bud Vase.

The vintage kitchenware below was from an estate sale, items used for a very long time, I treasure these pieces from someone's lifetime. 

Kitchenware is often sought for decoration and use in the home. The cream enamelled ricer has certainly had a lot of hard use.

One thrifted find was this sweet little birdcage decoration shown on an old wooden tool chest.

Brass is having a bit of a revival in my area and I was pleased with the finds of a Dragon themed brass Menorah, brass towel holder and brass candle holders.

The brass cat door knocker character shown on the carpenter tool chest was my favourite of August's finds.

Copper, crib boards, some tea tins, bulb planter, cookie cutters, a heart shaped sign and a vintage themed rubber stamp grouped.

I used PicMonkey for this collage of August Finds.

I use PicMonkey for all of my editing. It is quick, does what I need and very reasonable (free use or premium). They recently did an update and it took a few minutes to get used to the changes but they all made sense. 

I have had to move my PicMonkey use from Safari (saving got clumsy with the update and I now have to save to Preview and Move To my current post folder to make things work). 

I am now using Firefox where PicMonkey is working just find.

I find that PicMonkey does not work for me on Chrome (turns in to tiny tiny impossible to see, don't yet know why).

I will be back next Thursday, with a post about Finds and Signs.

Thanks for visiting.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tutorial: Le Petit Gateau and Bakery Signs

Shopping time, needed some #10 twine for tying tags. A visit to Michaels = twine and more stencils.

Sweet peas from my garden

Stencil Sign # 1 - Pre-Made

I wanted to try out a french Le Petit Gateau sign that I picked up at Michaels this week, on a handled board so I gathered my supplies.

I painted the board with CeCe Caldwell Simply White (and dried), taped my stencil in place and started stippling.

It was late, I was tired and I stippled quickly (and my brush was not dry enough).

What had I done incorrectly? I used a brush without removing almost all the paint before stippling and the outcome was blurry letters and lines. I also didn't hold the stencil tightly in place as I worked on each small area and this allowed migration of paint under the stencil.

Here is my sign (first try). I should have also taped the sides to keep paint off the white board as well.

But - the good thing is that chalk-type paint will wash off if done soon after applying.

I removed the Patisserie stencilled lettering and lines, washing the handled board by running cool water over the board and rubbing the black letters and lines gently with my fingers and with some light wiping using a cloth to remove the last of the gray lettering.

A few days later I tried again. Very dry stippling. I taped the stencil to the board and noticed the curved edge lifted the stencilled spaces up, fixed that by loosening the tape near the curves and holding the stencilled pattern flat with my fingers, working in a small area and then moving to the next small area, repeat. It worked.

Patience and a very dry stencilling brush plus close attention were used on the second try. I firmly held each small area around the area being stencilled and took my time, double checking that my brush was very dry.

I used CeCe Caldwell Pittsburgh Gray on the stencil and the letters that look faded. Waxed when dry, then polished. 

Stencilled Sign # 2 - Individual Letters

If you read all my posts you will have seen other individual letters signs. I love making them. The Americana Alphabet package of stencils was another of my Michaels buys this week.

First try making a Bakery sign

1. painted my board with CeCe Caldwell Simply white, all sides

2. planned my word (Bakery) on paper using the individual stencil 
    letters of the Americana font, leaving 1/4 inch between each letter

3. used green tape on my board as the base for the letters, gathered 
    stencil brush, Beckley Coal paint and newspaper for dabbing paint 
    off my stencilling brush

I taped my baseline and stencilled each letter, checking with a ruler to make sure there was 1/4" between each letter. I kept my paper pattern above the board as a reminder for placement.

I am always looking for boards that have some character when planning signs. This one had rough surfaces and a knot as well as nail holes. I sanded the board before stencilling and gave it 2 coats of clear wax and polished to finish.

I enjoyed making both signs, learned a bit more about stencilling. I shared the cupcake (Le Petit Gateau) sign on Instagram Tuesday.

Thanks for visiting today. 

I look forward to your visits and enjoy reading your comments.

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