Thursday, April 27, 2017

April Thrift Pollish Share

The little wooden green frame was on the free table at the thrift shop, I printed a Graphics Fairy robin feeding babies picture plus added a white cardboard backing to the frame then grouped it with a blue and white pitcher and two humorous egg cups.

I was happy with the diverse estate and thrifted finds this month.

Chintz (plate and books from my own collection)

Collage of finds and supplies, chintz and copper

It is always interesting to see how estate and garage sale sellers view the items they offer for sale. Sometimes it seems as though they are a 'retail store in the garage'. That is when I smile, thank them and walk away.

The vintage yellow chrome lidded vintage canister set is displayed on the cleaned off top of my storage cabinet so I now have a bit of photo space (reality shot would not be so pretty).

Some vintage kitchenware, first turquoise potato ricer I've seen. The Kimberly Fire King mugs were estate sale top priced finds, ouch prices with a tiny bit of bargaining space.

High priced estate/garage sale venues are the exception to most of the estate and garage sales I visit. Most often the sellers want things gone and are comfortable to work with.

Brass candle holders and a round bell, a tea strainer, elaborate brass candle snuffer, a metal ship ornament and a red Willow platter group.

My favorite sales are church sales. Generally the volunteers who run the sales are very organized, price things fairly, have been collecting donations all year and want to earn money for their church. Coffee and snacks are usually for sale and there are always bathrooms.

Teapots, creamer and sugar Rosemary pattern Godinger

The garage sale season has been very late this year, the city and 'area wide' sales have started in late April

Terrier salt and pepper shakers with an impressed glass deco server and the wonderfully vintage books (seen in the Chintz photo).

I always have a list of things I would like to find and over time (sometimes years) the items eventually show up (mostly). I carry a general 'what I am looking for' in my head when garage sales are on but remain open to a large variety of vintage and collectibles finds.

Transferware platter, Gibsons teapots, 1 pt brown jug, Royal Doulton Blue Willow Flow Blue Jug (all estate finds)

Jar of white buttons, blue noxema jar and a brass mouse in a band of sunlight - always so happy to see sunshine after the winter rains.

Washboard from my own collection was wiped down with MMS Hemp oil, I painted/stencilled the little Vintage sign and then grouped them with the round embossed Dairy milk bottle on my kitchen window sill.

I often find small signs in the thrift stores, over paint them and add a stencil.

Thank you for visiting.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Behind Bloggers Photos

I couldn't resist adding a bit of reality to my posts.

Sometimes a blogger with a great sense of humor and several like minded friends comes up with an idea that needs to be copied used ...  that is what Marie of the Interior Frugalista and a few of her friends did. Reality photography - the surroundings behind a great photo. When you read her post check out the links to the others who joined in, great reads.

It reminded me of Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage when, several years ago she hosted a party about Reality Shot Thursday. She continues to keep her posts real but without the linky.

Here is the first one I wrote about sharing my painting reality.

and then here  

and here.

Donna of Funky Junk Interiors who had a short one month Heap of Change 2015 linky on making change and others could join in with their projects and progress. 

Here are a few of mine from Donna's January 2015 Heap of Change short series.

Week 1 (January 15 2015)



 Week 2 January 2015




Week 3 January 28/15



It was a short party, lots of work to get the changes done and surprisingly the changes had long lasting success. I loved the challenge.

This is my one photo collage of a bit of background and closeups that I could find while searching through my iPhoto huge library.

The surrounding wire, metal and plywood background for the white buffet (painted in my carport in October some years ago) didn't detract from the cropped juice strainer or pumpkin.

What amazed me is that I have very few 'surrounding area' pictures to go with my cropped photos.

I think I will do some background shots to go with my closeups, occasionally in the future, reality checks.

Hope you do check out Marie and her friends, you will get a chuckle, some good ideas and maybe you will want to write a post about close-ups and reality background.

Thanks for visiting today.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

More Stencils = More Signs

More signs. Love making them and I am so glad I feel like working on them again. The collecting of suitable boards, prepping the boards, adding new stencils to my collection, deciding on what stencil matches or fits and then stenciling, waxing and taking photos and putting the signs in my booths at Village Antiques Mall is a sequence that works for me.

Bistro No. 1, finished, started a couple of months ago.

As I add more stencils and paint and wood to my storage area I have to become a bit more creative about 'where things go. So I cleared off the top a tall cupboard, filled a garbage bag with dried hydrangea, removed most of the vases and... moved my small boards up and off the floor. I don't love the look but it is a relief to have an area of the floor empty of boxes and boards and reclaim another section of the living room.

Earlier organization October 2016 has been maintained and supplies remain readily available. New paint and waxes have been squeezed in.

I started the year adding several of  Donna@Funky Junk Interiors new Old Stencils to my collection, prepped my boards, made a few signs, more signs and...winter snow and ice got in the way of making more.

Snow, more snow, more ice and snow seemed to care of January and February. Spring Break activities took a big chunk of March. Furniture was repaired, great winter Estate sale finds were photographed, priced and put in my booths, posts were written, more home organization was accomplished. Now the time has been carved out to make more signs.

I was looking back to my first tries at using stencils. This one is from April 2012, a long way from what I am working on now.

My confidence and understanding of how to fix a stenciling problem have increased (chalk paint washes off a stencil project if done right away and can be sanded off if dried, as well as over-painted with the background colour and tried again).

I got to practice that with the mis-spelled Jarden sign that I changed to Garden since only one letter was involved in that change. Had to repaint the area I sanded back and stenciled over each letter on the original sign to make sure the letter colours were the same.

I made another sign to replace it. Below you can see the messes I made with my second try of the Jardin sign. Drill press issues when making holes which I filled with drywall compound, then had a stencil 'whoops' again, started E when the letter I was needed

Washed off the mistake, repainted that area as well as the repair to the back and the marks from fingermarks on the board. Not my plan when I started. 

Hope the black arrows help out with the right/down/left sequence.

Finished 2nd sign - waxed, polished, hung up

Next sign was a smaller sized FARMHOUSE. I visited Painted With Love , 1269 Beach Grove Delta BC and Brittany had some signs I wanted. She had Funky Junk Interiors small Farmhouse sign so I started with that. I picked up Fusion Lamp White for the background.

One coat each side (drilled holes in the board before starting) then added a second coat to the front, stenciled with Beckley Coal then when dry clear waxed.

I am loving this smaller FARMHOUSE stencil.

Finally the beautiful cutting board is stenciled and I love the result.

Flashback to April 28/16 Thrifted and Stenciled 2.

Took a picture of the Coffee Sign in my booth.

Hint of next post picture.

Stenciling returns.

Thanks for visiting.

If you love a barn door look check out this one posted by Donna of Funky Junk Interiors and fall in love with reclaimed barn wood.

Featured by Donna @ Funky Junk Interiors April 21/17

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