Sunday, August 2, 2015

Three Can Do Ideas

This week I am away from home for a small vacation. Resting, visiting and a bit of thrifting. I collected three project ideas from my SIL.

First idea  - - repurposed wooden barrel.

This was a retirement gift from her fav (wonderful at renovations !!!) carpenter, to my sil.

Second Idea - Door Stop

How can a broken sauce/gravy boat be used again?

If you are pouring cement for another project, you could cement a ROCK into and onto the pieces of the gravy boat.

A gift to my sil from a retired hairdresser turned artist.
 Handy and unusual door stop.

Third idea - Wooden Stool

I took enough photos in case someone would like to make a similar stool. Legs and middle support are attached with glue, screws (the screws are covered with glued in wooden pegs cut off at the flat surface). This stool was made from a piece of lumber scavenged from a lake and built by a family friend (he built two for my sil).

Only finish is wax. Heavy, sturdy, handy.

I love visiting and discovered new treasures.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

What I Found This Weekend

My favourite find this week is a 12 inch American Character Doll - Tiny Tears - Pat. No.  2675644, in her original dress. She has tiny 'tear holes' at the inner corner of each eye. She will need some careful cleaning and so far she is waiting, sitting on my dresser.

I am always looking for mid-century kitchen, here we have one Morn Glo and one Laburnum dinner plate, a pair of Grindley Salt and Peppers and two Kimberly mugs.

The copper and brass ewer is an original. I am not sure about the doorstop, it looks exactly like the original but it seems too perfect so I am guessing it is a repro. It should have wear, rust and not such a clean white interior.

The Best Brews sign is florescent. Bright and happy.

Such great detail in this little brass engine, part of a bookend.

Yes, a bee smoker.

Short story. DH was at a garage sale a few weeks ago and saw a wooden tool box. Too heavy to move alone. He had help from 2 young men loading the black tool box into his trunk. 

Full of very rusty iron tools. I finally this week offloaded the contents into 4 containers and dragged them to the porch. DGS helped the first sort. 

Files in one box, anything that would drill a hole in another, flat stuff and then other stuff. We attacked the brass bits first and pulled out one green handled file and 2 small tins. Polished the brass with steel wool.

Easy start to the what to do with all of this stuff.

Next up are a Grimwades Winton early Chintz plate, a ceramic faux match box holder and a vintage metal oven thermometer (Brannan, London, England), an Ansley cup and saucer, black with lily pad flowers and then a peddler doll, a copper telephone tealight holder against a faux tin ceiling tile and a Handley covered serving dish and gravy with underplate.

Each week the thrifts and garage sales yield a very mixed accumulation of finds 
and the selections this week were certainly varied.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Small Garden Update

Friday it RAINED. Not heavy, just steady. First rain in about 3 months. A serious no watering ban is getting closer. We are at level 3 which means one can use a hand watering only and must use an of/on nozzle on the hose to water plants. No lawns. No cars, no swimming pools, etc.

Level 4 is NO watering anything, not flowers or vegetables, nothing.

We haven't reached that level yet but apparently the reservoirs are as low as late August levels and it is now the last week of July.

I haven't mowed since May. Weeds are about the only plants that are growing in the lawn area. My blueberries have some plant dieback.

My two raised beds have dahlia, herbs, beans, peas, carrots and tomatoes along with marigold and nasturtiums.

The 4 pole beans are doing well. The 2nd planting of peas are about 6 inches tall. The sweet pea growth has been minimal. So far, 28 tomatoes are doing their best to grow larger on the 6 tomato plants.

I planted the dahlias in mid June, of the 11 planted 6 have grown, one is only 2 inches tall and I am guessing that the tuber has rotted, so I am going to dig it up and remove the rot and plant it again.

The pole beans, tomatoes and peas are progressing.

Below previous raised garden progress for May 27 and June 25th.

Thanks for visiting.

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