Monday, July 21, 2014

Embrace the Eclectic 6 - Metal, Wood a and Painting

Saturday, a day to myself. No meal preps, time to go the the Farmer's Market. Time to read, to try out different settings on my camera. Time.

DH picked up some metal/wood great junk this weekend.

Cloudy day. Lots of great texture for backgrounds. 

Setting on camera: 50 mm lens, Manual, cloud, ISO changing between 100 to 400, F5.6. What a treat to play around with settings and see different results.

The drill handle screws off - a place to store the bits.

Used a rusted galvanized oval bucket and a worn out table top as display bases. Slaw cutters and a green tin box for background plus house siding. 

Cornbread moulds - corn and perch.

Learning more all the time. 

Vintage cast metal well rusted iron rest.

A few weeks ago DH brought home this very large painting, a view from Queen Elizabeth Gardens towards the North Shore (Vancouver BC). 
Shot indoors, ISO 6400, F5.6, Manual.

Jon Giesbrecht Photopgraphy has a photo view somewhat similar to this painting, from Queen Elizabeth Park toward the North Shore (row 6, last picture).

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vintage Vignettes

I love the hobby of digital photograph, taking as many pictures as I want, choosing my favourites, tweaking them a bit using PicMonkey, sharing and having a visual record for myself. Low cost hobby (after the camera cost).

Favourite find Sunday was a red birdhouse. Washboard was another fortunate weekend find. Vintage jug is from my Mom's collection that joined my home last week. Boxwood from this project.

Cutting board, small stoneware bowl, reamer, graters and rolling pin, kitchenware.

Judy of 20 North Ora, a lovely blogging friend, posts her vintage finds each week and I admire the way she presents and showcases her treasures.

Tried out lemons and grapes on a footed glass cake plate over a vintage table cover.

I am developing a yen for a 60 mm lens. MMS has been posting very clear demonstrations on how she sets up a photoshoot, layering her collectibles. She also shows the wider picture surroundings just to keep things 'real'.

Donna of Funky Junk Interiors often blogs about trying out things outside ones comfort zone and shares photo techniques.

Today I found another great idea for backdrops by Jamie at Anderson and Grant.

All photos were inside/daylight/kitchen lights on, 50 mm lens, F5.6, ISO 6400, manual focus, using a tripod. Still learning.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Mid July Garden

The heat continues, no complaining. 
Garden and flowers are growing. Watering daily.

Sweet Peas, white and pale purple with a touch of nasturtium at 8 pm

Nasturtium and Sweet Peas in the bright sunlight


Dahlia and hydrangea

Peas, beans, carrots

Kale, tomatoes and ornamental spinach (over 6 feet tall)

Summer heat is slowing down my desire to paint, to repair, so I am sharing my garden which is another kind of creating. 

Last year we had beans and peas that DSG and DH planted and tomato plants I put in for faith and hope. I think I am focusing so much on my garden because of thankfulness that I can do the work this year.

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