Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trays + Repurposed 4

I collect and repurpose thrifted wooden trays and cutting boards (if you are a regular visitor that is no surprise). 

Below are a few recently finished pieces plus one wicker tray from an earlier post.

Lazy Susan Wooden Tray

This Lazy Susan tray has been waiting for a couple of years for repurposing. Three coats of ASCP White, CeCe Caldwell Grey for the stenciled wreath plus stenciled Patisserie and the cupcake serving tray is ready. Finished with clear wax and a polish.

Before and after below.

Cutting Board Stenciled BINGO

Found a rather 'loud' patterned cutting board. Stenciled BINGO (stencil from Donna of Funky Junk Interiors) using CeCe Caldwell Beckley Coal with a heavy hand (made sure the black was very black by stenciling over the stenciled letters when they were dry). Finished with hemp oil.

Wicker Tray Upgraded

Here is one of my favorite tray repurposing projects from earlier this year.

Footed Painted White Cake Server

A footed wooden cake/cupcake server was painted CeCe Caldwell Simply White and stenciled using Annie Sloan Old Violet.

Just in case you want to know - stenciling words on a not so very large round tray with a raised edge is NOT easy. 

I attempted 2 different regular 12" square French Pastry stencils (chosing just the words I wanted to use) and had to wipe off and repaint the tray surface with CeCe Simply White twice. I could not get the plastic area I needed to be flat enough to stencil properly - not enough fingers to hold the curved plastic flat and I didn't want to cut the plastic stencil into conveniently sized pieces.The repainting certainly slowed down the project. 

Finally chose a simple design that was on a smaller sized stencil.

The Fleur de lis is centered on a white cake or cupcake server and finished with clear wax.

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Trays + Repurposed 4 

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Happy Birthday DGS

14 years old today. 

Best gift ever was having this wonderful boy in my life.

Loved him from his first moment in this world.

Happy Birthday DGS.



Thursday, July 13, 2017

Secret Society Ballot Box Plus Roses

DH did some essential repairs on this wooden box and I did any touch-ups plus waxed and polished. The roses are at the end of this post.

Vintage Secret Society Ballot Box

This wooden box with two drawers is most likely a ballot box, used in England and America, by private clubs and secret societies. I found several similar boxes when searching online.

This may have been where the term black ball originated. Each voter had clay marbles, white and black. When members were voting to add a new member, for example, if someone dropped a black clay marble into the voting box the vote did not pass (depending on the rules of the society) and everything was secret so no one knew WHO black balled. 

DH made a knob for the bottom drawer, re-glued the box, bottom had to be reattached, and I wiped it down with refinishing oil. 

Amazing how many discoveries from the past there are in the collecting world. This week I learned (after searching online) about secret society voting boxes where members used black and white clay balls to ensure secrecy in voting. New to me.

Front Yard Garden Flowers Update

The front flower boxes are doing well (this is a reality shot with the stuff on the deck exactly where it was at the time of the photo). I didn't add cosmos along with the sweet peas this year (hugs Gail).

The roses are such a treat and here is a collage of what is blooming. The yellow and bright pink/yellow are from my birthday roses and the pink with some lighter pink rose has been a perennial for about 20 years in my front garden.

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I will be at these amazing parties this week, 
come and join me!

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