Thursday, June 30, 2016

End of June Little Bits

School is out, kids are home, routines need serious readjustment, its hot and everyone just wants to sleep in and then do what they want to do.

Me too.

Doesn't work that way in real life. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, garden work, getting those groceries, going/taking others to appointments carry on. So does all the other work that is part of life.

I am thinking that a blogging break would be a good thing so I am going to try it out for a little while.

Back soon.

Hugs Friends.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

2nd Booths Visit

Continuing the visit to my booths at Village Antiques Mall with a little bit of how I manage a collectibles business added at the end of this post.

As booth resellers know, things sell and other items are added to displays. Each time I go over to clean, add stock and rearrange I come up with different groupings.

Tools and metal, first the meta and tool shelves and then a closeup of one tool shelf. The Noddy backpack is a reminder of well loved Noddy books from many, many years ago.

A closer view of my tool shelf. I found a great many pieces to add at a great tool sale on Saturday, mostly ball pean hammers and vastly assorted files. I missed out on a great many clamps, must have had a brain freeze or perhaps I was too fixated on the tool boxes and rusty bits and pieces.

A view from my largest booth through to my second booth, the fire exit walkway divides them. Each booth has its own main themes which helps with adding stock quickly especially when the mall is full of customers on their own searches.

New-in stock on the small table plus a vintage rocking chair added this week made a nice change. I like to freshen (change out stock and set up fresh collections) areas that one sees first in my booths to invite further visiting.

A view of Pyrex, Fire King, egg cups, Grindley Petalware and collections of various kitchenware seen looking back into my largest booth. I haven't included any photos frommy 3rd booth which has mostly good china, a great many cups and saucers and mid-century glassware and books.

My weekly plan is to work in my booths 3 to 4 mornings each week, using the afternoons to research, clean, repair if needed and write up stock, keep record keeping current and work on any projects I have planned. 

For me, being a reseller in an antiques and collectibles mall is more than a half time job. I shop the thrift stores three times a week and garage sale once a week. I try to keep up the running the home and family responsibilities around my collectibles business work and you may have guessed that I never catch up. Forgot to mention blog writing. That takes good sized chunks of time too. Sound familiar?

Here is a link to an earlier post I wrote On Being A Reseller in an Antiques Mall.

Thank you for visiting.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mid June Thrifted Finds

Lately I have been using my iphone to take photos and find it an amazing convenience. It seems to handle evening photos with lights on with fewer 'light dots' showing. I like being able to use the handiest camera so I can catch a fast shot. I still use my close-up camera/lens for most of my work.

This post is a mix of garage sale and church sale finds. It is more of a show, not much of a tell.

A church sale (thank you St. Andrews) had 2 White Wheat Royal Crownford Ironstone Weatherly Hanley England #89 (6 1/4" to tip of spout) and #84 (4 1/2" to tip of spout) creamers. The largest has a chip on the rim.

A vintage LIFE magazine with Marilyn Monroe on the cover backing a tall red and clear glass purse vase.

Found a faux coffee grinder, thought it was a useable one until we got it home. Tightened up the screws on the cast metal and it will be a good photo backdrop.

Two ceramic giraffe.

Cold Cast Bronze statue is of a Boharan Player, made in Ireland 2001 (5000 reproduced). It is always interesting to learn the history of a piece found.

Last weekend garage sales yielded some useful things.

A zinc plant pot holder (I added the yellow butterfly and sunshine) with drain holes, useful, shown on a vintage round mirror.

A Kirkham over sized cup and saucer and a Cre Irish Porcelain footed mug with a dragon handle.

Denmark D-2 cast iron bright yellow casserole

Scottish Dog Cookie Jar with Mickey and Goofy mugs

Delft Blue themed popular souvenirs

Thank you for visiting.

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