Thursday, February 15, 2018

JoyShelf Visit - last one was 2012

Like many of my blogging friends we are re-sellers in Antiques and Collectibles Malls.

I have 3 booths plus one additional shelf in the Village Antiques and Collectibles Mall in Fort Langley BC and every booth in the mall has a name as do individual shelves.

It has been a few years since I last shared a post about my JoyShelf.

It is amazing how many treasures can be displayed on the six shelves.

Restocked the shelves yesterday and sharing how things look today. 

Love adding new finds to the shelves and since so many of us are dreaming of spring (and not spring showers) white and flower motif pieces on one of the shelves was a great way to hint that spring is coming soon.

Starting with the top shelf - a place for larger pieces in the back with smaller pieces that can be more easily reached in front. 

Working down the shelves with similar colours grouped.

Love finding crystal bells and Fenton Hobnail pieces. Using small spaces to display pieces means careful placement for shoppers who may be reaching for something 'behind' other items.

Breakage can be a sad outcome if a tag from one item is under another piece or if hand bumps something while reaching.

As we go down the shelves you may notice I have used iPhoto to remove views across from the shelf that are reflected in the mirrors backing the shelves.

Often the two lower shelves have metal, wood or books displayed.

That keeps the chances of heavy, thick or long items bumping or falling into breakable items.

You can see (below)a person wearing a purple shirt in the background of one shelf (me) - you know what happens when you take a picture of something that has a mirror behind that something and sometimes you just go with the flow and carry on.  

You need very long arms to take a photo of a shelf with mirrored backs to avoid bits of 'you' in the same photo.

Thanks for visiting today.

Hope you didn't mind NOT seeing a new stencil (smile) in this post.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tutorial: Stencil Film Sign

I love making stencils and have been using scrapbook paper and card stock (good weight) to make my stencils - problem is you can't see 'through' the paper. 

Still make stencils with paper, it works for making signs. I use a Cricut Explore Air 2 for cutting the stencils.

Love it when fellow bloggers find something great and SHARES.

This arrow sign has been sealed with hemp oil.

Erin on Printable Crush wrote the following: Tutorial: Hand Lettered Wood Sign. She used a Cricut to cut the vinyl.

Susan who writes Homeroad shared how she uses Orcal Oramask 813 Stencil Film on her Silhouette Vinyl Cutting Machine.

Just before December disappeared I ordered 40 feet of Orcal Stencil Film and picked it up early January. It is a blue semi-transparent film. It is now February and I am ready to try it out.

I have tried every piece of thin sheet plastic I could find trying to make a clear stencil on my Cricut but although it may cut through somewhat it hasn't cut all the way through. I bought sharper longer cutters - and then I could NOT get them to mount. (yes, a problem I am dealing with and etc.)

This is my first Tutorial on using this Orcal Stencil Film to make a stencil using a Cricut - we will see how it goes AFTER I learn how.

Tutorial Sequence:

On computer - I opened the Cricut software and chose my first project - an arrow (for simplicity).

Cut a piece of Orcal Stencil Film to size (12 x12 inches) and placed it on the green standard matt (which is very slightly sticky), rubbed gently all over with the Cricut scraper to hold it in place (do NOT rub hard, the backing paper will stick to the green matt and may tear when you try to remove it).

Turned on Cricut Explore Air 2, put the green mat/blue paper edge under the 2 slots and pressed the arrow button to position the green matt with blue paper (if this is new to you PLEASE read the tutorial that Cricut provides on loading the green matt with the material you are using for making your stencil).

When the cutting was finished and the matt was ejected I gently removed the paper backed Orcal Stencil Film on its backing from the green matt using a Cricut spatula and then carefully removed the backing (slowly so I didn't tear the film). Placed blue film on my cedar board and rather gently using the Cricut scraper as well as my fingers to press the sticky back vinyl arrow stencil to the wood. 

I will admit this was a bit thrilling, so close to the next step of adding paint.

Used CeCe Caldwell's Vintage White and a Martha Stewart foam pouncer to add stencil to an old cedar board.

The film sticking to the board made it much easier to avoid edge blurring.

Here is the finished arrow on the cedar board, no wax or finish. 

This is my FIRST stencil made with the Orcal Stencil Film.

Top picture (below) is the inside of the arrow (still on the backing of the Stencil Film), middle is the stencil I used (now on a piece of wax paper) and the painted sign is on a rough piece of cedar.


It worked. Yes I have more to learn but I am thrilled that I could make a stencil that was transparent, reusable and was cut on the Cricut Explore Air 2. 

January 2017 I wrote about my first tries at making a stencil on my then new Christmas present Cricut.

I have so MANY ideas about the signs I want to make this year.

Almost... forgot 

This board has become a 2 sided sign. Originally it had a routed word LIVE and

now it has a painted LIVE on one side and an ARROW on the other.

I wrote this post for sharing what I learned and without any commercial input regarding any products I used.


Thanks for visiting today.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Keeping Hygge

Comfort, cozy, contentment, well-being. 

This first part of this post is a mini-tutorial on making a Hygge sign.

The second part is sharing how I enjoy keeping the concept of Hygge.

It was a lovely surprise that Sunday's hyacinth had a pink blossom with a sweet light fragrance.

Contentment: I love my hobby of making signs. 

Mini Tutorial - Making the stencil  and then Sign

First job was making the word Hygge, slicing and cutting on the Cricut printer. I wanted to use a handwriting font from my system folder.

A reminder to me - ungroup a word before messing around trying to slice a letter. Slicing letters (in a word made with one's system fonts) is now EASY but I suspect it is because the Cricut software was upgraded recently. 

I had to add additional slicing on the bottom loops of the letter g to make it stencil ready (first cut-out didn't work as a stencil).

Painted a board white (CeCe Caldwell Simply White). Sanded the edges then used clear wax all over and then a light application of dark wax which was immediately polished off leaving a hint of dark wax behind. 

Stenciled Hygge on the board. I measured carefully so that the word 'Hygge' would be centered side to side and top to bottom. 

Taped stencil in place and used a stencil brush along with CeCe Caldwell Beckley Coal.

Sign before filling in the sliced areas

I filled in the slice spaces using a fine tip brush with the black paint dabbed almost off and then lightly dabbed in the spaces.

Waxed over the letters with clear wax. Added a hook on the back. Finished.

How do I enjoy keeping HYGGE?

I enjoyed Maggie's post (Normandy Life) last week on why and how she is keeping Hygge and that is where this post idea started. She also added  the Swedish word "Lagom" which means "just the right amount' at the beginning of her post.

Brenda of Cozy Little Home wrote Hygge Your Home this week, thank you Brenda.

 "Wickipedia's definition:

Hygge (/ˈhjuːɡə/ HEW-gə or /ˈhɡə/ HOO-gə) is the Scandinavian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Over recent years, hygge became a defining characteristic of Danish culture."

After reading posts written by many bloggers who are embracing the idea/concept/definition of Hygge I decided to write down what I consider my own cozy, contentment and wellness Hygee favorites.

Comfort. My cozy chair has an afghan and soft cushions and a shared footstool for visits. There is a handy place to put a book and a cup of tea or a latte and visit with DH.

Wellness. The fridge has all the ingredients for super smoothies - kale, spinach, fresh orange, blueberries, avocado, almond milk, water and protein powder. Salad fixings are always there too. (I walk every day, January was not an easy month to keep my steps to the number I wanted so I lowered my number and accepted that heavy rain and dark early evenings would soon turn to spring weather and lighter evenings).

I also keep a couple of bottles of Kombucha Lemonade handy in the fridge. Breakfast or lunch and a sparking drink ready when wanted. 

Don't forget gingersnaps and a latte. Love them.

My latte sequence: grind beans, filter drip. In mug heat 1/2 cup of milk, add 1/2 tsp of honey, a shake of cinnamon and foam (used a Aerolatte) then fill with the coffee.  

I look forward to relaxing and enjoying a latte or a tea, sometimes with my favourite gingersnaps.

(this is a 2 part collage - background and photos put together with Photo Collage and then emailed to myself. Opened with PicMonkey and edited.

Pleasure of bloggingPlanning, taking photos, writing and editing my current post is part of my routine. A great many blogging friends write daily or weekly and reading and commenting on their posts is something I look forward to.

Reading. I always have several books on the go. This week I brought up my collection of the Vigilante 25 book series by Fern Michaels from my basement  bookshelves (stored there in early 2015) and arranged them in order on my white shelf - I plan to re-read them all.

I moved the Hygge sign to sit on the bookshelf - partly as a reminder to self to pay attention to 'comfort, cozy, contentment and well-being'. Two vintage toys stopped by for a visit.

Susan Cook of Sustainable Cooks wrote this week how she is keeping Hygge .

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