Sunday, August 30, 2015

Garden Update

Sunset the evening before the really big wind storm. 12 hours with no power Saturday certainly is a practical reminder of how much we rely on electricity. Trees down, stores closed. Rain (which was very welcome). Couldn't grind coffee beans. Post not written. Some areas still without power. News Media saying worst storm in a decade, perhaps up to 300,000 people affected. More power is coming back on today as more grids are repaired (trees on lines seemed to be the big problem).

Rain finally. Virtually no rain since May. Some areas on coastal BC are classified level 4 (no use of water outside of the home (see my sister's posts here and here). Our area is  level 3 - hand watering plants only. No other use of water outside. Brown lawns. Fines for any other type of water use.

Brief update of my garden area. Peas, beans and tomatoes.

Time to pick up the routines and carry on. Rain forecast for the rest of the week.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

What I Found (Last) Week

Some different finds this week. A good mixture of shopping venues too; local thrift stores, garage sales, out of town thrift stores and a complete surprise to me, a Community Garage Sale mixed with many vendor's open tents of an almost 'pop-up' sale of vintage. Win-win.

Footed Avocado Green Fruit Dish, Sadler Poppy and Daisy cream and sugar and Italy metal framed picture.

Sadler Poppy and Daisy teapot found weeks ago is now matched up with the cream and sugar found this past week.

Great patina on the cow cookie cutter, a metal wine holder for rolling pins and an Avocado Fondue set plus Fire King oval casseroles

Vintage, Repro 1980 Ice Cream vendor tin litho, the little boy has a rubber face.

Herb Angel found at a once-a-year (4th Saturday in August) Community Garage Sale at the Local Farmer's Market. I have already marked the date on next years calendar. The Garage Sale included (for the FIRST time) open tents with resellers of vintage. Great painted furniture, vintage kitchenware and a wonderful range of vintage home decoration items. If I had known this venue was happening I would have taken my wheeled shopping basket. I picked up more chalk type paint and wax, the herb angel, the Fire King casseroles (above) and the vintage cow cookie cutter (above).

The Sadler King Arthur's Court At Camelot Teapot and Copper Tray were picked up at a favorite out of town thrift store (a day trip).

The amber glass deco fruit bowl was a local garage sale find.

The Helmet Drinks Case was sold the day I put it the mall. I forgot to take a picture before I put it in my booth. Local garage sale find.

The Brass Jester Doorstop (about 12 inches tall) has good balance and is very heavy. The Brass Dolphins are on a round wooden base. Both were local garage sale finds.

This double faced scale was the most 'different' local find this week. I didn't take a photo before I put it in my booth. Very heavy. The makers name is in a language I can't read. Kilogram scale.

Brass Candle Holder for 5 candles along with two vintage tins, 2 copper demi cups and saucers and a small copper sugar with an attached plate, a mix of out of town and local thrift store finds.

I love visiting other blogs that share thrifted finds. Judy of 20 North Ora is one of the bloggers who give us peeks into what she finds each week along with Denise of Second Time Around Finds, Donna of Distressed Donna Down Home, Eddie of Eddie-torial Comments, Linda of A La Carte, Cathy of My 1929 Charmer and Sherry of Back 2 Vintage (and more another post).

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer Outdoor Projects

Behind Collecting, Repurposing and Sharing, regular life stuff carries on.

Outside maintenance is always a summer priority.

This year the outside jobs include repairing, cleaning and repainting the two decks, painting the front window frames/sills and wooden accents plus stucco touch ups, simplifying the front yard and cleaning the back yard.

It all takes time, lots of time.

The first summer job was the front yard simplification. 

The front yard got a lot of cleaning and simplification in July (thank you to our friend V). Tree canopies were raised, branches were thinned, more gravel was added and some grass and planting bed areas were subtracted. 

Two weeks of hard work by V, a small truck load of gravel, 2 trips to the local green recycling with the 24+ large bags of weeds, branches, cuttings finished that job.

The goal was to simplify and it was met. There are places to sit and relax, weeding and watering areas have become minimal, grass cutting (well with severe water regulations there has been no grass cutting as no grass grew, just the weeds) will take about 10 minutes. In the fall or spring a few perennials will be added.

Planter flowers that made it to mid-August.

The second big job was freshening/painting the front of the house. 

The three front windows had their frames painted (delicious yellow on the wooden frames with taupe sills). The wood trim on the front of the house was freshened with Rock Face (grey/blue color) plus some white touch-ups on the stucco. 

Our friend V. has been helping us with this one too. She does the ladder work. Big job, 3 coats of paint, high on the ladder, hard on the back, legs and shoulders. Hard work. We very much appreciate V's help. Final brush strokes below.

Between DH/myself we did the porch floor (cleaned off porch, it had been 'storing' a trunk, 2 chairs, 2 wooden tool boxes, a small round table, a child's table and a few boxes of 'stuff').

The steps and the porch were washed and have a fresh coat of taupe. The long railing topper was replaced. A 2nd coat of porch enamel and touch ups are still on the list.

The third job has been the back deck areas. 

The deck over the carport was emptied (I store a lot of stuff on that deck), washed twice, painted with deck coat twice and will have one more coat in a few areas. White deck railings are still on the 'to paint' list.

The wooden narrow deck off the back of the house needs to be painted. It has to be power washed first. Since it now has all the stuff I moved from the larger deck I have to find somewhere to store/or let go of the stuff. 

The wooden deck will get two coats of grey deck paint. The long deck rail has been replaced and will need to be painted (that is the long and heavy piece of wood in the deck photo above).

Then there are the steps - 9 down to the yard. This year they will be replaced, painted and non slip strips added - a job in waiting.

Back yard and side yard - weeded, cleaned up (we have two grand-dogs). The pears and apples are falling and that is another job that 'carries on'. 

My garden area has been easier in August, mostly hand watering and harvesting with a bit of weeding. 

The blueberries are almost over.

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