Thursday, February 23, 2017

February Thrift Polish and Share

Two estate sales and one HUGE garage sale this month !!

So many lovely finds, a Royal Winton footed bowl in yellow with pink roses and the Fenton ruffled rim Burmese squat vase (hand painted by Sue Foster) with original tags plus an oval glass flower frog, all backed by the crocheted table runners. 

Copper and brass coffee pot and the brass tea kettle were 'happy dance' finds. Authentic, old, came with lots of dust.

Between the 2 estate sales which were way out in the country and within a few miles of each other - several brass candle holders plus a triangle shaped crib board, first I have seen in that shape.

A mix of a Copper Rabbit Mold and a Le Saucier handled pot, brass bells, little terriers, baby spoons.

February has always seemed to be an in-between adventures month. Winter snow is winding down (with the weatherman saying snow this weekend) and the rain has returned (coastal BC Canada near the US border), spring is almost ready to begin, the wind blows cold, the ground is very wet and it is too cold to work outside cleaning up from winter messes for very long.

The Sweet Pea Rosyln England plate, pink lustre Fenton Buttons and Bows Bell and the Milk Glass salt were from the wonderful church garage sale. 

The fund raising garage sale last weekend - run by the Church High School Youth Group was held in their Churches huge metal framed commercial tent/cement floor (behind the church). 

Great organization, good advertising with several photos (Craigslist) that were very accurate and made for very quick pick up and carry on shopping, lots of help for carrying boxes and furniture, lovely people to talk to, a good fund raiser. 

February is a good time to do some organizing, donate what can be donated, discuss priorities for the next few months. 

Made two trips of good stuff to Restore and my favourite thrift store, made two stops at the Recycling Centre with donations and one dump run for things that were garbage/unable to be recycled in anyway, cleaned up a few things to take to my booth (best was a wooden ironing board that I had forgotten about).

The finds below are some of my favourite things this month - tin, wood, old, useful plus a sign that was made and used at the farm where one of the estate sales was held. That is a vintage window screen (slides open/closed depending on the window width - we had those when I was a kid) plus very well used tools and a worn Peek Frean tin with some paper label remaining.

Even more - farm crafted metal wall pocket that was filled with rusty nails and bits of metal.

So many beautiful bits and pieces to add to my booths.

I was happily surprised Wednesday morning to see snowdrops and daffodils getting ready to bloom.

The green Tea tin is vintage as are the Kimberly Peach Lustre Fire King mugs. Love the small green rabbit salt and peppers and the Kew Dunoon mug. The sign is likely commercial  and I added clear wax to seal the black paint which started to run a bit when I was cleaning the board. Loved finding the little lidded butter dish and kitchen salt and pepper (great for displaying buttons).

The raku fired handmade trees and sheep are not something I usually bring home but the glaze reminded my of my late Brother-in-law who was a potter and art teacher, he specialized in raku fired glazes.

One huge garage sale and two estate sales - February was a better month than I would have guessed after the 10 days of deep snow/ice/melting snow, roads messed up and endless shovelling.

Happy Birthday to DS, turns 38 on Monday 27th.

Thank you for visiting.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Drywall Compound + Stencil = sign

Always look forward to learning something new to me. This post it is using drywall compound to add a stencil to a board, using it two different way (thick and very thin coatings). 

Since the thick drywall on the board was a FAIL (see later in this post) I tried again by scraping the first try off, then staining the board first, waxing/buffing then adding a fairly thin coat of drywall compound to the stencil. Better.

The chalkboard sign got some additional lightly stencilled words under the drywall compound stencilled Historic Route 66.

Read Debbie Doo's January 2nd post -  How to Stencil Using PlasterDebbie included a suggestion she received on her Facebook page from readers to use molding paste or drywall compound to stencil and since I had drywall compound on hand I tried it out. 

When I finished making the signs I checked on Pinterest - drywall compound - and WOW, what a lot to see/learn !

Project # 1 (fail) and Project # 1 redo ( much better)


•  Drywall compound
•  drywall spatula
•  masking tape
•  paper towels
•  newspaper to protect surfaces
•  hook for the board
•  q-tips for cleaning lines outside of stencil letters
•  Rust-o-leum to paint Project # 1 board
•  CeCe Caldwell Beckley Coal to paint the edges and back of
   Project # 2 chalkboard
•  CeCe Caldwell Clear wax and wax brush
•  stencil (used Donna @ Funky Junk Interiors Historic Route
   66 stencil)
•  # 1, a small board and sign # 2 a reused chalkboard with an earlier      stencil (Farmers Market)

Added the back hook before I started so I wouldn't break the plaster off later.

This was my first try.

Placed the stencil, held it with some masking tape (and my fingers) then covered the surface with a thick layer of drywall compound. Removed the stencil right away and had a strange raised stencil.

Put it aside to dry overnight. Scraped the plaster off the next afternoon. FAIL. Drywall compound too thick, not a useful sign, can do better.

Tried again with a different sequence.

2nd try:

Painted the board with Rust-o-leum Chalkboard paint and dry rubbed most of the paint off and then used a damp paper towel to pull more paint off. When dry, waxed with clear wax. Buffed.

Then - used the same stencil and drywall compound and applied thinly with the spatula. Same sequence as used in Project # 2 (below).

To clean the stencil after use - carefully scrape the drywall compound off the stencil  - not into the sink, clogs drains - clean it onto newspaper as much as possible. Wash stencil clean (paper towel in sink drain to catch any remaining drywall compound).

Project # 2

When cleaning the stencil on a piece of newspaper (first try Project # 1) I got the next idea.

Why not try a very thin coat of drywall compound on a chalkboard Farmer's Market sign that I was going to be changing. Donna of Funky Junk Interiors repurposes some of her signs so I decided to try that too. Here is the first try with this sign here February 11/16.

New additions and changes follow.

Chippy look, needed a bit of cleaning up but drywall plaster flicks off easily before it has time to cure/dry.

Next step - now what would the next step be? 

Decided to add CeCe Caldwell clear wax. The wax removed most of the loose drywall compound and somewhat removed the 'outside of the lines' of drywall compound. Used a damp q-tip to clean edges.

The lettering Farmer's Market behind the sign was too prominent so I black stencil brushed it 'backward' and also added pale stencilled Vintage, Flea, Coffee to even out the 'behind to the sign' words. 

Finished the Historic Route 66 sign by painting the edges and back CeCe Caldwell Beckley Coal, added a hook, waxed, buffed the black areas (carefully around the drywall compound areas).

I used my finger to apply the wax to the Historic Route 66 lines and when I buffed it was very carefully and lightly. Used damp q-tips to remove a few areas where the compound was outside of the letters.

Finished sign, Project # 1, 2nd try below.


Drywall Compound breaks off if it is NOT totally dry. It has a bit of a powdery texture, takes some practice to get a raised but not too raised pattern on the board/surface. Needs to be a raised but more flat finished surface.

More practice needed.

Scraped off first try, tried again with LESS drywall compound for Project # 1.


The drywall compound - very thin coating - made a great quick sign from the Historic Route 66 stencil. 

Chippy look, handled clear wax ok with VERY light buffing.

Thanks for visiting.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Hugs

Valentine Hugs

Picked up a Pink Primula
borrowed some sunshine
 and here is a hug for YOU.

Used a small piece of wood (found on the free table at the thrift store), one heart stencil from the cut out tags sheet. Used a fairly dry stencilling brush with Simply White CeCe Caldwell for the heart and borrowed a U from a small word stencil, used Jersey Tomato (CeCe) and a very dry brush to stencil the U). Crumpled paper always makes a good background.

Sending you heartfelt thanks for being a blogging friend.

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